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Thanks for visiting Mare Internum!

I strongly suggest looking at the About page to make sure you are aware of the content before diving in (ha). Otherwise, please enjoy the comic, and feel free to read and leave comments on any pages. I’ll still be popping in from time to time just to tidy up and post new things here and there.

I’m extremely excited and thankful to say that Mare Internum is a 2020 Eisner Nominee for Best Online Comic. What an honor. If you’re visiting because of the nom, thanks for reading and enjoy the comic.

The Mare Internum softcover book is now available at my store, as well as additional Mare Internum merchandise from this and previous Kickstarters.

The comic will remain free to read for as long as I am able to keep it that way, but book purchases will help support me in making more free-to-read work to share with you.

For even more additional Mare Internum content, as well as access to behind-the-scenes for all my comic work as well as upcoming projects, you can find that all at the Shingworks Patreon.

You can currently find me actively updating at my other long-running comic, The Meek, beginning in Jan 2020.