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Today’s Comic

its time to get in the crack

Been a bit slow updating, sorry about that. I had to redo this page several times and have also been writing out the end of the story… Up until now it’s been just a bunch of sketches and post-its of interesting ideas but swiftly approacheth the hour that I have to sit down and render it, scream. Q1 of 2018 is gonna be interesting. We’ll be done with this chapter and the 4th Interlude before the holidays, then into the wild. I have a lot of Patreon posts backed up and will hopefully have time to pop those out this week finally as well. Not much else to add, just trying to unbury myself from this workpile, 2 more pages left in the chapter.

BTW, the Comixology Twitter has a poll up, if you wanted to vote for The Meek, my other comic, that would be very nice of you :]