Chapter 2, Page 2

Bear witness to the newest sport in town: underwater Martian bouldering :D

Today’s bonus art: I… ran out of stuff to post that isn’t spoilers or porn, and I hate spoilers, so I pulled something tame from the pornblog to share… slightly nsfw, my apologies v__v


  • Spav

    There’s a pornblog?

    Also, fantastic work on this page. Your work with lighting is breathtaking (as usual), and I absolutely love the closeup hand panel. I’d legitimately put a print of it up on my wall.

    • shingworks

      Haha thank you, underwater stuff is fun to color!

      (and yeah but it is locked down~)

      • DS

        And here I was, bracing for a picture of spider. With a helping of spider side boob. Whew, I was so relieved.

        • shingworks

          lol… I haven’t done a stealth spider post in probably 2 years but some of you are still waiting on it. Don’t worry, it will be when you least expect >:]

        • shingworks

          The sad thing is I still have a folder of hideous spider pics for the express purpose of arachnotrolling, lol

          • fox-orian

            Do you have a collection of house centipedes as well?

            I tend to think spiders are cute.
            But house centipedes?

          • DarkMyste

            dontt encourage her, we will all pay for it later

  • An Average Loser

    Oh look, Survival instinct. That’s always nice.

  • Dat lighting. *–*

  • Lar

    That last panel is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Jojo

    Excellent sense of motion!

  • Jordi Hern├índez

    Holly molly, the lighting in every panel is gorgeous omg

  • Glenn-o-matic

    It looks like he’s reading the directions…
    Now there's a good sign!

  • brumagem

    RE the bonus art: I don’t blame Mike, vee-vees are pretty complicated.

    • shingworks

      I know :/ I misplaced my manual; I have no idea what size battery this thing takes

      • Lugalias

        Right? And all the different versions and models… It gets confusing!

  • sprrwhwk

    *poke* *poke*

    You should set up the Patreon.

    *poke* *poke*

    I want to give you all the moneys.

    *poke* *poke*

    • shingworks

      I’m working on it this week! And, thanks :D

      • ItThing

        T_T please take our money! And if you’re thinking of tiers, well… since you mention this “pornblog” :3

        • shingworks

          -___- the million dollar tier, lol

          • ItThing

            I found it funny that you thought nsfw voteys might bother us. From page one, the whole comic is nsfw! The plot is all about a guy who is *literally* not safe for work! XD

          • shingworks

            You got me there XD

  • Are those… bubbles of air ?
    I wonder if they all comes from his suit.

    • charles81

      Possibly a bit of both. Those rocks themselves would have some martian atmosphere in their cracks and such.

      I’m trying to tell if he tumbled down on the rock or if the rock tumbled down on him. I’m thinking the second, which gives me hope that it’s Bex’s rock.

      • izzy

        I’m not sure which would be better: losing Bex not to know if she’s still there, or having Bex there to have her totally creeped out by his loss of sanity.

  • fox

    I love the lighting, and the sense of depth and grit and debris.

    That one panel is worrying though. His leg’s… not broken, is it?

    • shingworks


      • izzy

        Seeing how his two legs keep bending and unbending makes me think he’s trying to swim. He’d probably quit moving them if one was broken, right? You could just reverse that third panel, though… Please don’t.

      • izzy

        Oops. I totally messed that up. Forget everything I said.

  • ItThing

    Panel four is a bit confusing to me. At first I thought the wall he was pressed against has some kind of light fixture in it. But that must be his helmet right? Really weird position for his head to be in, because it seems like his back is facing the camera, and the right shoulder seems like it must be just outside the panel on the right? Another confusing thing is that the light source in that panel is not long and narrow, so it doesn’t really look like his helmet light. I can’t really make sense of it. Sorry for blabbering about it I just need a hint! :P

    But anyway wow! Exciting! I can’t wait for the next page! Poor, poor Mike :< but there are so many cool details in this page. Do I detect a little blurriness in the fingers in the last panel? Holy depth cues! And those bubbles on the surface of the rock *o* purrrty… And the way that other rock is rending the water and leaving a trail in the first panel….

    Ummmmmm… about that first panel… in the bottom right corner… what is that????

    • shingworks

      Thanks for the feedback! He’s being smashed face-first into a rock wall. His back is at the top, I guess, armpit facing us and chest downwards. I made the light bleed over because I was overzealous, haha, I’ll make a note to take a look at it again later.

      As for that thing… :[_____________] good question

      • ItThing

        Ooh! Ooh! I noticed something else. Um. In panel four, is his right hand upside down…? Because in that position I think his index finger should be at the top, not the bottom.

  • Sara

    The sense of dizzying disorientation on this page is so palpable. Reminds me of my first time swimming in the ocean and getting knocked over and pushed under by a wave… Sent me absolutely spinning. I had no idea which way was up. It was far from a life-threatening situation, but it still made an impression.

    Also, ahem, if that pornblog of yours ever becomes NOT “locked down”, let us know?

  • Vert

    There is definitely something else down there. I see lights. Even if the shed, LEVi, and all the floating light-copters went down with them (and from the size of the collapse they probably did), that stuff almost certainly won’t work when submerged, and if it did, it doesn’t look anything those other… things… in the first three panels.

    I’m not saying it’s aliens. But…

  • Paula

    Haha, I love this page. I can just hear the sounds of watery swishing as he’s getting pummeled around.

  • Evilddragonqueen

    Why is this so god dammed terrifying!?

    • Vert

      Because this guy we can relate to (if only because we are also human) is trapped in a skin-tight bubble of (barely) breatheable atmosphere held in by metal, ceramic, and fabric that has already been compromised while he tumbles uncontrollably through huge falling boulders in an impossible ocean on a planet that is more inhospitable to human life than nearly *any* place on the planet we live on.

      Oh, and I suspect Der-shing is providing a bit of artistic light so we can see what’s happening; Mike himself is probably in total darkness except for his headlamp.

      That’s why it’s so god damned terrifying.

      • Evildragonqueen

        All my thoughts exactly. I’m going to look a pictures of puppies for a while now.

  • Joel

    Is it just me or does that second-to-last panel look like he’s hanging on the beak of some big underwater… creature?

  • Exobiota?!?!

    Intrigue meter peaking.

    Also: great work as usual.

  • DukeBG

    There is a heated debate on the RU page, if Mike is drowning or his equipment is light enough so he should float. Also, if there are currents that are carrying him, maybe hinted by the direction of the bubbles (which is not vertical, but that may also be due to the angle of the “camera”).

    I myself feel disoriented too, but i have confidence that it’s deliberate. It emphasizes the chaos of the situation, but gives food to people that do want to overanalize everything

    • shingworks

      Oh haha. If the water was completely still then yes, he would probably be floating back to the ceiling.

  • Emblin

    I see 3 possibilities to what I see Mike grab onto in the last panel

    1: The Levi he lost had sunk to the bottom all along
    2: Intelligent Alien life has been confirmed, and this is their spaceship
    3: The Illuminati have been on Mars all along, and have built a secret underground society for the production of weapons needed for when they conquer the world.

    It’s probably the first one, but I refuse to not accept the possibilities of anything else

    • HandwashBigpan

      4. The Flying Spaghetti Monster will miraculously save Mike with its noodly appendage.

      • shingworks

        Stop reading my chapter notes >:[

  • bobthellama

    Your use of line thickness has always been incredible and I was wondering how you got it to look so smooth and effortless while keeping the sense of form. Im a real nube with digital art and if I try to make an outline slowly it comes out squiggly and gross, but if I go fast I have no control, and if I use a smoother(Is that even a word? but i hope you know what I’m talking about) it smooths over the details of the shape and makes it look flat instead of 3d.

  • 7thSatellite

    We need some sort of prints or posters for this comic that we can buy to hang on walls and things. Your art is beautiful and the comic is amazing. It’s the perfect comic to make a large, enigmatic, beautiful, eerie wall art from. I would buy several.

    Like Spav said, a larger version or a print of the hand panel would be super awesome.

    • shingworks

      Haha, really? I read comments like this and it confuses me tbh. I can’t imagine you actually want a print of this stuff, when it’s like, free to look at right here on the internet… anyways, I’m glad you like the art :)

      • Nick

        Thank 7th if you ever wanted ideas for kickstarter rewards..

  • another triumph!

    a quick note: i considered stopping reading the comic for my own mental health when The Thing (no spoilers) happened, but it was handled gracefully and although it made me cry from empathy, well, i’m on my period and shit happens. or blood. and shit. but mostly blood. :v

    • shingworks

      Ah, period shits, one of many horrors that only ladies will understand T__T

      Well, thank you very much for your continued readership. Some bad stuff ahead but I think that scene might have been about as bad as it gets.

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