Chapter 3, Page 1


I may have mentioned it previously, but not very well; I’m trying to push to finish the current chapter of The Meek this month. That’s about 9 more pages of comics in the next what, dozen days? On top of other work. So MI might be a little slowish in Jan, but will return to a normal schedule when Feb begins (at the very latest). I might change my mind and go back to splitting the difference between the two comics, but I really am desperate to move on to a new chapter in The Meek, haha…

In other nice news, we have some awesome fanart to share too :3 This lovely piece by my buddy Muura, and another great MI team drawing by CoconatChat.

There’s been also a few updates on the Patreon, including this behind the scenes notes for the end of the last chapter. Looking forward to posting all the devstuff irt Panel 4 character~

AND, because I didn’t get a chance to share here yet, Patronbomb! Thanks to your support I am drowning in work, which strangely enough is the way I like it.


  • Looks like it’s Michael’s shoes.

    • Fattimus

      But where is the rest of him, and how did the shoes get this far on their own…

      mysteries upon mysteries

  • Silveraquila

    I think the blood is… sporing… >_> However, this might be the true origin of the Toads in the Mario universe….

  • Spav

    Wheee, sporeblood!

    • Stickman550

      Thighfriends for everybody!

  • Tindi

    Well, THAT ain’t good.

  • Vert

    It’s alright, Mike doesn’t need that blood any more, he runs on pure thighfriend ichor now!

    • TheChainsawCodpiece

      Bottle it and sell it. I’ll financially support anyone who does this I don’t care what you put it it as long as it’s called “thigh friend ichor” and I get some profit.

      • Ceceoh

        I bet my cat would really like a thighfriend!

  • Kent17

    I didn’t even notice the sporing at first, but it’s there, plain as day.
    Also it looks like Michael is leading his new friend somewhere, which is interesting as he doesn’t know where he is…

  • Lorenzo

    I think that cyan thing on the shoes is new. Don’t think I’ve seen it before (

    On the other hand, it looks similar to the one in Bex’s shoes ( and

    I wonder, I wonder…

  • Mel

    Oh. well. This page just got even more ominous.

  • LostYooper

    I have a feeling that the blood droplets are coming from where thigh fungus was attached to Mike, I hope not, but seeing both of their reactions to dino-butt I wouldn’t be surprised if he attacked them.

  • Brad

    I assumed it was Bex, but everyone else seems to think it’s Mike.

    • Ceceoh

      The shoes look a lot like the ones Mike is wearing on this page: , so I think we are seeing an earlier time when Dino-butt (really?) first found Mike’s trail.

      I hadn’t noticed Mike bleeding once thighfriend showed up. I suppose it could be coming from the leg wound.

  • martin

    Frame 3: are those TWO aliens? No no… those are tow feet.

    • Happy

      Oh my god I was so busy wigging out at the blood I didn’t even see the feet, and now I’m just losing it

  • cheri

    that alien needs a PediPaws™ bad

  • charles81

    I’m not sure if it’s blood or something else, dripping from Thighfriend.

    Could be that Thighfriend hasn’t fully healed Mike and he’s bleeding from somewhere… Other option is that he’s been in some fight with this thing and is bleeding from new wounds.

    Best guess on previous spores is that either thighfriend has been producing them or Mike’s produced them just from lost skin cells, etc.

  • Android 21 3/7

    Are we seeing… Thighfungus sex?! O A O / \ A / \ I’m not sure if I’m ready for such personal scenes from Thighfungus!

    • Ceceoh

      Thighfriend does like to let its freak flag fly.

  • Jac

    Mike has so many friends here!

  • Vert

    For some reason, when I look at this page, today, this is all I can think of:

    … and I’m okay with that. Mike and Leggy, just struttin’ their way across the Martian underground. Gonna defeat Mike’s demons with the power of DISCO

  • It’s business! It’s business time!

    Oh. Not that kind of business time?

  • Graypath

    New article on designing Martian landscapes, habitats, rovers…

  • Catalack

    Ahw man, cue all the super creepy Michael-clones TvT

  • Finally just read through the whole series and holy hell, this is beautiful stuff. I can’t wait to see where he ends up.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Sheridan

    Spores ‘evaporating’ out of Mike’s blood. So not only is he contaminating the Mars underground with his own flora and fauna, he’s contaminating one cavern with that from another (with no breezes to speak of, transmission via the cave-vaginas would be slow at best. Mike moving rapidly between caverns is the equivilant of Humans sailing around Earth).

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