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Today’s Comic


How are you~

Finishing this book offline was the worst idea I’ve had in a while, haha. So I’m updating here to see if that gives me the final mental boost I need to get over the finish line… also honestly I miss you guys.

The other big project I have been mentioning and working on since last year, Electrum, has taken up a lot of my time this year. A lot more than expected, but that’s because I’m an idiot who thought that working on two 300-ish paged books at the same time and doing two Kickstarters by myself, in one year, would be a fun challenge. On the plus side, I’m alive and everything actually seems to be wrapping up okay. This project is a polar opposite project than Mare but very important to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have made time for it. It also represents the work of a team of 30 artists who are not me, which is why I had to make it a priority… and as usual I have a sci-fi comic (time travel this time) in it… anyways, feel free to take a look below if you’re curious to see what we’ve been up to.

I’ll be updating semi-regularly until the PDF is done and then once that’s out I’m going for broke. Get you that email and RSS feed for automatic update notifications, or just wait to see them floating around the internet~

Either way I’m back and frankly should never have left, let’s finish this thing