Chapter 2, Page 18

Poor incredulous thighfriend, being dragged into a wild adventure… He’s supposed to be sessile ;__;

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The Facebook page has been updated with incentives from the past 2 months, as well as some random sketches from elsewhere

And for our fanart roundup; a speculative sketch by Malum-malum (love this kind of thing!!) and sketches of the entire cast so far by Rex Smeal! Haven’t seen most of these guys in a while huh XD

Today’s bonus art: another lineart shot, since this is a very dark page… Please note the inclusion of my favorite cave formation (cave bacon). And, a little crossover action on TM’s bonus art today too so check it out if you want

Last but definitely not least, a giant round of applause to our $10+ Patrons, many of whom are accumulating pips for consecutive months of Patronage… thanks to them! and thanks very much to all of you for reading :]


  • Psudopod

    Oh snap its a Mars Vagina!

  • Lilian

    Hnnnh i dream of tight spaces like that. O_o

  • Madeleine

    That bonus art is last week’s from The Meek, I remember all those layers!

    • shingworks

      Ah, wrong link. Fixed now; thanks!

  • So judging from the way he’s moving around now, does this mean that his fungus-thighfriend did in fact fix the compound fracture somehow? Because that trade-off suddenly makes having an alien life-form growing inside you leg very welcome I feel. The thighfriend really is a friend! : D

    • grahamf

      Seems that thighfish also avoids causing more pain on it’s behalf.

    • a.a.

      Thighfriend as symbiotic relationship confirmed.

      • Minando

        Yes. It goes “you get eaten instead of me”.

    • Or looking back at the previous pages I guess this conclusion was already pretty obvious. Somehow it didn’t really strike me until now though.

    • shingworks

      ♪ ♫ You’ve got a friend in me ♩ ♬

    • Ceceoh

      A friend in knee?

      • shingworks


    • Vert

      One of the Patreon posts had an image of Thighfriend’s “root”, and it looked suspiciously like it was extending an existing bone. Trying to figure out how/why that works, exactly. Perhaps all will become clear… with time? Hm? Prithee? Hm?

  • Minando

    Where did he go ? Where did he go ?! How am I supposed to get a date if you keep pestering me ! He even brought me a flower !!

  • metaceryn

    That’s right, kids: stay in school, bust your ass in penury for excellent grades through to your Ph.D, physically and technically train like a sled dog for years, and you too can…end up a (literally) broken person, trapped in a man-eating sphincter thousands of feet under the surface of a not-so-lifeless rock and millions of miles away from people whose daily agenda consists of “hookers” and “blow.”

  • Mad

    It really is a metaphorical rebirth. That Mars vagina though :D

  • Natalie

    Damn, someone beat me to the vagina-cave comment.

  • @Natalie and @Psudopod …. damn, you BOTH beat me to the Mars Vagina comment.

  • I dunno, Frank?

    Theory: He’s inside a huge Mars rhino, and is about to become Space Ventura.

  • I’ll have to get ride of his suit or at least what remains of the survival module box at this rate.

  • Draug

    That last panel is so claustrophobic. >__<

    Yay more vaginas. :D

  • shingworks

    You guys are so into cave vaginas. The word you’re looking for is “yonic,” go nuts

    • Draug

      Yay more yonics. :D

      • shingworks

        The very best in yonic comics

        • You taught us that word just so you could make that rhyme didn’t you

    • I prefer “vaginesque”

    • metaceryn

      “You guys are so into cave vaginas.” Giggity.

      Also, it could be worse–these could be colonic comics.

  • Jojo

    Poor Mike.

  • Lorenzo

    Is he seriously leaving his helmet behind? Isn’t it like *really* important?

    • Kinda no point in taking it if it’s gonna hold him back, like, at this point he’s screwed with or without it.

      • Pretty sure he’s keeping it with his other hand : it’s his only source of light after all.

        • Vert

          I thought it was his helmet that just went *krnch*. No?

          • It should be his backback (or what’s left of it) scraping against the wall

          • shingworks

            Yup, DarkoNeko has it right :] his helmet is propped in the corner, casting light upwards in panel 6

  • fox

    Lol, well I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  • skellagirl

    Is he gonna come out the other side all stretched out, like a Junji Ito comic??


      • shingworks

        drrr drrr drrr

      • so I’m not the only one that immediatly thought of Spiral.

  • mistress dizzy

    I’ve been having trouble seeing what’s been going on since the thighfish showed up. I don’t know if it’s my eyes, or that the pages are darker, but I have NO clue what’s happening. Is someone willing to throw me a summary?

    • shingworks

      :< I was actually kind of worried about this happening! These pages are legit dark, and monitors do vary in brightness (I've been cross checking on my mobile device since I figure that's about right)...

      Summary though… some worms attacked, and he escaped through a small passage that led to an even smaller chamber (in this page). This chamber has only one exit; a very small hole that leads to ???

      • mistress dizzy

        It’s okay. I keep my monitor as dark as I can because my eyes can’t take the brightness too much.

        I’ll make sure to pump up the brightness for when I read the strip. I’ll go and re-read.

        Don’t change a thing, miss Der-Shing, I’m sure it’s just me.

        • shingworks

          Haha, well I’ll keep putting up the lineart as vote incentives at least, so you can see it without the colors~

        • fox-orian

          Here’s a cool suggestion: if you keep your monitor dark in brightness, you can maintain clarity of contrast by adjusting the gamma of your computer’s color profile. A lower gamma will create a gray-point closer to the white side of values compensating for the dimness of the display. A typical PC display is supposed to be a gamma of 2.2 at 200nits of brightness. If your screen is much lower than 200nits, (which by the sound of it yours is,) consider lowering your computer’s gamma output to 1.8 or even less for a clearer image.

          Look up manual color calibration for windows of mac OS depending on what you have :)

  • Spav

    Mike, upon getting back to base:

    “I’d like to file a sexual harassment complaint against Mars.”

    • shingworks

      Technically Mike is the one getting down and dirty with Mars, so

      • Aristatide

        Mars: “Hello, I’d like to file a sexual harassment complaint against Mike.”

        • “You can come fetch him back down my intestines”

          Goto “nah, by all means, please keep him”

  • Hmm, sessile … wait. Cecil? Cecil the thighfriend? Hmm hmm.

    • Lilian

      I approve.

  • fox-orian

    I’m assuming that passage is too narrow for his helmet to fit through? Because otherwise I’d just put the helmet on loosely so that I could still have both hands free and a mobile light source.

  • Ellie

    Is there a word for umbilical-cord-like-symbolism? Because that’s what I’m going with for the backpack not fitting through our yonic opening.

  • Cheri

    no one mentioning the blue light? No?

  • Mitchell Timin

    This comic is too hard to follow, too difficult to figure out what’s going on. The windows into the action are too small, there is no narration. I’m going to give up, and quit following it.

    • Mitchell Timin

      But I liked the artwork, so I’m sorry to give up on it.

      • shingworks

        Thanks for trying it out! Hope you find stuff that suits your reading style better :]

  • Sheridan

    Everyone is talking about the Mars Vagina but no one is talking about the Mars Butthole in panel 4.

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