Chapter 1, Page 21

I think someone on this page needs to get their bullshit detector recalibrated.

Today’s vote art: sometimes Meek-style eyeballs sneak into the pencils 6__6

BTW, since a new month is starting, I’ll be putting all the old incentive art from March on the Facebook tomorrow for anyone who missed them (and also because I’m super nice). See you back here Thurs for a page I’ve been waitin’ on for a while :]


  • DukeBG

    My new favorite Goto frame: checked.
    Mike keeps touching himself, this time while kinda faking an epiphany: checked.
    A thing appeared, We Know Not What It Is Yet, But Will Find Out Soon: checked.
    I left this tab open for an hour, forgetting to post the comment: checked.

  • Peter Miller

    Wow! The people in this comic strip are amazing at talking with their mouths closed!

    • shingworks

      I was expecting a comment like this 10 pages ago, haha. Anyway it’s a purposeful decision.

      • Unclever title

        If it’s any consolation I hadn’t even noticed until now.

        • shingworks

          Yeah, I think I’ve drawn him with his mouth open (like, teeth not touching) 5-6x so far XD

      • Purposeful stylistically or purposeful for the narrative? Because I’m really interested in knowing why especially if its the former o0o

        • shingworks

          Honestly it’s just an acting choice. Mike mumbles and tends not to open his mouth a lot, so it doesn’t make sense to choose to draw it wide during normal conversations (I did the same thing with Luca in The Meek, as he is sensitive about his bad teeth). It’s more fun this way too since when he does open his mouth, it tends to be for important reasons, which registers at a low level for the reader. Bex on the other hand enunciates and projects her voice well, so her mouth acting runs the gamut.

  • Corbie

    Mike touching his neck and talking about closure is morbid. I wonder if he noticed. :)

  • MK

    Michael Arne?! Does he have a Norwegian parent or something?

    • shingworks

      Yep, that’s the correct Scandinavian country, haha! From his mother’s side.

      • MK

        Aye figured – it’s so rare to hear the name outside of Norway! My dad’s an Arne (:

  • gosh, I love the detail in the background, like that lamp in Goto’s panel. Very authentically … movie-screenshot like. The faint green lighting really sells the ‘medical station’ mood too.

    Getting nervous about what’s coming up! Oh dear oh dear.

  • Elijah


  • Asterai

    Medications huh?

  • Spav

    Commander Goto: manipulative psychopath extraordinaire, and quite gullible. Not the most fortunate combination.

    Also, I’m noticing that the closed-mouth talking mostly seems to sync up with scenes and conversations in which characters are either withholding information from others or flat out lying in order to gain a manipulative upper hand or avoid scrutiny. Everybody but Mike and Goto seems to speak with their mouths open more often, signifying no immediately apparent secrets or hidden agendas. I could also be completely imagining the connection there, but it did catch my attention.

  • Vert

    She can’t possible be falling for that act, can she? Mike is clearly in full manic mode and she’s been overseeing him for what, six months? Longer? She should be picking up on this. I would not trust that guy to check my suit right now, much less drive a valuable neophyte out to a remote site.

    Granted, she doesn’t know how he started off his day, but even so…

  • I’m in love with her no-bullshit face. Love it.

  • Oly

    Am I reading too much into that tilted corner of the mouth or is Mike trying hard not to smile there in panel 3?

    I really like the closeups on hands in the last two panels, though I guess I generally enjoy well-drawn gestures. And now that I think of it I actually enjoy your style here a tad more than in The Meek – I mean I like The Meek too but if I had to pick I’d pick Mare Int out of the two, and smaller eyes might be a part of it. I’m relatively omnivorous when it comes to art styles of comics I read (other than not reading much manga) but I’ve been told “make eyes bigger! make mouth smaller!! make face cuter!!!” so many times at work that less baby-faced styles feel sort of reassuring in some weird way. :P But then of course it’s just a matter of preference!

    And so looking forward to all that art on Facebook (though I do vote more diligently now when I can)! :D

    • shingworks

      Unfortunately that’s about as close to a “charming” face as he knows how to muster, haha.

      And thanks! The art rendering in this is kinda similar to TM except for the eyes and less acting cartooniness, but the subject is a little more serious so I didn’t want to go overboard, haha XD I’m really glad you’re enjoying it!

  • zathura

    uh oh, it’s never a good thing when someone throws away their meds. Does he have a mental issue? Bipolar? Depression? Schizophrenia? or are those for health reasons? Calcium, heart pills, liver, chemo I DUNNO but I am assuming that this is a bad bad thing

  • Patmoose

    He smiles so cutely.

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