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Today’s Comic

Back in the lava field

For local CA Bay Area readers, today (Sat 2/10) I’ll be tabling for a few hours at the Peninsula Libraries Comic Arts Fest! I’ll be in the Oak Room at the San Mateo Main public library with copies of The Meek, Elements, and various minicomics and pins and such; there will be several local artists there, so it’s nice way to spend an hour this afternoon~

The 2018 Hugo Award Nominations are open! If you enjoyed my work in the previous year, I would be extremely grateful if you’d consider nominating “Mare Internum: Chapter 4” in the Best Graphic Story category (due to the voting process, only complete segments- such as a chapter- of a work are eligible for nomination. Next year the complete work will be eligible).

Thank you for putting up with my nervous forays into legitimacy, and of course for considering me~