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Intro, Page 1

Starting off with goodbyes~

Going to update 3x this week, so feel free to check back… tomorrow!


  • gotlandskorv

    Exciting!! I just woke up and came to check this instantly. I really like the colors and how they set the tone for the scene. Gaah, looking forward to the next page ^^

    • shingworks

      I will always remember you as my first commenter on this comic, gotlandscorv. And thanks!!! :]

      • gotlandskorv

        I am honored! And thank YOU for making another beautiful comic! You’re a big source of inspiration :)

  • Halamix2

    So I’ll visit tomorrow. I can’t wait!
    Shouldn’t be there 2015 instead of 2014 in image footer?

    • shingworks

      :[_____] hahaha nice catch! I will fix that

      • Arianwen

        Thus begin six months of writing the wrong year on everything.

  • First page starts with a goodbye and I’m super excited! :)

    Welcome back to online comics! Been really looking forward to Mare Internum since I saw the first sketches of this Mr. Dramatic-goodbye-guy over at your tumblr. <3 Can't wait to learn more about him and this story!

  • YAY!!! SO EXCITED!!! :D

  • Oh goooosh I’m so excited ahh, can’t wait for more!

  • Draug

    I’m so glad to see you back! :D This looks amazing so far, and it’s only the first page haha

  • Three times a week? WHATIDON’TEVEN. It’s cool to see your style in such a technological setting. Nice lovely colors, and a smooth website design too!

    • shingworks

      Thank you ;_; The best part is that the site gets cooler!! It has mysterious transformative properties…

  • KingBeastie

    looking at this reminds me that i need to do more life drawing.

  • Perlite

    This did not start out like I expected.

    • Perlite

      Ps: I’m so glad to be able to experience updates from you in real-time. I’m so excited! EEEE!!!

  • Jade

    And what a beginning 0___0

  • sleeps

    ;w; *flop*
    beautiful room and anatomy!! @o@

  • Patrick S.

    Der-Shing Helmer comics are happening again, and all is right with the world.

  • badger

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I’m so excited about this! Instant follow! I am going to tell everyone I know regardless of whether they read webcomics to get their butts in gear I know its gonna be that good! Der-shing Helmer you are the reason I haven’t stopped working on my own projects just because I saw you were planning this comeback!

    • shingworks

      haha, that’s ridiculous!! Please never ever give up on your own projects… reading stuff reinforces my drive to never give up either! it’s a upward trending cycle of awesome.

  • silvermender

    aaah shing you´re fucking amazing

    • shingworks

      Hahaha, well, maybe not if you didn’t notice it at first… That’s good feedback tho, gotta make some more tweaks :]

  • YAY. :D :D :D I’ve missed seeing your work SO MUCH.

  • Pepe Salazar

    Last year I read the Red Mars trilogy and got into some kind of affair with Mars. Besides that, I really like your comics and you doing this one is perfect. Hope it will be a good and long run :)

  • Arianwen

    A comic page floats up on my dash. New webcomic, hmm… style seems familiar. Is it? It can’t be. It IS! You’re back you’re back I MISSED YOUR STUFF here have all my biscuits take them take them all

    • shingworks

      I accept your biscuits

  • ItThing

    Wow… this is already pretty heavy, but I have to say how pleased I am to see comics from you again, and I’m so psyched for the return of The Meek :D I had the same reaction as Arianwen^ I had no idea whose it was, I just thought it must be good if Tracy B is sharing it, and I read a few pages and thought oooh this IS good and then I thought about the style and I was like waaaait a minute! Welcome back Der-Shing!!!

  • Lennier

    A new Helmer comic! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  • On re-read, I’m wondering about the practicality of this suicide method on Martian gravity. He’d weigh what 40kg? Then again all you need is the constriction around the neck. Slow and unpleasant way to go. Can’t he get his hands on a helium canister with a valve into his suit? Much more peaceful.

  • chewynewyork

    Well, I see that pretty much everyone here is familiar with your work, yet it is my first time visiting. I can see right away what they are all talking about…the art is excellent, the setting right up my alley lol, and story is intriguing, to say the least.

    While I have always had a healthy love of comics (late 80’s through the 90’s was my heydey, I’d say), I have never “picked up” a webcomic before. I can’t say why, but checking out this gem makes me think perhaps I just never found the right one to break me in.

    You have made a new fan, Ms. Helmer (I hope that is proper…lol…it is also my first webcomic posting…day of firsts lmao). Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing more material that you put out!

  • Oooh! I’m just found your comic (thanks to i09!) and I’m looking forward to binge reading to catch up! :D See you on the other side!

  • Jonboy

    Loving this comic! And its free!! WOOOO!! (Which is awesome as I am less than broke. lol)
    Man where might we find some of your earlier works? I started reading the Meek an age ago, and never gave up hope when you had to go into hibernation – Artists of your caliber don’t tend to hang up their spurs when it comes to their Big Project.
    Your style is nothing less than awe inspiring. I’m interested in seeing any stand alone works you might have done.

    • shingworks

      Haha, thanks so much. Yeah, The Meek hiatused for mostly legal related reasons, not because I wanted to… thankfully that’s resolved.

      My earlier stuff is most easily available via Patreon! There’s links to that all over. $2-5 will get you access to bonus materials for both comics, as well as an archive of the bulk of my previous works in PDF form.

      Thanks a ton for reading :)

  • What’s the best way to introduce a character? Try to kill it off in the first panel.

  • Richie titania

    Ah ah

  • ✩ Helen ☽

    Loving the lighting!!

  • daisuko

    woah- this is my first time reading the comic, and it sounds really nice <3

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