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Today’s Comic

Sorry, this page was meant for Wednesday… you know what they say, it’s always Wednesday somewhere, ha ha*

Anyways not much to add! Just been very busy. Most of the USA Mare Internum Kickstarter orders have been shipped out, and the International orders are going out soon as well (I had to revise how I’m shipping them to make sure they arrive in good condition around the world). Pins will likely be up on Gumroad for general sale early next week.

Apologies if I’ve been slow to respond to anyone’s emails or messages, have been utterly swamped lately but am digging myself out with a spoon. I will be answering stuff tonight and there will be some Patron posts tomorrow, so stay tuned! And, another page either late tomorrow but more likely Saturday morning, since packing orders took me longer than anticipated. FINALLY gonna see that processor tho! Also, Alloy has been announcing it’s invited artists, and they’re all rad, so there’s that too (new invitee announcement tomorrow). You can still submit your pitch to that until the 27th of the month, yay.

See you soon!


*this is not what they say