Come say hi at SVCC this weekend!
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Today’s Comic

Where’s my update!!!  I am screaming at myself. Well, maybe this weekend, but I will mostly be occupied with the convention!

If you’re going, please come stop by and say hello, grab a free bookmark, etc! I’ll be there all show hours-

Friday: 5-9 /Saturday: 10-7 /Sunday: 10-5

-and will have a bunch of books and other things with me. I have never done this con before, and haven’t been to a local con in years, so I am hoping it is a fun experience!

If you’re not going and are bitter at the lack of new pages, I feel you! and have added an 8-pg PDF of a never-before-posted comic to the PDF archive for $5+ Patrons so you guys continue to get your comics value out of me. The preview page of the next MI page will also be up when I get a chance. I’ve just been utterly swamped with work lately but I am working my ass off behind the scenes, thank you for your understanding!