Chapter 3, Page 46

:[ Blue thrips!! throw them in the trash

A fun article I read today about Mars/ caves/ Mars caves that some of us might enjoy

Not much other news~ There was another development post about Kalla on the Patreon recently! And a look at/ .PSD of another little scifi thing I worked on (not related to the comic). Also there was the was that tutorial~ Voting is open for the next tutorial subject here if you like voting to make me do stuff.

There will probably be a Patron stream this week as well since my bf will be out of the house, and that’s usually a good time for me to be talking obnoxiously to the internet.

Other than that, just working~ see you again soon



  • Vert

    Is Kallakore reddish in good light? The back of her head looks a bit… pink.

    • shingworks

      Kalla is pretty much the purple color of this site, haha.

      • AGV

        Martian Dating Sim?

        “M-Michael-kun, I…”

      • Vert

        Does Martian hair feel like mammalian hair?

        • shingworks

          Certain kinds of mammalian hair, I suppose… the ones that stick out are semi-rigid semi-flexible, like a cat whisker, and not easy to grab onto. Body hairs are more like a short coated animal, and are better at trapping air.

  • I wonder if Michael had cleaned his pants a single time since he got stranded.

  • John

    blue? thrips????? PUT them in the SEWER

    • shingworks


    • Gurbachen

      Is your comment and shings’ “:[ Blue thrips!! throw them in the trash” a reference to something? I don’t know why, but I find the way you two wrote your comments to be intriguing.

      • Prophet Zarquon

        These aren’t the thrips you’re looking for.

  • Wryyyy

    Wow, “Oh. Okay.” strikes me as a fairly stoic reaction to that.

    • corvideye

      I think he’s just tuckered out. It’s been quite a day, and at some point (esp. after being poked and paralyzed) you just run out of energy to react.

  • Pat

    Now I am thoroughly confused regarding Kallakores anatomy. His head is elongated all the way up like that and not an extension of his body? Did I simply miss that detail before?

    • AGV

      The thing that goes above Mike’s head in comparision is the crest, the round part under it is the nape and the rest is the neck and the rest of the body, if I’m not mistaken

    • Vert

      If you’re on the Patreon, there’s lot of detailed drawings and explanations of her crest. If not, well… it’s basically a long thing thing that extends from the back of the skull. Think something more akin to antelope horns than an extended skull. Except these horns are actual bone, they’re covered with skin, and have two flappy bits that act as a social signaller. When she’s scared, they’re straight (see the panel where she’s discovered by LEVi) and when she’s engaged in something they’re extended to the sides.

      Also, the whole structure looks incredibly fragile and vulnerable, even allowing for lower gravity, so I’m guessing there was some runaway sexual selection in Martian evolutionary history!

      • Max

        “If you’re on the Patreon, at a high enough tier” – TFTFY…

  • foxorian

    This page reminds me of the scene from Moon when Sam is telling the other Sam to put his hat on, in a caring way.

  • Thanks for sharing that article!
    As always, keep up the great work!

  • Treeish

    Panel 3 is so…awwww.
    I think Mike is just numb, and not only from playing with stabfish.
    I suppose being killed and reconstituted a few thousand times would either make you a coward or crazy. So coward is good.

  • Dave

    I sort of just realized that even if Mike *does* find an exit he’s screwed on account of he’s got no helmet or life support gear for the surface, and, since he chucked his radio wristband thing way back when, no way of contacting anyone to come get him.

    • Vert

      Given that his entrance opened up a huge hole into a sea full of living things and that two astronauts disappeared into it, I suspect all he’d have to do is find his way back to the sea he fell into, and wait.

      Or, if he’s actually been in a coma this whole time, he’s already been found and he “just” needs to wake up.

      • Prophet Zarquon

        I thought the new hole was located some distance inside the cave system opened up by the original hole? I’m not sure I have an accurate idea what the whole hole or the hole in the hole look like, on the whole.

  • Spav

    Some part of me anticipates a hug incoming

    • Vert

      “Don’t touch me.”

      “DON’T TOUCH ME-”

      “… dammit. Leggo.”

  • And now they kiss. :y

  • Kittenears

    I’m kind of digging his crown of fungi

  • Lilian

    She even cleaned up his waste receptacle!

    Kallakore really is a nurse!

    • Ambs

      Oh my god. The repositioning, the assessment, now hygiene care..

      As a nursing student, I suppose I should take notes.

      • Lilian

        A fellow nurse among the Mare readers! Hello, fellow nurse! Happy studies!

        • Ambs

          Thanks nurse-sempai!

          This comic resonates with me. Nursing school is a lot like an abyss that threatens to swallow you whole and mutilate your very being to adapt to its needs.

          As you can see I’m coping well!

          • Sheridan

            Can I just say to both of you that Nurses don’t get nearly enough credit, and please accept these internet fist-bumps.

  • Lilian

    Oh, I am curious about Kallakore’s claws. They appear to be flexible. Shing, can you elaborate?

  • Egg

    I love you, blue thrips. :'(

  • blargh

    I’m a little horrified that his waste receptacle might be his colon instead of his pants.

    • shingworks

      Nah, probably a catheter attached to a waste bag. He hasn’t been eating or drinking very much so hopefully not too gross.

  • Corgis!

    Kallakore is the best mom ever.

  • SotiCoto

    Pretty sure the stab-friends were trying to help.

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