Chapter 1, Page 33

I’m sure he’s going somewhere non-alarming

Today’s bonus art: my second-to-last round of pencils for this page, I like how they look!

*edit* THIS is why you must NEVER trust an entomologist (courtesy of the terrible Ainsley)


  • Elijah

    I can’t see the bonus art though? After I vote, there’s nothing there.

    Great page!

    • pretty flacko

      Yup I can’t see it either

    • shingworks

      Hmmm… can anyone see it? When I vote, it appears correctly :u

      • shingworks

        Oh durr, nevermind, I’d linked a friends page I had been voting on instead of my own, haha. Fixed.

      • Apparently you linked to the TWC page for a comic called “The Black Mudpuppy”.

        • shingworks

          It’s a good comic if you’re a fan of salamanders!

  • Nomi

    I’ve never been able to see the bonuses either. I keep voting, though.

    • shingworks

      oh nooooo… sorry, I don’t know why that would be… past ones are stored here though!

      • Hah! One handed pushups? I guess that answers my question on his fitness from the previous page’s comments. But again they’re probably not that challenging in martian gravity (Yeah I’m jealous because I can’t do ’em…)

        • shingworks

          haha, he is def not a good example of the typical Martian physique

          • Ooh, and he’s juicing, according to that other vote incentive. That’s also not good for mental stability…

          • shingworks

            Not right now XD not for a while, actually. Mars stole his gainz

  • DukeBG

    The gesture of holding your hand to your ear [in this case] amuses me. I understand, that she’s just pressing some button there or something, but still. No cell phone signal in Skylight™!

    • DukeBG

      (i am not actually amused, these pages have been quite stressful)

      • DukeBG

        (also, it looks like Mike is unfasting his life-support backpack on the last panel. He just wants this to be over here and now :\ )

        • DukeBG

          *unfasten, ugh. unfastening?

        • Lennier

          Agreed. Definately looks like he’s unclipping his helmet.

  • ItThing

    Wow… this is so intense… I am so worried for both of them :'(

    Panel 4 confused me at first, I though Mike’s arm and torso was Bex’s leg, as though she was lying on her back in a fetal postion.

    • shingworks

      Yeah, there’s a couple of wonky things in this page that I have fix-later notes on already, haha. As soon as I finish I hate it, sigh

  • Lar

    Oh gosh. Oh, Mike. Oh, Bex. Ohhhhh gosh.

  • rverasart

    i’m starting to get anxious to see what is coming next @_@

  • fox

    noo mike what are you doing? D:

    may i ask, do you listen to music while you work on the comic? if you do, what do you listen to? is there any specific kind of music you would associate with each character?

    • shingworks

      Oh uhh not really XD I guess Mike with Led Zep cuz I listened to it a lot while coming up with the premise of the comic. But I don’t work well with music on. I colored most of this page to episodes of Cupcake Wars v__v lol

  • Now I’m curious if the name for devotion was backwards engineered from this scene so to speak, or if the name came first and this dialogue was somewhat of a happy accident.

  • Glenn-o-matic

    You could do all your pages like that (pencil) and it would still work (maybe better with some background though.)
    pencil power!
    She can’t even phone? Did he mess with the uplink?
    Uhhhw. Decisions, decisions. Stay or follow poor sick Mike?

  • Mike

    Shit… He’s taking the helmet off isn’t he? :S

    • Peter Sadlon


  • So I know there are already steps in place on the ISS regarding team members who pose a threat to themselves or others and I’m sure the colonies here have similar guidelines when on base, but are there protocols for what to do when a team member is acting irrationally out on the field? Is Bex responsible for seeing Mike back safely, even though he’s behaving aggressively? This sorr of preparation is the sort of stuff I’m super curious about when it comes to off-earth missions.

    Amazing work on this first chapter, BTW I’m fucking in love with this series. Every time Google tells me a new page is up I stop everything to check it out.

    • Glenn-o-matic

      You’d think (the rhetorical you) that there would be some kind of SOS, 911 or Mayday system that would absolutely get through, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

      • shingworks

        I blame Comcast

        • Glenn-o-matic

          At least if they’re not back soon someone will come looking for them? That at least should be protocol…

        • fox-orian

          I blame the fact the “Can you hear me now?” guy retired.

          Had he gone here, he would have discovered you can’t, in fact, hear him now.

        • kf

          Some places are just in a perpetual state of Comcasm.

  • Sharp

    He’s taking his helmet off to surprise everyone with the fact that the air is breathable right? Right?? Mike???

    And I’m not gonna lie I was sure that last pic was going to be a huge gnarly spider

  • Admirer

    Can I just say how much I adore the way you drew Bex’s hand in that first panel. The lighting, the texture of the suit material, just agh

    • Glenn-o-matic

      I think it starts with the gesture. But you’re right. (agh)

  • Jojo

    Excellent page, as always. I loved seeing the sketch too.

  • Maria S.

    Bouncing on my bed, anxiously awaiting the next page. Excellent work, Shing! Especially with these latest scenes. You are so great with facial/body expressions.

  • Vert

    Mike… no, Mike, bad idea. Helmet stays on head. You won’t even die as fast as you would in vacuum, you’ll have time to *feel* your tears boiling off of your eyeballs before they freeze.

  • “Welp, this was the last f*cking straw. Good bye forever.”

  • Ivan

    I would be less worried about where he is going and more about what he is doing.

  • Skellagirl

    Wait, you said this comic is gonna be around… five chapters, was it (Or am I imagining that)?

    Mike, what’re you doing, we can’t lose you in the first darned chapter :((( Leave your helmet on your head, ffs

    • Glenn-o-matic

      (He takes it off, passes out, and then she puts it back on.)

      • explosive decompression would be a pretty ugly thing.

        • Eli

          He’s on Mars, which has a bit of an atmosphere (very thin though, 0.6% of Earth sea level.) You won’t get explosive decompression with that, if by “explosive” you mean “he explodes” (in fact, you don’t even get that going from Earth pressure to a total vacuum). Explosive decompression is only really a thing for deep-sea organisms that ascend too quickly.

          • shingworks

            Also submarine accidents! That’s a fun Wikipedia article

        • Kass

          The only known case of explosive decompression was on the Byford Dolphin incident, where the pressure dropped from 9atm to 1atm: A drop of 8atm!!

  • Jojo

    Did he actually take his helmet off? I wasn’t sure.

  • The drafting process (in the bonus material) is interesting. I can see Mike’s face as it morphs from The Simpsons to its current form.

    About Paneling: Did you put the panel in and drew the image inside or did you draw the images and cropped them to the panel?

    • shingworks

      Panel, then art. That way I can make sure the composition works on both the panel-level and throughout the page.

  • Gostak Sakai

    The commander is going to be in deep trouble over this!!!!

    • Lennier

      Goto is so getting fired.

  • Toast

    And the next update he takes off his helmet just to show that he has a smaller helmet inside. right? right?!

    • Lilian

      That nose doesn’t give him much room for extra helmets…

  • Kass

    I love Bex’s face in the first panel. It’s perfect.

  • This is some good shit… :)

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