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Today’s Comic

Unhand me immediately

WELL I went to Canada and survived! That was a cool thing. I did a write-up about my first international convention at the Patreon, complete with a financials cost/ gain breakdown and info about crossing the border, and future ways to avoid scenarios like: 110 lbs of human dragging 70 lbs of luggage.

Additionally! If you’d be so inclined, you can nominate Mare Internum as a webcomic you enjoy reading at the NPR comics survey. I know updates have been sporadic, but that’s because I run pretty much everything myself (including marketing) and lately I’ve been running low on hours in the day… Getting a few more eyes on my work through surveys like this helps a great deal!

Oh yeah I keep forgetting to mention, but I did a deck for the Legendary Showdown Kickstarter thats currently funding, check it out if card games are your kind of thing :]

Anyways I’ll post more in the next update coming this weekend, but as a reminder I’m really really pushing myself to finish MI this year… VanCAF was my last convention for a few months so I’m really excited to have a clear runway to just do nothing but comics for a while! See you again really soon~