Little status update!
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Chapter 5, Little status update!

It’s all up there!

As a webcomic creator I get REALLY antsy when I’m not updating publicly. Most print-comic artists get the benefit of finishing a book privately and sending it off when they’re done, whereas I’m usually putting out work for you to look at as I finish and crossing my fingers I didn’t mess something up. But for the sake of wanting to finish this book without the live-ops pressure, I’m waiting ’til I’m done this time. Hopefully you know that not updating live is utterly destroying me, lol, and that I’ll be posting these last pages as soon as I am happy with them.

Will start updating the Patreon again soon with editing process stuff now that I have a big backlog… I still also owe you guys the Kalla pin winners announcement! Sorry for the delay XC It will all get done, just needed to clear my plate of the most urgent stuff first.

For comic news and updates, you can hit up my Twitter, the RSS or the email list (the last two are most reliable/least filled with shitposting).

I’ll leave this comments section open so you can yell at me if you want~



  • Jon

    I have only recently found your comics by SMBC ads, but I can’t get enough of it! Your Meek and Mare comics are both fantastic works of art (I found how you show dialouge really interesting and clear from the perspective of someone who is new to this style of comics!)

  • Christian Harrison

    Yay! Congratulations. We’re rooting for you!

  • Fyora

    Happy to have an update so I know you’re at least surviving! I always worry about the health & wellbeing of the authors when webcomics suddenly stop updating. Take care of yourself first, whatever that takes. :) I’m glad to not have updates now if it means you aren’t burning yourself out, because your stuff is great!

  • Kyle

    So excited!

    Just you know, stay alive and stuff.

  • zeb

    Been here since way back in the day and it’s awesome to see how far you’ve come! Amazing to see you finish this creation!

  • DukeBG

    Oh yeah!
    (Knowing you, I can’t imagine how you can hold this much stress with not posting the completed pages!)
    (I mean, I actually can imagine, but it’s how the phrase goes, so yeah)

  • Sam

    So glad to hear from you!

    It would be awesome to see a few side-by-side comparisons of the art updates you’ve been working on, similar to when you Kickstarted the Meek. Unless that’s a Patreon thing? I enjoy that kind of process stuff.

    No worries if that’s not feasible! Take your time, and be good to yourself.

  • Jonas

    good luck and keep it up!

  • LeDayz

    Yay! Just take the time you need, getting out your paid content always trumps free updates. My fingers are just TINGLING for that fancy pin, I may have to buy a cloak or something so I can wear Kalla and the Processor at the same time in all their glory.

  • Indedipal


  • charles

    All good. An informed audience is a patient audience.

    Wish I hadn’t been AWOL for the kickstarter but hopefully you’ll have books to sell online as well.

    Good luck and keep up the great work.

  • Dave Jacke

    Thanks for the update Der Shing! Much love and hang in there! I hear you on the delays and understand and honor your process. Blessed be and TAKE CARE of yourself!

  • I just want to say thank you. I’ve been reading your work since you started putting The Meek online.I know there is a lot of pressure from readers(and probably from yourself!)to keep those constant updates churned out on schedule. Whenever you have taken a break, I don’t think “Damn! No more media for me, wah!”. I think, “I hope you are doing ok in your everyday life!”. It would be better if more of us said “We will be here when you are ready!” instead of “When’s the next update?!?!”.
    I can only speak for myself, but I think of your efforts here as a wonderful gift to the world. Your work(and it is WORK)is beautiful and the effort you put into intricate and unique world building, characters and storytelling can be as inspiring as it is enjoyable. Sooo…Thanks!

    • shingworks

      Thanks so much! At the end of the day I gotta prioritize putting out the best work I can right now, which leads to a little bit of suffering from both of our ends I think XD But will hopefully be worth it with some memorable pages.

  • JJ

    [yelling intensifies]

  • Treesart

    Please do not be utterly destroyed! We will be patient while you consolidate…love the comic, and amazing things are worth waiting for :)

  • Lord Hideous

    Take your time and please don’t burn yourself out. We can wait.

    And don’t forget to squeeze some real sleep in all that someplace (Nodding off at the drawing table does *not* count. :P )

  • Paranomasian

    Good. Now gack to The Meek!!

  • Kat

    Thank you, JuxtaposedStars! I was going to write pretty much exactly every single thing you just said (really! all of it). In this case, you aren’t speaking just for yourself; you just spoke for me, too. :)

    Thank you Der-shing! It has been a wonderful journey following you over the years. Not only are you a brilliant artist and storyteller, you’re a really swell human being, too. It shows in everything you do. <3

  • Kincajou

    You’re awesome! I’ve been following mare and the meek for years now, the story makes every pause worth it (and gives me a chance to reread both and elaborate my opinions on your characters :D). I’m super excited about how close we are to the end of mi but like a good book I don’t really want it to end…

    Don’t stress about delays, especially when the reason you’re delayed is mostly because you’re pursuing your other dreams and projects!

    As someone who has been an avid reader of your art for years and and has given very little in return, the least I can do is give you my patience and confidence :)

    • shingworks

      Haha the delays have been mostly this project delaying itself, like a delay ourobouros… You’d be shocked how many ways there are to mess up the last part of a story… doing my best to avoid all of them XD

      • sweet_gardenia

        take care of yourself der-shing and best of luck with getting this baby the way you want it!

  • FishTetris

    Glad to hear from you! I’ve been following MI from the start and I’m excited to see the conclusion, but I don’t really mind waiting. What’s important is that you’re able to tackle all this in a way that’s as comfortable as possible for you, and have an end product with art that you’re happy with. Good luck with everything you have on your plate!

  • Yelena Rossini

    Take care of yourself! I’m glad you’re doing what you need to in this tumultuous time.

    Thank you for this wonderful comic, I’m excited to read it – whenever that is!

  • I wondered if it was the Kickstarter holding up the regular site pages!! WELP now I’m just more excited to get my paperback in the mail, EEEEEEE!!!!! The comic here online is already SO GORGEOUS I can’t even imagine what the updates are to make it BETTER.

    Thank you for the update, that is really polite and nice of you. Personal life stuff messing up work stuff is so frustrating, but getting the personal life worked out is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. I hope it works out well for you soon. <3

  • I’ve been following for a couple years now, and enjoying the comments sections here (you seem to have a lot of incisive and caring readers) but I haven’t posted yet. This seems like a good time to tell you how meaningful it is to me to see serious craft in this genre. I draw too, and I’m pretty choosy about art, stories, and characters. I’m also choosy about political subtexts. I love what you’re doing with representation. The elements that make your cast diverse are believable and never pasted on, and their uniqueness adds depth to the story without becoming the focus. That makes it so easy for me to recommend your work to friends, and to feel good about its place in our own stor[y/ies] as a world right now. Your characters’ emotional journeys would be compelling even without the sci-fi or fantasy settings, and their dialogue is personal, not just an expository device. I don’t get the sense I’m being talked down to as I read, or that all the unpacking is being done for me. I think you show just enough, which is such a balancing act. I am sad about the passing of Le Guin, and knowing you’ll be around in my lifetime, making good work, helps with that. Take all the time!

  • Luebke

    Your work is so inspiring, both the art and storytelling. It is well worth the wait!

    Fun fact: I recently dreamed I was stranded on an alien planet with LEVi, and learned from him that his favorite color is red, and his favorite kind of lifeform is fish! He was a good survival buddy.

    Be well in all ways!

  • corvideye

    You rock! Can’t wait to see the print version!

  • *general yelling about self-care*

    *specific yelling about how much I enjoy this comic, including the very creative astrobiology and the humour*

  • ikabubu

    S’ok Der-shing. You’re only one person.
    If I didn’t like MI, I wouldn’t care.
    But I love it, and I empathize with the artist’s plight
    Your fans are the understanding type, but I do understand the necessity to communicate with us. You’ve done well by us, and you’ve earned the right to cash-in on some of that goodwill and patience.

  • Shweta

    *cheering you on!*

    *setting virtual plush crabs and cups of tea in easy reach*

  • AGV

    I supposed that it was the kickstarter plus the end what was holding you back.

    But life is short and you gotta make a balance between what you love and staying alive at the same time.

    It is nice to hear that things are working out.
    Just take care of yourself and see you in a while when things are sorted out!

  • Drew

    As someone who has complained about sporadic updates in the past, all I really have to say is THANK YOU for the simple act of communication.

    As a reader, all I feel I have any right ask is that pages are updated as announced or when they aren’t, that artists drop a quick “life’s happening, so updates aren’t” line.

    It’s when artists basically go AWOL that they lose my eyeballs.

  • Natalie

    Can’t wait to see what happens, by which I mean I will wait patiently but excitedly :).

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    You have a lot of self-control to not post those finished pages, haha.

  • KatieP

    You’re awesome, your comic is great, I can’t wait to see it when it’s done but NO RUSH! I bet the print book will be amazing–I will be buying it!
    I truly admire your storytelling ability, your in-depth and empathetic character development, your art. It’s amazing what you are capable of. Take the time you need, I’m impressed AF.

  • Arianwen

    Hey Shing, I was drawing today and accidentally drew a hand (i.e. success is as inexplicable as failure) and it was only afterwards that I realised it was drawn in your style.

    You’ve been such a tremendous influence and inspiration – watching your work grow and change all these years has been an education and a privilege. Thank you for being such a communicative creator and for sharing all this wonderful stuff with us!

    (I’m not kidding about the hand thing. It was a little creepy.)

  • JJ

    I dreamed Mare had continued. Some of it was wild – more people had arrived down there, and Bex had an affair with one of them. (Also, giant strangling snakes.) But there was also a part where Bex was aware that she had been down there for 54 weeks, and witnessed many iterations of Mike getting his memory wiped (he thought it had been one week). In this version, Mike was continually driven to escape, while Bex was resigned to the futility.

  • a dude


    thanks for the comics bae

  • David

    For the sake of clarity- when you say that the book and comic will be done “next month”, which month do you mean? June or July?

    I’m not trying to push you- I just want to get a sense of when I should check back in.

    • a dude

      We’ll get there when we GET THERE

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