“There is nothing more powerful than this attraction towards an abyss.”
—Jules Verne

Mare Internum is an award-winning online science fiction graphic novel about the isolated inhabitants of the planet Mars, and the ability of life to persist through darkness.

This comic was brought to you by support from its loyal readers and current and past Patrons. Now complete, the comic will remain online and free-to-read for as long as I’m able to keep that way.

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Descende, audax viator!

Content warning: please note that this comic contains material that may be disturbing to sensitive viewers, including depictions of mental illness and references to abuse/ CSA. Content of this nature has been thoroughly researched beforehand and will never be utilized for shock value.

Der-shing Helmer is a science-fantasy and educational comic artist living in the San Diego area. They have a formal background in biology and education, and an informal one in art. She is also the author of another online comic, The Meek, and has additional works in print or development. Thanks for reading!

For Der-shing’s portfolio or direct contact, please visit www.shingworks.com