Chapter 5, Page 20

Thighfriend has their priorities straight

IN OTHER NEWS: The MI book Kickstarter is funded, overfunded, and definitely getting made! woo! Thank you for helping to make this book a reality :]

To help raise interest in the campaign, I decided to run a Kallakore Pin Giveaway, with entry details at the link!

In addition to a new pin by Monarobot, we’ve also unlocked the following addons:

-double color foil and french flaps added to every softcover

-black-metal gloss treatment added to the hardcovers

-glow-in-the-dark treatment added to all Processor pins

-bonus strip comics by Abby Howard of JSPH and The Last Halloween

-a print by Tom/Abbadon of Kill Six Billion Demons

-a print by Saskia Gutekunst

-a print by sci-artist Franz Anthony

-a print by sci-fi comic artist Simon Roy

AND there’s over 3 weeks left, and a lot more stuff to be unlocked and added to orders… I’m really looking forward to wrapping this comic up with a bang, haha.


I’m doing the thing I said I’d be doing and banging out as many updates as I can as fast as I can without sacrificing quality, so we’ll be doing that until the end of the comic. See you tomorrow!


  • ZeroID

    For your first method, a Haiku ( drawing is not my thing)

    Michael, Kallacore
    Mare Internum
    Symbiotic life
    In Situ

    I’ll be sad when this comic ends, it’s been a fascinating and intriguing ride. Many thanks

    • shingworks

      Haha, thank you, I will note this entry XD

  • HousePet

    Sort of want the full pdf and Abby comics.
    Don’t really want bookmarks and can’t consider prints without seeing them first.
    Mostly just want my head to not be in such a mess that I spend ages trying to decide between a $20 option and a $30 option, while wondering if I even want to spend $20.

    • LeDayz

      As someone who has consisitently backed at the $80-100 hardcover + all extras tiers, Der-shing does NOT disappoint. Spend the extra $10, if you regret it there’s always eBay or trading.

    • shingworks

      I can guarantee the prints are going to be rad, but if you’re not sure you can always look at the artist sites linked, everyone of the artists I invited are truly incredible in their own right.

      The prints are probably also going to be postcards too, just to keep it functional, so if you’re not a fan you can postmark them to your enemies haha.

  • AnionAcolyte

    Looks stunning! My only question is will there be a way to buy the book after the Kickstarter? Sorry- I’m new to Kickstarter.

    • shingworks

      Yes, but probably not until after I’ve fulfilled the Kickstarter orders, so it’s iffy if I’ll have them for the holidays or not. Safest bet is that they’ll be available in early 2019, and if you’d like one this year, backing KS is probably the way to go! That way you get a bunch of extra stuff too, which is always nice.

      • AnionAcolyte


      • Darcy

        Totally going for the hardcover with the KS. I’ll buy the french flaps later. ;)

  • OMG, a print from Tom Parkinson-Morgan? You two were my first and second nominees on this year’s Hugo ballot.

    • shingworks

      I know, right??? I’m so excited haha

  • Ben

    Turning to the comic, I hate to say this, but both characters seem to be acting like spoilt children right now…

    • shingworks

      IDK about spoiled, but probably a lot overemotional and unproductive.

      • Rev

        Yeah, “overemotional and unproductive” sounds more accurate to their personalities than spoiled. But children? Problems on both sides? Definitely.

        • Ben

          … errmmm… its a comparative thing, but in British English “tired and emotional” is a euphemism for “offensively drunk” ;)

  • Rev

    Man, Mike’s eye-fungus thing just keeps looking increasingly more uncomfortable. I can’t imagine what would happen if he were to accidentally fall on that side of his head or something.

    • DrunkenNordmann

      Do we even know if there’s still an eye under it?

  • LostYooper

    Bex should be embarrassed for trying to trying to body-shame Michael like that, what a bully!

  • Mal-L

    Poor Levi, I imagine he’s trying to play peacemaker right now.

  • Jace

    Is “mtchew” onomatopoeia for Bex sucking her teeth? If so I love that detail. Also I find Michael infinitely more unpleasant than Bex.

    • shingworks

      it’s a common noise of disgust in a lot of cultures (US included), but it’s often used and spelled that way in Nigeria, haha. I think the closest relative for US comics is tch. The other noise/action you mentioned is also a thing, but I probably won’t be using in the comic since it’s text-based (KMT/ Kiss My Teeth).

      • foxorian


        “matchew” is a nickname of mine so that’s all I could see lol

      • Jessica

        Found this to figure out what the sound was supposed to be:

        From the US but never heard of this sound effect/action before.

  • Ceceoh

    Trying to make that dismissive “mtchew” sound with my lips, but keep ending up with a raspberry.

    • Ben

      Reads to me like a sneeze..

    • Madeleine

      Spitting out in disgust and dismissiveness, possibly?

  • Luces

    They get each other. About time. Both have such lovely social personalities…

  • Leon

    FYI, the text color of “Stop it” in the first panel is blue instead of black, probably not intentional.

    • Madeleine

      I think it’s just supposed to be slightly less black because he’s talking to thighfriend, and doing so slightly less loudly than how he’s talking to Bex.

  • This conversation is going well.

  • Jonas

    The metal hits the road, or however the saying goes.

  • Kish

    Reminds me of the staging of the argument between Suda and Rana in The Meek — one person standing on higher ground, supposedly talking from a place of superiority (moral integrity or practical reasoning). But it’s interesting that in this case, both of them are acting reprehensibly. I suppose it reflects more how the characters view each other (vs. how the readers are supposed to view the characters). Bex sees Michael as foolish and childish, Michael sees Bex as cold, superior, and aloof.
    I’m sad this comic will end soon but I can’t wait for my copy of the book. Thanks Der-Shing for all the thought and work you put into your comics!

  • awhorl

    Remember how long it’s been since these two have bathed or had a hot meal. And each feels betrayed about ten times over. Next time you’re in a comparable fix, hope that your hostile coworkers are as upright, honest, well-behaved, and articulate–along with whatever human weaknesses they may have.

  • Kat Serapha

    I love how all the arguments between these guys is basically summed up in:

    “NO, YOU!!”

    • Lilian

      Everyone knows it’s the highest order of effective dialogue.

      • Sheridan


  • JJ

    I guess they reenact Mike’s parents’ as well as Bex’ separations and divorces, only this time the child pushed to the side is a gold crab AI.
    (How does Kalla fit in??)

  • Spav

    *flap flap* HYDRATE MEEEE

    Shhhh buddy calm the hell down I’m trying to have a conversation

  • Android 21 3/7

    Poor Thrievi and Thighfriend. Soon to be caught in the middle of bickering between two terribly flawed adults…

  • Ooorah

    Panel 4: I literally initially read:
    “What are you doing?”

    • AGV

      I mean, he is starting to look like a boxer crab

  • AGV

    The main difference between the two is that one have been trying to reach the other for most of the time

  • Kienjin Garacia

    Alright this is about to start going nowhere

  • whoopsydaizy

    Just checking – you did get my poem entry on Twitter, yes?

  • Margaret Hogg

    It’s kinda telling (and maybe projecting) that Mike says “why nobody can stand you” when the only person he’s seen not being able to stand her is like… Himself and maaybe the processor. (Kalla feels kinda neutral and Mike doesn’t know LeVI chose him.)

  • Sheridan

    Is Mike supposed to have two glowing eyes in panel 1?

  • Sheridan

    This conversation looks like it’s going to be productive.

  • No One

    Nobody can stand her? I don’t know about that. Michael, you don’t really know her, dude. Yes, your new friends prefer you, but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with Bex.

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