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Today’s Comic

*casually leans on stalactite over lava lake* sup

Patrons? on Page 54? Yes it’s true.

Patrons are also enjoying the preliminary work on Meek Ch6, updating 5x a week until December! The first 5 pages, posted last week, remain free to read. And more… yes, more, the original full 44 sketch pages of Meek Ch1 is also up to read. I seem to be getting back to full posting strength, but since TM’s site is not back up running with updates yet I’m just sharing them here, haha.

After a VERY long time getting our book printer in order (evidently it is a very busy time of year), this week I’m getting the first proofs from the printed books, which I’m super excited about :] Looking forward to finally seeing them and giving yalls a preview. As usual, books and other MI-related things can be ordered or preordered at the Support link~

Thank you for reading, next page up soon~