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Today’s Comic


As usual, I’m enjoying the “who do we like/ dislike more” discourse, thank you for keeping it respectful. It was my hope and intention for the reader (you~) to form an opinion, so I’m glad that you’re doing that.

Like a lot of you, I’m sure, I get annoyed at plots that could be resolved through simple communication. You think to yourself “ugh you stupid fuckers just TALK already,” like it’s so easy. But then in real life there’s a ton of reasons why you wouldn’t want to talk or listen…. Insecurity, or disrespect, or the fear that you felt a genuine emotion over baseless assumptions… idk

Yet another social media thing; if you’re using Mastadon.[whatever], you can find me there at shingworks. Not abandoning my Twitter, but I’m enjoying the peace and quiet at this Nazi-free alternative. I recommend it for anyone looking for a more peaceful online hangout space.