Chapter 1, Page 36


Today’s bonus art: an animation of the bottom panel process~


  • Paula

    Yaaaayy update! This is getting so exciting! Hope Bex and Mike make it out okay…

  • Mike

    Cause people who a suicidal are know for their impressive survival instinct…. xD

  • Ayrie

    Uh-oh, Spaghetti-Os.
    Took me a minute to realize the scale of that last panel. No bueno…

  • Lennier

    Michael is The Rooster.

    Plot twist: the collapsing breakdown reveals a lower chamber full with breathable air.

    • charles81

      Agree. Definitely looks like it’s actually collapsing further down beneath the floor. There may have even been an opening already that was delicately covered by the rocks in a near perfect balance but they never explored the rubble seriously due to it’s suspected instability.

    • or maybe… water?

  • Karyl

    He couldn’t give a rat’s ass about making it out alive–and maybe he won’t have to. Excellent render of collision and such a cool process too!

  • pidgeling

    It’s interesting that the vote-incentive-thingy aligns with what I was about to say, which is I love the color progression in this comic – it sets a great atmosphere. Are the initial flat colors for organization purposes, or do they secretly affect the final colors, because there’s quite a jump there and I am curious.

    • shingworks

      It’s just so I can keep all the bits and pieces organized :] high contrast colors work best for that, so it looks a little funky.

    • charles81

      Yeah, for all his supposed fame back home, he’s not high enough in celebrity status to avoid a ticket home for concerns on his condition and the loss of LEVi as the kicker to tip the scales… But discover a whole mass of water and your celebrity status will have you set for life.

      I was thinking this comic could only follow him separated from the main group at this point but I think he could rejoin and legitimately stay on the planet.

  • Steven

    Rocks fall, everyone dies.

    Great page, looking foward to the next one.

  • Gwenhwyvar

    My theory is that this breakdown will reveal the internal sea that the comic’s title proclaims.

    • Ben

      The banner on hive works IS a bit if a spoiler…

      I’d taken it as being also a reference to the classical concept of the “inner sea” of the soul, or personality

  • BrobyDDark

    Quite the coincidence, if this wasn’t on purpose.

    Also, quite the intense moment here. Hope everyone gets out OK.

    • Madeleine

      Yeah, I got Bex as well – just like last week when I went voting for this! :D

  • TurningLeaves

    Wow, the huge rock missed Mike… He really just isn’t getting his suicide, is he?

  • Glenn-o-matic

    That would be something to see (from a safe distance.) 80
    I like the bottom panel: daggers and spikes falling.
    There’s going to be a lot of dust…

  • Jay

    Yikes, I did not immediately notice the tiny people in the last panel, and then it was WHOA.
    Also, I love seeing progress shots for things. How long does the average panel take you? Do you do one panel at a time, or work on multiple panels at once?
    PS, I’m very excited for the return of The Meek!
    PPS, good gods, 4chan is a nightmarish hell, I spent 10 minutes there after seeing the crappy comment you mentioned and came out feeling disgusting. If only mental showers existed.

  • Sara

    It’s neat how the phonetic sound effect in the last panel (some kind of thing involving K’s and H’s, it looks like?) also fulfills the function of emphasis lines. I always appreciate when sound effects aren’t merely written, but are drawn and placed so that they visually mimic whatever the sound is.

  • Amazing page!
    I have a question about the process gif though: there’s quite a gap between the pencils and the inks, did you refine the pencils more or did you go straight to the inks and “free-handed” a lot?

    • shingworks

      Usually I refine the pencils a lot more, but for this panel I felt like that might make things too stiff, so I jumped straight from the loose sketch to the inks. The idea is that the inks would pick up some of that uncertainty and randomness, so the rocks scattering don’t look ~too~ uniform.

  • Perlite

    Whelp, that was a short comic! Short and sweet.
    JK. It took me another look to realize how big that rock was; I could barely see Mike and Bex in the corner! 0.o

  • “Tell you what, I think I’ll admire the view from here.”

  • Could you please add the first prev next last buttons to the top of the image as well. When they are only at the bottom I must scroll down to hit prev a few times as I only check the comic once a week and doing so often spoils my surprises!

    • shingworks

      I don’t like the way that looks on the page, so no… However, the site supports keyboard navigation, so you can hit your arrow keys at any place on the page to travel back and forth :] hope that is a reasonable solution!

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