FanThrip Hall of Fame

A page to celebrate all the great thrip entries received during the June 2016 Thrip Art contest! The prompt was to draw a thrip in your own style or with your own spin on it… Thank you to everyone who entered :]

Our Winners!


by Jennie [plus bonus album!]


by Okafrags

The beautiful entries!
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ironically this biological roomba will be cleaned up by a mechanical roomba

by Samo

chillin' like a villain

by Caba111

loving that iridescence! reminds me of the real thrips I've seen

by Karyl

god damn it yes I'm a beautiful thrip

by Building Books

somebody please help me

by Rosi Swallow

I'm not going to lie I just straight up covet this

by Jennie [plus bonus album!]

Manthrip!! needs to work on his posture I think~

by LB

what do you get the thrip who has it all? this drawing, probably

by Grovey

it's okay that you're too stupid to feed yourself, I'm here to help

by Cliffe

who could this be? thrip's long lost cousin? I think so!

by Quite Quirksome

well guys it's me, the hero of this story

by Refineries

how to draw thrip; step 1: draw cute person. step 2 add thrip

by Miquashi

a thrip who just needs a little alone time

by Spotted Speck


by Okafrags

the president called and told me this is the prettiest drawing he's ever seen

by Ainsley

I'm not even going to bother tallying the amount of times I looked/ laughed at this

by Derkasnake

madame are you trying to seduce me

by Olivia

it's okay, I didn't need to sleep tonight

by Mjinga

spoiler warning <:[

by Master Thrip

... what's that in his eyes...

by FLhosen

sometimes you just gotta sit pretty

by Alex

a rare thrip woodcarving made by 13th century monks

by Burn the Midnight Owl

ok now this is just rude lol

by Aroel

where's mothra when you need him

by Lost Yooper

big meaty claws?

by The Townsend


by Potwór

my goodness what a beautiful tail~

by Sheepy Stuff

the colors duke, the colors!

by Glowies

better leave a hefty tip for this garçon thrip

by Sadoka Ytrap

the eyes glow in the dark too :[__] tremendous!

by Twyll [plus bonus albums 1 and 2!]

we're all a little nuts down here

by Erin C

the actual gold crab!!! beautiful

by Virus Visal

lurking on the internet

by Pandamonium

is there anything more beautiful than a crab eating a hot dog

by Fevley

the dance makes it

by Roqi [plus bonus dance vid!]