Chapter 1, Page 28

Gotta watch out for those breakdowns.

And, fyi, if you’re caving and someone yells rock, the best thing to do is to tuck yourself under your helmet as much as possible to reduce your chances of getting hit/ hurt/ killed. Not that you’re gonna be doing this crazy stuff BUT YOU NEVER KNOW

Today’s bonus art: a chance to see my rock lineart! Since most of it got covered by dust [[dusting intensifies]]


  • Aepokk

    Oh wow, this posted the very second I was catching up on your little news section blurbs I had missed! I went to the vote page for like the fifth time and I noticed it had changed, and sure enough a new page was here! I’m loving this so far, keep it coming!!

  • Lew

    Great panel, bottom left!
    What am I saying, great set of panels all over the page. They give a really good impression of the cave’s size.

  • Last panel is so pretty! <3

  • fox-orian

    UGH that subtle, barely visible big jaggy sticking out in the distance in that last panel is so good.

    • Lennier

      It’s almost a “oh, look at that big alien spaceship” vibe. :)

  • Glenn-o-matic

    Hazards! & judging by that glorious last panel (wow!) just moving around on the floor is a technical challenge.

  • Ryan

    How dangerous would falling rocks be in 1/3 Earth gravity?

    • shingworks

      Well, even on Mars, the rock is still going ~60mph by the time it reaches the bottom of a 400 ft drop (sorry Imperial units). So you probably wouldn’t want to be standing right under it. Even if it was a smaller rock you’d want to avoid it, if only to minimize potential damage/ wear to your expensive suit!

  • Spav

    Boot detail! Tiny cave lights! Ominous looming giant background rocks!

    The sense of scale of the lava tube is really coming into play, you’ve done a fantastic job on that. There’s also an ominous vibe telling me that this expedition isn’t fated to end spectacularly well. I’m loving the tiny cave lights though, will we get to see a close-up of one?

    • They looks like… copter lights ?

      • shingworks

        Pretty much… little disposable light drones.

  • Arianwen

    Look! More rocks!

    • shingworks

      I have not yet begun to draw rocks…

      • Coldyham

        Does that mean the ones in this page aren’t rocks? Are they like the crab pebbles in pirates of the Caribbean, or was that just a figure of speech.

        • shingworks

          Oh, haha I just mean… there are many many rocks to come

  • Corbie

    Yay for dust! :)
    I totally love your lineart, but that’s no reason to miss the amazing atmosphere you add, not only by dust.

    I did caving some (many) years back. Without hanging on a rope, just walking / climbing in, and it was more like someone possibly screaming “ice” while an icicle impales me than “rock”, but that panel was sheer adrenaline for me. Sheeesh.

  • Curry

    Awww, yes!! Another great page, and on my birthday! I love the art in this webcomic and the coloring is really clean and beautiful. It’s obvious you’ve got a wonderful handle on what you’re doing and wow I just really love this comic. Plus, space exploration, AND cave exploration?? This comic seems like it’s going to be a perfect fit for me :)

    • shingworks

      Yayy XD And happy birthday too!

  • Mr. pants

    As a caver hearing “rock” always makes me nervous…

    Love the page and the attention to detail

  • You know how to leave us ~hanging, don’t you? <3
    (bad pun is bad)

  • Enrique262

    Gorgeous art everywhere, yet 30 pages in and we’re still trying to figure the plot out…

    • fox-orian

      I think the pacing has been handled masterfully so far :) Perhaps it feels a bit slow because it’s a webcomic on a weekly release schedule, but if you read the last 30 pages anew in one sitting I’d say we’re right on target for upcoming major plot development!

  • Ceceoh

    So, we made it to Mars, but still no anti-grav flyers? Get on it, NASA!

  • Vert

    Her boots have tongues. I just noticed this. I don’t know why they do, but they do, and this makes me irrationally happy.

  • AnnieK

    Reading back on this, its pretty funny that they were worried about *that* rock falling on Bex’s head…

  • Meli Martinez

    I’ve actually rappelled down a cave called Moaning Caverns (you might know it since u live like 2 hours from me. I’m from Modesto. ^.^) anywho that drop is 165 feet and MY GOD was that terrifying! There are stairs that tour groups can go down through and there was a tour guide with a group at the top of the stairs that had to calm me down because I was on the verge of tears. Lol I can only imagine what 400 feet would be like. Oh lawd! X) I will say tho.. I’d do it again. I was exhilarated once I was done (that adrenaline rush thooo). Highly recommend it when they open it back up. Js! :)

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