Chapter 4, Page 40

GOOSH is one of my fav sfx, haha… thought it was too cartoony tho so KOOSH it is.

Let’s start with a lovely fanart! A stalwart Bex from Blue :]

For Patrons, a few little worldbuilding updates; one for a creature of Mare Internum and another on some tech that’s shown up here and there in the bg. Also upcoming for Patrons: the new tutorial B] Have been picking away at that, will be done soon.

All the MI Pin Kickstarter rewards were mailed out, finally! I’ve been collecting pin arrival tweets here cuz I do that, haha. Threvi and Collumai pins will be listed in my shop this week, but the big Kallas are a KS only item. And for those who were wondering, the KS for the actual book is scheduled for March 2018. A few of the remaining Kalla pins held on reserve will be listed then, or given away for our holiday contest here on the site.

Last but not least, Alloy has been previewing some of our invited artists, and they are ballin,’ with more to be announced this week. I’m really excited about this project so I’ll keep mentioning it until submissions close later next week~


  • ObservantWolf

    Oh dear, so much for supplies! Nothing for it but to forge ahead an see what there is to see!

    • strannik

      Not only the supplies, but the helmet too. And Bex can’t rejoin the surface without it.

  • AGV

    She can’t have a break, can she

  • Luces

    Seems it isn’t so easy to leave Shangri-La…

    By the way, what happened meanwhile to Mike?

    • Toastwmarmalade

      Probably a sentient shrub or something by now.

      • Jac

        Doing better than ever, then?

  • Kyle

    So the processor releases its updates like that, huh?

    Wonder if the water will affect Bex?

    • David

      Welcome to Windows 10

    • Alan

      Clever observation(if true)!

  • Charles

    Daily update

  • Arianwen


  • Jon

    I don’t tweet, but I got my Kalla!

  • mmk

    Snap? What snap? I don’t like snaps…

    • Solanuma

      The string of hair holding together her supplies bag snapped. No bones or at least i hope so

  • HyruleSymbol

    Noooo! Not The Fish!!!

  • Spottedspeck

    Get Dunked

  • Lynne

    Like trying to rinse a bug down the sink.

    I got my pins!! I don’t have The Twittler, so I forgive me for sharing my bragging pic here: (Wyatt doesn’t understand the hype, but he does like new friends. He says hi to Wolfie!!)

    Seriously though the pins are ~*beautiful*~, the coppery metal is so pretty, and I am especially in love with the Kalla pin. <3 Thank you, Der-shing!!

    • Evilbob

      Awwwww, snap. Another bites the dust.

  • Processor core dump?

    (Either I’m first with that joke, or the other offenders were deleted without a trace, lol.)

    • Leon

      It’s a memory leak.

      • JJ

        buffer overflow

  • BigDogLittleCat

    Aw, man! That sucks! Poor Bex!

  • no!!! not the STUFF!!!!!!!

  • awhorl

    That’s the core’s way of offering a friendly greeting to visitors?

  • strannik

    Just a note from an artist confessing the art of Der-shing Helmer inspire his own :

    so after receiving fame and award, our dedicated author starts to get more influence.

  • David

    Do we know what was in that bag of supplies?

    • Sheridan

      Helmet, assorted biological samples, probably some other stuff.

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