Little status update!
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Today’s Comic

It’s all up there!

As a webcomic creator I get REALLY antsy when I’m not updating publicly. Most print-comic artists get the benefit of finishing a book privately and sending it off when they’re done, whereas I’m usually putting out work for you to look at as I finish and crossing my fingers I didn’t mess something up. But for the sake of wanting to finish this book without the live-ops pressure, I’m waiting ’til I’m done this time. Hopefully you know that not updating live is utterly destroying me, lol, and that I’ll be posting these last pages as soon as I am happy with them.

Will start updating the Patreon again soon with editing process stuff now that I have a big backlog… I still also owe you guys the Kalla pin winners announcement! Sorry for the delay XC It will all get done, just needed to clear my plate of the most urgent stuff first.

For comic news and updates, you can hit up my Twitter, the RSS or the email list (the last two are most reliable/least filled with shitposting).

I’ll leave this comments section open so you can yell at me if you want~