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Some awsome news… my first webcomic, The Meek, was nominated for an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Online Comic :] It’s a huge honor, and my first big industry award nomination (and another work I contributed to, The Elements Anthology, was also nominated). I’m not able to attend SPX this year but if you’re going to be there, it would mean a lot if you’d consider voting for my work!

In other news: I mentioned we have a public/ unlocked tutorial up this week, the Worldbuilding Tutorial, so there’s that for you. We’ve also got the next tutorial up as well as public voting for the next tutorial topic. Feel free to comment if you’ve got a comics topic you’d like to know about~ And for Patrons, you can also take a look at the end of Mare Internum (sort of) XD

I’ll be in Boise next week as a guest of Boise Library Comic Con, for any Idahoan readers :] Feel free to come say hi!

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  • Luces

    Uhm, Bex, aren’t you leaving out some tiny weeny thing? The precise circumstances under which you’ve seen Michael last, for instance?

    • Spark

      That omission makes me think she recognizes Kalla…or at least her species. I mean, she was cutting her corpse up. Perhaps she thinks it’s best not to mention that the last time she saw Michael was after she butchered one of Kalla’s kind/Kalla herself.

      • AGV

        Makes sense that she realizes that She killed Kalla

        She keeps asking about Mike and saying that they’re friends, and the very next thing that Bex saw after killing her was Mike

    • shingworks

    • BigDogLittleCat

      I get the feeling Kalla knows Bex is leaving something out: that Bex’s last interaction with Mike was more contentious than a mere geological failure.
      It appears that you don’t remember your death after the System recreates you, so Kalla doesn’t know *why* they parted on poor terms, but she knows Bex is hiding something.

  • Wood

    I really wonder why neither Michael nor Kallacore can understand Threvi.

    • AGV

      Or why Bex understands him

    • Nyzer

      Levi himself has admitted that he’s not actually speaking and has no idea how Bex can understand him. Bex seems to have been equipped with a universal translator somehow, seemingly as a result of the local creatures needing to communicate with her after she managed to fend them all off for an extended length of time.

      The simple answer for neither Kallakore nor Michael being granted the same ability is that whatever entity is responsible for handing out those abilities didn’t feel they needed it, too.

      • BigDogLittleCat

        Where/when was that discussed? I don’t remeber that at all.

        • shingworks

          The rest is Nyzer theorizing, but the part with LEVi talking about the communication thing is here~

      • Royco Cup-a-Soup

        Well that neatly sinks my previous theory. Kudos for doing actual research instead of just pulling shit out of the aether like I did.

    • Sandy Noname

      She can now, it seems.
      After Bex has identified him.

  • Lynne

    You’re coming to Boise??? (I didn’t even know Boise had a comic con!)

    Brace yourself to be awkwardly stared at from across the room, ’cause baby, I’m gonna be there. Staring awkwardly at you.

    • Lynne

      Also: well that panel is just flippin’ adorable. (And congrats on your nomination!)

    • shingworks

      lol, I didn’t know either… it’ll be my first time in Idaho (being stared at in Idaho too!) so I am looking forward to it XD

  • vin

    Oh my GOD panel three

    • Lucas


    • Kit

      Oh come on, like you wouldn’t lie on your back and play ‘airplane’ with little Threvi. Armsharks are reasonable sorts.

    • kris

      unbelievably cute ;A;

    • Sheridan

      Kallakore is a cat, confirmed.

  • Lilian

    Panel three is charming, but I love Kalla’s body language in panel two.

  • SSR

    Hmm Becky? You still haven’t figured out he ran off ’cause you killed his friend?

    • Nyzer

      She doesn’t trust Kallakore yet, and isn’t ready to admit that she killed her and Michael ran off in horror after walking in on Bex slicing up her corpse. Levi hasn’t told her much about Kalla yet, and as far as she knows Kalla is just a smarter drone serving the processor.

      • Nyzer

        I should also mention that it was at least the second time Bex had scavenged Kalla’s corpse, given that she was wielding her elbow bone against her during the ambush. She can probably guess that her most recent kill was Kalla; she has no reason to suspect that Kalla is the only one of her species down in Mare Internum, and pro-bab-ly isn’t ready to admit to her that she’s been potentially murdering her relatives and/or spawn camping her.

        • Solanuma

          I’m really amused rn that getting spawn camped is the most fitting expression for what has been happening to Kalla so far

        • Bex very well could have just found that elbow bone and started using it as a weapon/tool.

  • spottedspeck

    Gah, so much good stuff! Congrats on the nomination, Shing! Seriously though, you’re storytelling skills are amazing — I’m DYING to know how MI ends, but I’m also enjoying every page and panel before then.
    Also I came across this:
    It’d probably be pretty outdated by the time of the comic, but I can’t help but imagine robo-LEVi blasting this while exploring XD
    p.s. Kalla. Stop be so cute. Please.

  • Rev

    I love how Kalla just rolls around like a happy kitty upon realizing that LEVi is alive.

  • ObservantWolf

    What a happy heart-warming reunion! Now we just need Fish back to make it exceptionally awkward as Bex’ previous Kalla-encounter would then come to light…

  • lou


  • Roo

    ;A; oh my GOD I could stare at panel three all day it is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!

  • Spav

    Is panel 3 how mama Martians goof around with their kids? Are we going to see a flashback of Kalla being adorable with one of her little armsharklets?

  • MIB4u

    Whoa … Just blasted through the archives … Just … whoa …

  • DukeBG

    For those interested, “Mtchew” is a west African slang or rather a sound you do for showing the dislike or the annoyance of something.

    • shingworks

      Yeah, more of a slang sfx… in US comics a similar sound is usually written as “tch.”

      • Sumgai

        Oh! I thought she was sneezing.

        • Android 21 3/7

          I thought it was a munching sound and she had accepted food from Kallakore or something.

    • Rafael Cordeiro

      Thanks! I figured it was something like that, but good to have confirmation!

  • TuesdayNightCompany

    Oh my god yes panel 3!!

  • kalla is friggin’ adorable here. (once, in a different fandom i saw an alien being described as ‘friend-shaped’ – and needless to say, that’s instantly the vibe i always get when seeing her.)

  • Jojo

    I love Kal bouncing Levi on their little arm things. I love them in general. I’m also curious about Kal’s pronoun usage in the previous page in reference to Michael. Is the non-gendered pronoun choice intentional and specific to Michael or is it due to Kal’s own perception of gender?

  • Fawkes Rinzler


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