Chapter 4, Page 38

Looks like we found a chimney?

Hello and thanks for bearing with me on this pause! Was writing the rest of this chapter and getting Kickstarter rewards prepped and shipped. We’ll be doing 3x updates this week and for the forseeable future :] And a happy welcome to new readers: you don’t have to check back on this mage manually if you don’t want to, just check out the RSS or email list for updates sent to you as soon as they go live.

In case you didn’t hear, The Meek won the Ignatz award for Outstanding Online Comic. Extremely grateful to all of you for your support and readership on both of my comics :’] Last week The Meek Ch 5 finally concluded, so if you want to read all 5 full chapters, now is a great time.

Back on the subject of the MI Pin Kickstarter though, check out how nicely the Kalla collab with Monarobot came out!

You can look at the shine in action here, and stickers being die-cut here. Been working hard on getting these orders safely out the door, so expect yours soon if you’re a backer. For folks who missed out, I’ll be listing Threvi and Collumai pin sets on the Gumroad once all these orders are fulfilled :] The Kallas are no longer for sale, but I will be doing a giveaway here in November, so stay tuned.

Beofre I forget: some fanart of the kids by Meghan :]

Last, my busy self is helming (helmering?) a new comic anthology called Alloy. The first volume, Electrum, is created by mixed-race artists like myself. Maybe you are a mixed-race artist or writer as well! If so, you’re welcome to pitch to us, or check out the site for more info. This week we started introducing some of the invited creators, who are some of the best in the biz, so be sure to take a look :]


Sorry, big update, been very busy. That’s enough news for now… next update on: Weds! See you then~


  • John

    Ah, that look of resolve on her face in panel 2.

    • shingworks

      Yeah, it’s the pose I most strongly associate her character with, it’s on the bookmarks too~

      • Jac

        I looove this bookmark and that it’s such a Bex pose. Actually, I’m working through the book Feeling Good by David Burns, and I use my Bex bookmark for it. That pose and her story are things that encourage me on the harder days with my own depression. I just want to thank you for sharing her with us, and that goes for MI too. The Inner Sea seems unconquerable and isolating, and stories like MI reveal that it is truly common ground between us all. So… thank you. :)

      • Asterai

        Oh neat, Mike is in the Hanged Man’s pose! First time I’ve noticed that.

      • Pylgrim

        I think I am starting to understand her character. She’s not somebody who gets a sympathetic narrative, but someone who determinedly struggles forward through a life of endless hardship. No lessons learned, no redemption arc, asking neither forgiveness or permission… too busy staying alive, inching forward/upwards at the cost of sweat blood and tears.

        From the outside such determination looks like stubborn single-mindedness, such relentlessness looks like ruthlessness or even cruelty, such resolve looks like heartless defiance.

      • evileeyore

        A new tarot… The Resolute, The Hung, The Odd Couple…

        • shingworks

          ‘the BFFs reversed, an ominous sign”

  • Ma


  • David

    Somehow the climb is a lot easier if you’re a thrip or a levitating robot.

  • extremely relatable page

  • Gaboris

    Finally I got around to reading this comic as well. I’ve binge read the whole thing and DANG am I interested or what? :D
    So just keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see that freaking processor already so it better be worh all the hype. XD

    • David

      I believe the processor looks like Domo-kun.

  • BittyBeans

    Such a beautiful page as always! We can clearly see her resolve aswell.

    I only just noticed the new spots on her face and looking back they have actually been there a while and it makes sense since she’s know connected to the network? I can’t remember the name for it. But I am confused as to how she can understand threvi but kalla and Michael can’t.

  • strannik

    Nice page !

    Somehow i have the soundtrack of “eridium blight” in head while reading it.

    @Pylgrim : right, if we had followed Bex first instead of Mike, she would be the hero and Mike the villain.

  • Nomi

    Congratz on the Ignatz! So well deserved.

  • JJ

    She seems on edge.

    (Can we make this comments section as punny as Monster Pulse’s?)

    • shingworks

      Seems like a slippery slope

    • Eversist

      Oh man, I think Wilde Life is the worst offender there. ;)

  • YESSS, page! BEAUTIFUL lighting
    Also, congratulations on the award for The Meek. I read the first few chapters but lost track of the story so haven’t kept up. I expect I’ll reread once it’s finished!

  • McDoom

    Panel 2, though.

  • LanceDance

    Wow, such a manly hand of yours, Shing ^^

    • shingworks

      lol, my hand is agender

  • Alan

    C’mon lady, hurry up! We want to meet the processor. It should be easy, right? For someone so driven?

  • Ben

    Interestingly observed space suit

  • kyle

    “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail, and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but refuse. They cling to the realm, or the gods, or love… illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.”
    ―Petyr Baelish

  • Brian

    Bex is recreating the pose of the Yuri Gagarin monument in Moscow – the resolute cosmonaut hero. Admirable work.

  • Sheridan

    More awards for Der-shing! Better get a cabinet; there’ll be more of those in the future.

    In panels 1 and two you can almost hear Bex talking to herself, saying something like “get your shit together, woman. We’ve got work to do”.

  • pogo

    I’m not seeing Bex carrying her goody bag on this page.

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