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Today’s Comic

I miss the real Kalla too :'[

BTW if anyone wants any Word of God answers, please ask them on the Patreon page (here it is for the current page, 52). Out of respect for webcomic reader speculation/ interpretation fun, I won’t be posting any “canon” type spoilers here. That way everyone gets to be right. Even the people who think Kalla looks like an unmentionable from a below angle.

Patrons, yes you are at Kallariffic page 55. Advance MI pages will come to an end in a few updates, so we can all do the ending together on the site. However, new Meek pages are still going up- in the past few days we got pages 7 and page 8 posted for ya~

I’d also like to just generally thank all supporters of my Patreon one more time. You’re the reason I can continue making comics AND sharing them publicly. Without Patreon I would still be able to make comics without much of a problem, but it would be in a much different format. Even the smallest amount has and continues to help me keep all my comics original and free and away from corporate meddling (ie people telling me to make my stories less [this stuff]), so, thank you. Gettin’ emotional in my actually-finished-a-comic old age.

As usual, books and other MI-related things can be ordered or preordered at the Support link~

Oh, and got about a week left on this project, if you would like to learn more about how to meddle corporately

Thank you for reading, looks like we’ll have a 3x update week next week!