Chapter 1, Page 4

He almost got away T__T;

And wow, 10 pages in one month :] Not too bad… More of the same coming up in Feb! Thanks for reading.


  • They certainly sent the most mature adults to Mars, didn’t they? :D

  • Good to see you back on! And SCIENCE FICTION… *wurbles and dances in circles waving arms * Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!

  • Ahh, I missed your art SO MUCH, it’s so good to see this from you! And oh god, sci-fi stuff too? Could it get any better? I’m excited to see where this is going!

  • Elijah

    Ten pages with this quality is indeed not bad! Great work!

  • Sashah Li

    I just love his nose. Just. Man, what a nose.

  • Its great to see you back again, the story start has a nice hook, I’m keeping tuned for the rest :)

    By the way, great work on the designs!

  • About how long does it take you to finish a page?

    • shingworks

      Anywhere from 8-12 hours (well, page c1p2 was 16), but I split it up between a few days cuz I have IRL work.

  • Edible martian blueberries are at least one thing worth living for.

  • radhi

    ¡Dios mio! Greg looks a lot like my uncle on this page! The resemblance is uncanny!

  • Infinity1201

    I just got here, already in love with EVERYTHING. <3

  • hihi

    why she turn everything i love into food

  • microgatos

    tbh i thought the same, greg… i thought the same…

  • ✩ Helen ☽

    “¡dios mío!” loool my exact reaction to food

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