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Today’s Comic

Sometimes you just gotta roll with the thrips

And, wanted to dedicate this page to John and Michelle :] Two readers who live nearby to me and w/whom I got to catch up this morning over coffee. John’s been supporting MI since before I had any public way to do that, which is nuts. It reminded me that last year (and every year before) at this time I was making approximately $0.00 from my own work, and look at me now! living in bay area poverty lol. But no really, just a few months ago I was questioning if there was even an audience for this comic? It’s so dark and weird. But all of you are here reading, and it’s let me make new friends and has really grown with your support, so thank you very much.

And speaking of dat support/ Patreon news, I have a giant new tutorial up, describing the process I use to color all my comics. There’s also a brand new learning resource available, chock full of challenges to make you a smarter artist (ie a smartist). As you might have noticed, I’m able (under ideal circumstances) to update very frequently… In order to achieve this for a 12-14 hours of work per page, I’ve optimized my process quite a bit to become as fast and flexible as I can. Ironically I’m posting this page late because I was working on that tutorial, haha… Anyways, that’s up now. And, there will be a new monthly tutorial every month of support at around the current level.

But yeah I always say thanks but I also always mean it. Thanks for reading, another page will be up tomorrow, followed by some fun news~

Today’s bonus art: My bf made up a walrus character, and also hates thrip, so naturally I required revenge