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Today’s Comic


even tho it’s a flashback it’s nice to draw it/him, haha

I’m back! and alive! from an art retreat and a 2-day vacation in Portland. My first break in about 2 years, and it actually turned out spectacular. I got really pumped up being around such incredible artists, and frankly I needed a break. Very grateful to have been invited and to have the chance to talk to other art people in person for once. If you’re a curious creeper and want to see some (mostly puzzle-related) shenanigans you can look at the retreat tag~

For Patreon we are getting back in the swing of things with a LEVi concept post, since he’s now officially in the comic after 1.5 YEARS jesus christ. Additionally, I’m bouncing back as fast as I can from my hiatus and will be sending out Patron emails tonight so the new crop of supporters can get their name and laurels up on the support page! Expect that email soon~

Today’s bonus art: a view of my layers panel. This page got out a bit later than I wanted because the file was so large I couldn’t do gradients without waiting 30 seconds T__T;
*edit* TWC is broken as hell right now so you can vote if you want but the image is here

Without further ado, lets announce the winner of the contests!!!

Random word winner: Benny N! Congrats on being randomly picked, and congrats on piecing together the correct word, which was Nili Fossae! Nili Fossae is a really cool location on Mars; possibly one place where a future lander may find preserved examples of organic molecules in the clay. I hope you all enjoyed playing and poring through the Mars map :]


Boyfriend’s choice: Cardboard Thrip by Jennie! BF’s comments: “I picked this due to the effort, creativity, realism, initiative and excellence. It is the most exciting entry I could throw into a blender. Worldstar.” …He still hates thrip unfortunately


Author’s choice: Eat you up by Okafrags! I could only judge this contest by how many times I went back to open the tab and look at it again… this one just had the slightest edge due to the freakout Thrip. I want to note it was a close decision, the other strong contenders being mommy thrip by Ainsley, hello my honey thrip by Derkasnake, and dance thrip by Roqi.

[Art winners, simply drop me a line at my gmail (shingworks) and we’ll go from there to get you your prize icon! Benny I got your email already so no worries]

Thank you so much to everyone for playing! I’m sorry not everyone could win, because I truly loved every entry… to thank you for your work, your thrip (with attribution and metacomments) will remain in the hall of fame forever~