Chapter 2, Page 21

I hope that kind of clarifies the thigh situation… leg is strong enough to climb with.

Also re panel 1: don’t ever bring up Mike’s hairline, it is a sensitive subject.

FYI, this week is a 4x Shingworks update week, and 3 of those pages are going to MI. I’m not leaving it up to supporter vote this time since the two pages are connected and should be posted together. I’ll ideally have those up for you on Friday or Saturday! but will be posting WIPs and such to Patreon as usual. Speaking of which, there was a little Mike thing thrown up last week, will probably be putting another one up this week since I have a couple pieces of art/ info I like but haven’t gotten around to posting yet.
The end of the month is approaching soon too, so if you got any art from me in October, that will be headed your way shortly :] And, there are still a few slots open at the moment if you want to jump on for Nov.

Today’s bonus art: my ref scribble for the costume change going forward (spoiler text has been blacked out)


  • Oh boy the colours on this page are awesome. ;;

    • Jojo

      Its interesting to me how the warmer colors are those he’s leaving. It seems like an out of the frying pan and into the fire sort of thing.

  • Max

    Hmmm… the way things have been going lately, I predict we arrived at the Cave of Thousand Tentacles, swaying slowly and glowing eerily pale blue, while the Great Inverted Ocean’s gentle waves are sloshing around on the ceiling…

    • I’d make a hentai joke, but your C’thulu sounds a lot more cool.

  • And now I’m wondering if there will be a shoulder friend as well. Thanks, bonus art ;-).

  • I note that our tightfriend has been keeping quiet since earlier, despite being clearly rubbed against walls.


    • I wonder if it still assumes it’s being attacked by the triangle things and plays dead.

      Or if it’s something else.

      • shingworks

        I would answer all your good questions but we’ll be getting to it later XD

    • grenli

      I thought Thighfriend was helping him climb. Or trying to help.

  • Joy

    Did he think he was crawling to the surface? That doesn’t look like sunlight.

    • Jones

      Let’s hope the glowing creatures are not as hostile…or too freaky. A little freaky would be okay.

  • Christian Harrison

    I’m wondering about the air / temperature. Shouldn’t he have frozen to death / suffocated by now?

    • Arianwen

      Thighfriend comes with built in central heating. Subscribe today and for only a bargain £19.99 more get a free oxygenator and gas mask!

      • DanialArin

        Central heating and central healing. That leg was seriously snapped and shattered and all sorts of odd angles before the thighfriend grew out of (or into?) it, and now he’s moving like it’s back in perfect alignment and staying that way.

        • shingworks

          Well, it was out of alignment until the last panel

  • Jac

    I never really noticed before now how built Mike is. Like, I knew, but DANG SON

    • shingworks

      Yeah a little, haha. He used to be larger when he was actively cycling, but stopped cuz the steroids were accelerating his hair loss like crazy.

      • Shihchuan

        Oooh so Mike was a cyclist! *excited* (I take it he’s more a sprinter than a climber then?)

        …oh, but a cyclist on steroids. *excitement dies down*

        Nevertheless, I concur: that is one damn well built body! (If he was larger he might not have been able to squeeze through the hole, though. Lucky that he stopped!)

        • shingworks

          oh no not that kind of cycle XD The other kind, where you cycle off and on anabolic steroids in order to not mess up your hormone levels too badly.

  • laser eyes!

  • Spav

    pop WHUMPHH

    So graceful

    • Lilian

      Pretty accurate representation of the birth in “rebirth”.





      • shingworks

        lol, so miraculous

        • Lilian

          I work in obstretrics. Birth is indeed one of those everyday wonders. Gritty, beautiful, humbling, empowering, natural, difficult, commonplace, and life-changing all at once. I love the paradox.

          • Lilian




      • StClair

        I laughed so much. Thank you.

        • Lilian

          You’re welcome. :D

    • DukeBG

      WIHUMPHH indeed!

  • Lorenzo

    ok _now_ he’s looking at bex’s body.

    • Jac

      Nooooo. Don’t say that!

  • Chainsaw Codpeice

    Why is it blue?!!!!
    Thighfungus’ bioluminescent friends?
    Maybe it’s just night time…
    Or maybe there’s a search party consisting of Bex and the rest of the team who are on Mars now searching. I doubt it though, they probably think he’s dead.
    Or it could be that machine thingy he was chasing earlier.
    I actaully cannot wait for the next panel. Hopefully we’ll finally be out of the cave scene.

  • Quabus

    Maybe in the last panel he’s just wondering, “how the heck am I supposed to fit through that hole?” Also he looks pretty insane in the second panel.

  • sweet_gardenia

    *cue A Whole New World song and Thighfriend and Mike swooping off on a magic carpet* magical

    I can’t wait to see what he’s seeing oh gosssssh 83

  • Jake L.

    Ah hell, I can’t wait to see how this pans out. Somehow (mostly because of the conspicuous lack of Total Recall eyeball popping) I’m guessing we’re not at the surface just yet.

  • Charlesw

    I’m guessing the “ocean’s” surface.

    We know he’s near the surface ‘cos with the hole through here the small pool he came from would have risen. Image similar to the adds coming up… But no suit

    • moe

      … that would make total sense, seeing as the comics called internal sea…

  • Captain-Delirium

    Mike, your face especially in panel two is killing me because of how funny it is.

  • Vert

    Der-Shing, if you can answer without spoilage, how durable is Thighfriend? I mean being scraped over rocks, mushed, abraded and ~feeled~ doesn’t seem to have bothered it too much. I’m guessing the tip is tougher than the base, but even so, it looked too delicate to tolerate such abuse.

    Also, I wonder how long Mike is going to take to realize he’s being horsetail-wormed into approaching the blue light…

    • shingworks

      Its outer texture is like a thin leather… We’ll be taking a look at it in a bit :]

  • Lilian

    Does anyone else find the last panel amusing?


  • Aidan903

    *silently hopes that its Levi with a bunch of Martians worshipping it as god*

  • Anderson

    At this rate Mike’s going to break that nose enough to have a cute little nose-flower take up residence there while he’s asleep.

  • dralou

    Oh hey, his eyes seem to be a lot better, too! That’s nice. Maybe not “safe-and-without-an-open-wound” nice, but nice netherless.

  • Lar

    twc showing me bex just feels cruel:


    • Arianwen


  • Paula

    The first panel makes me laugh so hard. It reminds me of something from Calvin and Hobbes.

  • imcitcat

    I just started reading this webcomic tonight, and I must say I’m incredibly impressed ^-^ totally loving the story line, the art is fantastic (if not a little dark in some entries but hey that’s what happens when you’re in a cave)… but what I love most is how active you are in the comments section, and how sometimes the entry description includes reader comments (ie amorous thigh fish/friend). I wouldn’t be surprised if in much, much later entries you were to break the 4th wall with an inside joke, and just hinting at “ah, well you shoulda been there…”
    keep up the awesomeness! can’t wait to read more!! :D

    • shingworks

      And a good 50% of the joy of making comics is getting to share them with people who enjoy reading them, and I am really thankful for all my awesome readers :] Thanks so much for reading and hope to see you around again!

  • Kolja

    Golly that has to feel weird. I mean, even if it doesn’t hurt, every time he extends his leg the muscle would have to slide around it.

  • Sheridan

    I still wonder why he didn’t bring his helmet with him.

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