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Mike is a serial face-toucher, that shit drives me nuts.

Sorry if the text is a bit hard to figure out, the Erebus being referenced here is Mt. Erebus. It’s now in the glossary (for future reference, this is where a lot of definitions go!)

I made a TWC thing, because I can, huhuhu. You can vote to see some of the original concept art that was scrapped… I don’t think I’ve even posted it before, so.
I’m gonna start making little TWC incentives for next week, because I used to do them and they were pretty fun. If you have a question (and if I decide it’s non spoilery) I will make some sketches, so feel free to ask~

Also gonna try to do a 3x update next week so let us all hold on to our butts


  • River

    Yeah, you can see the cracks on his face…

    Wait. Toys?

  • here’s a vote incentive idea, that “naked and bald” character diversity challenge is for wimps. I bet we could tell yours apart by their skulls.

    • Arianwen

      You vote, you get a skull.
      I LIKE that incentive.

  • Oly

    Dammit, you just keep making brilliant comics. Can’t wait for more! :B

  • Hansontoons

    3x?!? Yow!!! Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times and hold on!

  • Perlite

    Wait, I don’t really follow. What are EVAs, LEVi, or Orpheus and Erebus?

    • Hansontoons

      EVA = extravehicular activity, think spacewalk. Or in their case outside the habitat. The others, only the Shadow knows! :)

    • shingworks

      EVA is what Hansontoons said up there, LEVi is a ???, and “Orpheus and Erebus” is the title of a documentary. This page will probably make more sense later, but for the sake of not being too obtuse, Erebus is the name of a large volcano in Antarctica.

      In the future you can find this stuff in the glossary :)

      • DukeBG

        At first i thought it would be about the Erebus crater on Mars (which is far away from Tharsis, though, but Mike didn’t start on Mars with Devotion, so…). So Mike got famous on Earth before going to Mars, huh.

        Also, you’ve added the glossary line about A.D., huuuh. Interesting. Not Astronaut Dads after all.

        • shingworks

          I had LEVi defined in the glossary prior to launch, but I became afraid of people like you who actually read everything I put up there, haha.

          • DukeBG

            *rushes to to find nothing…*

            anyway, i got it. CLEARLY, it’s Luscious Extravagant Vice. Mike was SENSATIONAL after all.

          • It’s a flying sauceeeeeer. That’s why the toys gets stuck on trees.

          • Ryan Schneider

            Wait, LEVi is a place?? A place that disappeared?!

    • you may wanna take a look at :)

  • Mouse

    I, too, am a serial face-toucher…

    I would probably get sick about half as much if I wasn’t XD

    • shingworks

      I am so overly cognizant of this in other people… my skin is really stupid/ sensitive so when people touch themselves I want to cry noooo and stop them

  • Enrique262

    I feel so lost right now…

    • shingworks

      Yeah, one of the downsides of posting a long-format story a page or two at a time over a period of months, haha. On the plus side: reread value.

  • Glenn-o-matic

    It’s time to comment on how the story, (which we have several clues about, but we still can’t do anything but speculate,) is being revealed in these small conversations. He and Levi are heroes. They make toy figurines of them for kids to play with. There was a disaster. Each factoid imparting a corresponding up-click of the eyebrows…

  • Wow, Michael is like super famous.

    So, he did a lot of documentaries and stuff. it seems the Mars colonisation is at least partially privately paid/mercantile. (that part reminds me of the Mars One project).

    It didn’t really sink on me before, but they really are pioneers on Mars. Of course he’s famous. Of course they must be all pretty famous ! ’cause I for one will totally follow that avidely once Mars landings actually happen ^__^

    • Arianwen

      I found out about Mars One yesterday while I was looking for info on Curiosity, and it’s impressive, I’ll give them that. But scroll down to “criticisms” on Wikipedia and it’s just five paragraphs of someone screaming, “Thirty percent survival of the journey. THIRTY PERCENT. You will die two times out of three. Thirty percent. On arrival you have a one-in-five chance of not dropping dead in the first three months. SIX EFFING PERCENT.”

      Well, okay, not five paragraphs. But it should be. And there should be an audio file of screaming, no words, just a nice traditional “AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaarghhhgle.”

      • shingworks

        Well, they just lost their TV deal last week I think? I thought that was where a lot of the public interest was coming from, the whole reality TV aspect… We’re definitely headed in the direction of privatization of spaceflight with SpaceX and such, but Mars One is kiiind of a joke.

        • They lost the TV side ? ouch. That’s most of their potential funding right there.

          I wrote the base for their article on the french Wikip├ędia, and it kinda forced me to face the… well, less brilliants parts of their plans.

          From memory, and putting aside the survival risks part :

          -an empty capsule would weights 4+ tonnes, to that we’d have to add all the equipement, food, water, etc. The absolute best we’ve done so far is about 1T (with Curiosity), and it was already kind of a stretch ^^;

          -with current tech, we can’t choose where it will land ; their plan is to have a rover pull them back to base zone, but it’s kinda hard to imagine a mere rover pulling so much weight, especially seeing the capsules don’t have wheels.

          -their food growing/O2 producing system is very experimental and/or not tried at all

          I like their idea. I really do. But I guess it can only serves as groundwork for futures projets ^^;

        • Glenn-o-matic

          The only way this Mars One would ever work is if they somehow managed to get financing for their launch (and the ship, the ground support, etc.) Quite a lot to expect from “amateurs,” no matter how much training they’ve gone through, or how enthusiastic they are. The early astronauts used to refer to themselves as “Spam in a Can” but the truth is they were each so highly qualified they might as well have been superhuman. These were the ones who could be trusted with all of that very expensive hardware to accomplish the mission and bring it back to Earth. I doubt very much if there’s anyone with that kind of income or any group willing to make that kind of commitment for these possibly sincere but unqualified people.

  • Jess

    Geez this is lovely. Awesome job on the colors!

  • I’m totally digging this!

  • Kastuk

    LEVi it’s a LEVitation Instrument?

  • Love how this conversation has been drawn this far. Face-toucher Mike! Aww! <3
    Glad you put up MI on TWC! Let's start voting!

  • James Michael Roberts

    Words. More words than last time. W words.

  • Skellagirl

    So this is prolly a really stupid question but…

    Is LEVi pronounced like the name, LEE-Vy? Or like the action, levy, LEV-ee?

    I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much, but I can’t decide how to pronounce it in my head so I always end up getting stuck on it, lol

    • shingworks

      Pronounced to rhyme with “heavy” :)

      • DukeBG

        Why did i not ask this >__<

        • DukeBG

          Apperently, anti-xss software of the website cutted the comment after the less-then sign. I was saying that i’ll fix the russian translation with the correct pronounciation later today.

      • Skellagirl

        Alright, cool! I will be bothered no more! Thank you!! :D

  • cool comic! I’m digging it

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