Chapter 4, Page 19

LEVi’s got a very optimistic view on life

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That said, here’s the lineart vs colors for this page, + notes on Martian volcanoes for Patrons~

Today was an experiment to see if I could get back to my normal pace of a page in a day, now that I’m done shipping my last round of Kickstarter rewards, and it looks like I can, phew. Next update will be a very long overdue Meek update, followed by another Mare, now that we’re back on the move.

In other awesome comic news, Beyond Press’s new book has 2 days left! One of the editors, Taneka, is also running a huge queer comics giveaway, so take a look if that’s your thing!

Oh yeah, and this Kickstarter I am on is continuing to fund! It’s got about 5k left to go, and I did art for a pack of American Women cards on the project.

So much stuff, huh? Well we like to keep busy.


  • Kyle

    Finally, she asks a question!

    • DukeBG

      ^ This

  • AGV

    Is that lava?
    Also, what’s “na”?

    • shingworks

      Not directly translatable, it’s an emphasis word.

      • The Wing

        Sounds sort of like Urdu ‘naa’, used to emphasise a sentence in a manner of exasperation usually. English ‘man’ and ‘dude’ sometimes accomplish the same effect, though they address a second person while ‘naa’ just stresses the command and tone.

        Cut it out, dude!
        Listen to me, naa!

        • Felix Domestica

          Is that “na” the first hint we’ve had of Rebekah’s cultural heritage (and perhaps accent, at least under stress)? It does lead me to “hear” her voice a bit differently, and it may provide a few hints about her emotional resources and responses.

          • JJ

            Nope, not the first. Chapter 1, page 9 and 19, for example.

      • David

        Sort of like the Canadian “Eh?”.

        • Edmund

          In that it is a non-word serving a social function, yes. “Eh” reinforces a statement with the the goal of encouraging agreement or reply from another party, akin to ending a sentence with “right?” so I would say it does not serve the same purpose as “na”.

          Unless you’re also a Canadian, in which case, apologies for stating the obvious. Kinda rare that we run into each other online, eh?

          • shingworks

            Yeah, some words are just there for a certain direction or emphasis, like ma in chinese (you put on the end of a sentence to show that it’s a question, like a question-mark, but it doesn’t have a meaning other than “question word”).

          • David

            LOL, I enjoyed your response very much, Edmund. It was both funny and informative. You clearly know your shit when it comes to languages.

          • David

            Der-shing, I remember asking a friend about that one time. In English, we mark a question with a rising tone at the end of the sentence. In Chinese, you can’t really do that, because tones are a part of the words themselves. That’s when he told me about “ma”.

            Wish I had time to learn Chinese. It seems very interesting.

  • ObservantWolf

    I love how chirpy and upbeat Levi is! XD

    • MikeLinPA

      Levi is a glass half full kind of crustacean!

      • Edmund

        In spite of being the very-flightless kind! Whee!

      • evileeyore


        Nah, Levi sees the glass as /totally full/, half with water, half with air…

  • Yotz

    And then Rebekah was a processor.

  • TorgueRND

    Haha, yeah shut up NERD
    Bex made a bad first impression but she’s starting to grow on me.

  • vin

    Oh. If there was a longer conversation, and Bex asked about Michael, maybe those tears mean she knows about Kalla now?

    • shingworks

      haha, it’s just the fumes XD

  • Acid lake with tear inducing fumes ?

    • Esc

      I think the general atmosphere is irritating. Mike was coughing and had bloodshot eyes when he first awoke but the thighfriend fixed him right up.

      Bex seems to be combatting the atmosphere, she’s been wearing the bandana since we first saw her and I doubt it’s for intimidation.

      Also can I say she’s absolutely terrifying? Mike quickly integrated into the environment. Bex didn’t. She’s killed all her calories, boiled all her own water, found all her own fuel. In an environment that’s literally alien and hostile.

      This woman is bad freaking ass.

      • David

        I think that survival is a much higher priority for Bex than it is for Mike. While Mike doesn’t necessarily want to die, he also doesn’t value his life too highly.

        With Kalla, I think he was on his way toward having a reason to live, but now that she’s gone, I’m not sure what he will do. Perhaps he’s gone back to the place where they met, to see if the system will resurrect her.

  • CharlieBoi

    Levi is just too heckin cute, I bet he’d make the most excellent adventure-companion

  • JJ

    “Can you reveal this plot-central mystery?”
    “Ah, well—”
    This would be a perfect moment to drop into a hiatus.

    • shingworks

      ME? drop a hiatus? never

      • JJ


        • shingworks


  • Wlerin

    So, this processor… is it like a CPU processor, or a food processor processor… Everyone seems to be assuming the former, but I can’t remember whether it was ever specified unambiguously.

    • David

      Maybe Bex has already killed and eaten the processor.

  • JAK

    Levi strikes me as that %$%^$%&#$#@&$ fairy from Legend of Zelda, but with more word selection.



    (Link is safe… and puts things into perspective)

    • Saberbeam

      lol Yeah, now that you mention it. Can you imagine Levi and Navi (the $#^! fairy) having a conversation?

  • Bells

    Nooo poor Rebekah :(

  • Bottas Heimfe

    the processor is probably an organic machine. considering that all the creatures we have seen here, except Kallakore, are actually machines, it would make sense that the Processor is a sort of Central Hub of sorts. like a Zerg Base or something

  • River Man

    Na is very Japanese in that context. It’s probably derives from ma in Chinese I suppose, but rather than to indicate it’s a question, it’s more like “am I right?” or even just “right?”. Either way it works perfectly.

    • shingworks

      Haha, definitely does not derive from Chinese, it is pidgin Nigerian, and doesn’t indicate a question. I brought up Chinese earlier to explain a word that doesn’t have an overt meaning but serves a purpose, but definitely don’t want to imply that language/ slang from a completely different part of the world shares a common etymology.

  • AllTheCrowns

    Hi I just want to say thank you for creating Bex cause sometimes I feel like the the only nigerians i ever see in stories are either super smart ones with non-nigerian english or really downtrodden ones with exagerrated nigerian english but she embodies everyone I see around me everyday which makes me feel like shes my personal pesin which makes me super happy.

    • shingworks

      Haha, glad to hear it :]

  • Sheridan

    > LEVi’s got a very optimistic view on life

    His playlist is just “Everything is Awesome” on repeat.

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