Hi! This is the page to preorder the PDF or book of the complete Mare Internum graphic novel.

almost everything about this graphic is correct except the book is now larger, more fancy

As usual the book will be free to read online in its original form for as long as I am able to leave it up! but the book contains the completely edited, updated and improved art, as well as post-story illustrations.

PLEASE NOTE: Preorders will be fulfilled after all Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled. Estimated fulfillment is Jan 2020 for softcover books. PDFs have been discontinued for the moment in the interest of avoiding spoilers on the website for the last few weeks of updates, and will be available after the webcomic is complete.

PDFs will go back on sale in Jan!

If you’d like to order a copy of the book with the additional rewards from the Kickstarter (ie one of the limited tiers), a small number of those will be listed separately at a later date, and you can get early access by signing up to the mailing list here. Prices for those will be the same as for the Kickstarter.