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Today’s Comic

Aug 31 update:

The comic will begin updating again and will continue without break until the end starting in late Sept. Kickstarter backers of the comic (and PDF customers via Gumroad) will receive the complete story on that first update day as well as the digital rewards from the comic, but as usual it’s a bit more fun to read the updates live with a group of people :)

Thanks for your patience with me as I’ve finished making two books this summer, attended my first Worldcon, got engaged and been put through the wringer with health and personal issues. It’s been a wild season, but I can’t wait to finish the story off with you all!

Previous update:

Hello all~

First, the comic is nonfiction, but you already knew that

Second, been quiet because I’ve been working on like 3 books and 2 campaigns (fulfilling one, planning the other) over the past 4 months, as I’ve mentioned a few times… I also had to increase the number of pages in Mare (posted in the last KS backer update) so it ended up being a bit more work than expected, but will also have a longer finale than I’d original expected. Finishing a book is HARD. I’ve never done it before and didn’t realize how hard it is. Every cell in my body says don’t do this to them, don’t end the story, haha. But it’s nearly there, after many months of editing we’re sending the books to print in August. Late, yes, but I’m finally happy with it. I will be fulfilling all of the KS books before fulfilling preorders, but if you missed the amazing Kickstarter you can preorder the PDF or book for delivery in early 2019. If you’re holding out for a signed copy or any of the limited or hardcover tiers, those will be listed next year when I take stock of what rewards I have left.

Third, the Elements Anthology won an Eisner, so now I’m technically an “Eisner winning artist,” haha. My comic, Pulse, is posted for $2+ Patrons and up and is on Gumroad too if you like spending more money for less content. Personally I’d just buy the book cuz it’s got like 15 billion awards now.

Fourth, I’ll be at Worldcon76 next month in San Jose and am already looking forward to seeing some of you there

Finally, it’s just a fact of life that things take time to make, I want to make them, but I am one person who has never done most of these things before. Thanks to those of you who keep coming back to visit, but to save yourself the trouble, just use the RSS or the email notifications and I’ll bug you from my end when new stuff goes up. The comic updates will probably resume in Sept after SPX and after the KS for my next project launches. Once that project is off the ground I’ll be able to start updating here again with the final 35 whatever pages and finish this thing off for good.

As usual you can yell at me here but for the best yelling I suggest going to Twitter, where you can yell at me where I’ll get to see it and feel bad right away.

All my best,