Chapter 3, Page 20

Not going to lie, the only reason thrip exists is because I woke myself up laughing a few years ago with the idea of a giant insect that was trying to feed me.

This week is crazy Patreon fulfillment week, which means commissions going out soon and pages going out a lot, so check back again soon~

Today’s bonus art: The only panel that matters




  • Wow, he looks like hell.

  • shittygomu

    Well, I did laugh at Thrip feeding Mike so that went as planned

  • DukeBG

    I just realized that Thrip is quite similair in character and some visuals to Boo from Unsounded

    • shingworks

      Maybe… I actually haven’t read it for a couple of years so any similarity would be a coincidence (but who doesn’t like googly eyes)

      • DukeBG

        Great Minds Think Alike!

        (Boo is also an insectish yellow/golden little helper type)

    • mike weasel

      Or even Boo from Monsters Inc. in her little monster outfit!

  • ruth


  • Localized

    “plz eat this space peanut”

    • fox-orian

      TOTALLY a space walnut.

  • Uggala

    @Localized: More like “plz eat this space peanut i plucked from your face” ;) – At least this looks like one of Mikes faceshrooms.

    • shingworks

      lol you’re not wrong (they’re on the ground too but… gross…)

      • Uggala

        “but… gross…” – Is it wrong when i say “Thats the beauty of it” ? ;D

    • JJ

      Mike eating faceshrooms eating Mike

      • David

        It’s the ciiiiircle of Mike!

        • Uggala

          That …could even work, you know. The faceshrooms could create some vitamins the human body cant metabolize itself. Also, if these things are like earth fungi, Mike would spread the spores by plucking the fruiting body from his face. The faceshroom survives this due to the mycelium embedded in Mikes face creating another fruting body after a while… would be like some sort of bizarro symbiotic relationship. Yuck. ;D

  • JJ

    Whoa, Mike is kinky, bedding down on those tentacles oO

    • shingworks

      It’s ok, they’re dead (or is that even kinkier, who knows)

  • LameFox

    On the bright side, considering how many human mouths a Thrip would have seen before, it’s doing pretty well not to have stuffed that up his nose.

    • Teej

      For all we know there’s a few up there already. :P

  • Teej

    It looks like Kalla changed her hairstyle… a more relaxed coiffure for chillin’ at home with your sick alien?

  • Cord

    Does anyone else find this comic really, really boring now?

    • shingworks

      I’ll guess at least 1 person

      • shingworks

        And it’s ok guys, no need to like defend me… it’s up to the individual to decide what they want to spend their time on. Cord is free to read or not read; in the end there is no such thing as a story with 100% audience saturation. If this isn’t your bag then good luck finding a story more to your tastes elsewhere, or do like I did and write that story yourself.

    • Glavos

      Nope, just you. Does anyone else find comments like yours really, really disrespectful?

      • at least 2 people

        • Drakeo

          make that three though I do understand how he might feel that way. me personally? I can’t wait for the next page

    • Reign of Crows

      No. I was originally following The Meek and came here when Der Shing’s hiatus ended and started this up before resuming The Meek. I was interested, but wished that more attention were devoted to The Meek. I’m still very interested in The Meek, but over the past few weeks I’ve come to feel a bit more anticipation over the Mare Internum updates.

      I’ll echo the comments below that it’s rather disrespectful to leave a comment like this, particularly when the artist regularly reads and interacts with commentors. If you’re a top Patreon donor then I guess you can say what ever you want (although it’s still not very nice), but if you’re reading along for free, then don’t complain. Take a break from reading and come back when we’re a few more panels in.

      • shingworks

        Thanks for reading both comics! And sorry about TM comic updates being a bit slow; I weight towards MI because I’m trying to get the entire comic wrapped up by the end of this year or early next year and need to keep up the pace, and also because TM pages tend to take me a bit longer to draw than MI pages do.

        • Reign of Crows

          You have nothing to apologize for – as I said, I look forward to updates on both comics, and at this point in time I’ll admit that I’m happy to see MI receiving updates more frequently. I think I still prefer the overall world setting of TM, but based on where we are in the storylines I’m more interested to keep advancing through MI.

          So MI will be finished up in less than a year? That’s kind of a sad thought… but definitely better than dragging things out in the way that so many other entertainment forms do.

    • jbb060

      Nope, this is the second webcomic I check daily for updates, after the superlative Stand Still, Stay Silent.

      Also, the level of entitlement in comments like this is staggering. Thanks to the internet, I have around 5 freely accessible and fantastic ongoing stories to read, each of which is a passion project from an individual or small team.

      There’s many webcomics I haven’t liked, and their average quality was certainly below that of published comics, but to spout drivel like that makes you sound like a spoilt toddler. Either read and enjoy something, offer constructive criticism, or move on.

  • Corbie

    Kallakore has a creepy fuzzy-spider-backside from this angle of view. :o

  • Wert

    NO, i love thrip even more than ever thought possible. I would eat your weird martian funguy and probly barf or die or both, but if it would make you happy, thrip…anything…anything

    I also love kallakore but because she is creepy and i have no idea what she is doing.

    • Uggala

      Also love the “creepy” factor. You cant tell if Kallakore really IS creepy or if Der-Shing just messes with our heads and makes us falsely think that.

  • Neveth

    Is… Thighfriend covering him like a blanket? How considerate!

  • Luces

    Thigfried is still alive and weaving. He Fought the Murderous Knife. Let’s all offer him a heart-felt sneeze!

  • Mike’s gesture to thripfriend feels amusingly gentle considering the hellbrains he’s probably in right now, though I know it’s probably simply weariness as to the reason why he’s not chewing them both out right now.

    As a sidenote: gosh, the way you do patterns with lineart is so pretty. *a* aka the bed… thing he’s resting on.

  • Pat

    Where the heck is land sharks face? I cannot sort out its anatomy and body structure I’m tripping balls.

    • Glavos

      He’s facing away from us.

  • Spav

    “Large friend, dis fungus bit. Fungus bit for you. Eat fungus bit.”

    “Thanks but no.”

  • Ceceoh

    Pupils and paisley!

  • Glavos

    Never thought i’d call a insect/crustacean cute but thripfriend is the cutest little insect/crustacean ever.

    • Leon

      Yup, but two legs more and… KILL IT WITH FIRE !!!8!8!!

      • Ceceoh

        Below those adorable google-eyes somewhere are mouth parts that may be the stuff of nightmares. Hard to dislike a crustacean who offers you nom-noms, though.

  • Dreampiper

    LIKE…. Dang, Insectoid Martian Crustacean… YOU CUTE.

  • corvideye

    Aw, good symbiote!

  • anvill

    Thats not a glyph on the lip of the upper tier that Mike is on, is it? Or just a tentacle remnant?

  • Lar

    Thrip just became even cuter. Who knew.

  • Lordmyrth


  • David

    Dawww, I love Thrip!

  • Vert

    That wheezing can’t possibly be good.

  • Windwalker

    Looks like thighfish is back too.

  • kate

    what a helpful thrip

  • Twyll

    I… I want a Thripfriend to feed me, I want it so much ;_; And I don’t even like walnuts OR mushrooms so I doubt I’d like space walnut mushrooms but I would like them if a Thripfriend offered them.

  • MGin

    Not spoiling anything, but this is so cute, in hindsight.

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