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Today’s Comic


This is the longest chapter of anything I’ve ever made! Pretty cool. Thanks for sticking around through its 11 month run. For extra fun, you can go back and reread all of Thrip’s parts again and revel in his frustration.

Our traditional chapter-closing Tame Impala song (the lyrics are actually slightly spoilery, if you like that kind of thing)

Like I mentioned, I’ll be going back to my “normal” update schedule now of alternating TM/ MI, probably skewed towards TM for a while. As usual you can get email updates for everything here and/or here, or use the RSS. And if you’ve been enjoying the comic so far consider checking out the Patreon for extra content or just to support its creation. Thanks very much and see you soon with the Ch3 Interlude.

Heads up: I’m keeping my politics section here for now, but if you’d like to make a politics comment, please do it on the previous page! I’ll be removing politics stuff from this page’s comments~

Some suggestions for American readers who crave better representation in this post-Obama Presidency:
Foster Campbell is running for a Democratic senate seat, you can donate to help win another seat for Democrats in 2017.
make a quick call (or fax) to request a bipartisan review of Trump’s financial conflicts of interest
A quick call you can make to protest the repeal of the ACA (no talking required!) (also ACA is the only reason full-time webcomic artists like me have insurance)
– continue to call your representatives to voice your opinion on issues you disagree with in these first few weeks. It’s easy and you can get a step-by-step here.

So far most of the critical voices I’ve heard are saying “why bother? stop whining just accept this is the way it is.” The way I see it is that there is very little for anyone to lose by making a small effort every day, and a lot to gain to make sure we don’t head down a path we can’t return from. I’d rather overreact and learn how to be involved in my political process than under-react and regret that I didn’t do more to help my neighbors after it is too late.