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Today’s Comic

WOW are they actually getting somewhere finally. It’s a question I think about a lot though. How much do you need to know about someone before you allow yourself to empathize with them? It’s also a meta-commentary on you guys as readers, haha, sorry you’ve been a bit of an experiment from my perspective. We know a lot about Mike thanks to me doing a bunch of exposition about his backstory (which he hasn’t revealed on his own) and very little about Bex and her motivations. Overwhelmingly she’s been the subject of a lot of scrutiny and angry comments despite Mike being the way worse of the two, behaviorally… It’s been very interesting to watch, and a little sad too.

The only news is that the MI book Kickstarter is still going, woo

and now a new development PDF reward has been unlocked and added to all premium tiers! For those who don’t want to wade through all my old Patreon posts, and a few new entries will go in there too to keep it fresh. I also did a writeup of two of my incredible guest artists, Monarobot and Abby Howard, if you don’t know who these guys are you should defs take a look.

Oh yeah and the Kallakore pin giveaway is still going, and we’ve got some entries~ Here’s a fantastic drawing by Blue, which I’m not sure if it is an entry but gosh darn it, LEVi in a bowtie.

If you’ve linked your entry in the comments anywhere on the comic page updates, I will see it! I’ll make a list of them tomorrow on the contest page so you can make sure I got in your entry, be it art or poem or soap carving or whatever~

*descends back into the comic mines*