Kallakore Pin Giveaway

Hi guys!
To celebrate the launch of the Mare Internum Graphic Novel Kickstarter and the upcoming conclusion of the comic, I’m doing a giveaway of the last few Limited Edition Monarobot Kallakore pins I had left over from the Friends in Dark Places Kickstarter.

There are three of these gigantic, beautiful pins available, and three different ways to win a pin!

1. Make some fanart!
Sad to see the Mare characters go? If you want, you can draw some fanart of your favorite character and let me know (feel free to @ me on Twitter or post to the comments to make sure I see it). If drawing is not your thing, macaroni picture, poetry, origami… have fun with it.
I’ll be posting all entries in this category below as well, let me know if I missed yours!

Space Ladies by Dogebode

Untitled Poem by Whoopsydaizy

Fancy friends by Blue

Kallakore by EllJWalker

Haiku by ZeroID

Driven by PaintedBees

Young Kallakore by TatteredEngraving

Mike and Thrip by Elzarth

Determined Bex by Lora

“The Hidden Seas of Mars Contain Oceans of Regret- A Limerick (for Kallakore)” by Joan

Happy Meal by EastWindBlues



2. Share and Follow!
If you’re on social media, just follow my account and RT the post linked on any one of the below sites to be automatically entered to win~
Twitter: my account and this post
Facebook: the comic account and this post
Tumblr: my account and this post


3. Patron Pride!
If you’re a current Shingworks Patron at the $2+ levels, just leave any comment on this post (and be a Patron at the time of winner selection) to be entered in the giveaway.

Easy enough, right? I’ll be keeping track of everything and will announce the three winners after the end of the Kickstarter, likely in the last week of April. Comment if you have any questions, thank you very much for helping me to create this book, and of course, good luck~

Some rules and clarifications:

  • 1. this giveaway is designed to help promote the current book Kickstarter so I can get this book made, but is NOT affiliated with my Kickstarter campaign in any way. Backing (or not backing) the book Kickstarter won’t affect your odds at all
  • 2. I’ll accept one entry per person per method. Please don’t spam anyone!!
  • 3. there will be one winner for each method, selected at random (your name is going in a spreadsheet + random number generator to pick). Your art ability will not be called into question, haha
  • 4. for the share/ follow, any of the accounts/ post shares will be eligible and will count as your one entry. I’ll discard all entries from giveaway accounts though, so please don’t use those
  • 5. International entrants are okay~ I will pay for shipping (both domestic and international) if you happen to win. Apologies to any interested Martians, but I am not able to ship off-Earth at this time