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Today’s Comic

Here’s some happy friends to make up for the sad page

In case you missed my giant banner, lol, I’m nominated for an Ignatz which is voted on by Saturday attendees at SPX this weekend in Bethesda Maryland. Obviously I’m a crazy person whose life is mainly made up of comics, and I’d definitely rather lose because I suck than because I didn’t fight for it hard enough, so if you’re going, please consider voting for me (and for the Elements Anthology!)

Also, thank you for the incredible comments on the previous page, I was really blown away by how thoughtful and perceptive you all are… though I should be used to it by now. I loved reading all your analyses, and could not ask for better readers.

Oh yeah and look at this amazing sculpt by Joelle Saveliev that I was gifted this weekend at RCCC, I am still screaming about it.

Thank you very much :]