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Today’s Comic

You believe in a world where the powers-that-be only want to help, right? guys?

I’ve been busy getting some stuff done this week, but Patrons have a new giveaway contest to amuse themselves with! I also posted the pencils to this page (and preview of the next Meek page) for Patrons as well~

I ALSO am running a general-audience book giveaway to celebrate the grand opening of my book store (with only one book, but you gotta start somewhere huh?) You can enter this contest on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook (please pick only one to keep it fair: honor system) for a chance to win a free signed copy from me. Just my small way of saying thank you for your support and readership… here’s the info on that for you:

Well that’s it for now, it’s been a busy week, and more comics to come.