Chapter 2, Page 26


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Today’s bonus art
: same same same


  • Mouse

    Oh good, moar friends!
    I want it to be a sentient, psychic squid or his lost/buried ai thingy, but alas….that’s a pretty humanoid font…

  • Rymdljus

    It’s Darth Vader!

  • grahamf

    I think someone might be a little pissed that he dragged her into his suicide attempt.

    • Luces

      Wouldn’t she call him Dr. Fisher?

      • Shihchuan

        Maybe a case of *when angry, use full name* ?

        • Ceceoh

          You mean like “In-di-ana Jones.”?

  • uh, I’m starting to wonder which part he’s imagining.

    The getting covered part ? Someone (it may not be Becky !) calling to him ?


      • shingworks

        Don’t worry, it’s Thighfriend’s second coil (he’s just feeling flappy)

        • Kittenears


        • rimmeh

          Whoa, Thighfriend, save it for the second date.

        • msouth

          Is that another thighfriend, or are you just flappy to see me?

        • oh ! woops.

  • Thrawcheld

    I get the impression some time elapses between panels 6 and 7.

    • Draug

      Oh I thought maybe thighfriend scared away the soot sprites.

    • Abou

      The shadow of the figure who speaks in panel 8 can be seen approaching in panel 6—I think that’s what scares away the soot sprites in panel 7.

  • Teej

    What. WHAT?!? Why is he glowing? Why is thighfriend making a threat display and hiding? Why are the Mars bugs acting so weird? WHO IS THAT. I know the answers to these questions will come in time but I just want you to know I AM FREAKING OUT, IN A GOOD WAY. All these twists and turns have caught me completely off-guard. I didn’t think there could possibly be a crazier plot twist after the thighfriend reveal, but I think I’m about to be proven wrong. I LOVE THIS COMIC SO MUCH……. IT’S SO INTENSE. Thanks for taking us on this wild ride

    • tiny potato

      at first I thought the glowing was thighfriend because it seems to increase as thighfriend emerges, but the glowing remains when thighfriend retreats. So I am not sure. I don’t think the mars bugs are acting weird, it’s just like if you stomp around on the ground the bugs will go away from the stomping but if you stay in place for awhile they’ll come back and start crawling on you. As to thighfriend, I’m assuming it was displaying to keep the bugs away from its host, but it was as scared/startled by Mysterious Shadow Figure as the mars bugs are.

      I am so excited to find out. Who knows what will happen. Maybe thighfriend will overcome its shyness and this comic will become a romance between it and mysterious shadow figure. Probably not. We will see.

  • Kittenears


  • DukeBG

    hi, LEVi

    • Skellagirl

      Yea, I’m guessing LEVi too!

  • But a blanket of fluffy spiders would be so comfy!



  • thomas

    Oh goodness things just get more and more interesting! An intruding shadow breaks up a plantfriend group hug and then leaves? That’s not very kind of them!

  • Wereg

    It’s nice to finally meet you, LEVi.

  • Localized

    Bex? LEVi? Hallucination???


  • SpiralofDragon

    I love how much expression thighfriend has!

  • Draug

    I didn’t even notice the shadow!!! aaahhh what is it no I don’t want to know I do want to know I can’t decide
    Maybe it’s Bex although I don’t know if Mike needs something else attacking him right now haha

  • Corbie

    Wow. On the last page, I thought: Mike, just see it as real, it’s the likely greatest and creepiest experience any human ever had.
    And now I’m in his head and don’t know what’s real or not and it drives me mad. MAD!
    This comic is a damn masterpiece. :)

  • Jojo

    Very exciting. Nice shadow work.

  • Cheri

    LEVi has found Mike. Next step: Bex. Next step: Reinactment of Aladdin’s ‘A Whole New World’

    • with LeVi as the magical carpet ?

  • Vert

    The sand under him started glowing the last time he laid still, too. Maybe Thighfriend drops glowing spores? Maybe *Mike* drops glowing spores now? No, they’d be in his suit… hm.

    Also I haven’t flipped back to look but that doesn’t look like LEVi’s speech bubble. Maybe the model he “lost” had more advanced speech synth, but even so…

    Either way, he can’t stay catatonic forever.

    • tiny potato

      Wait, I hadn’t even thought of glowing spores. That could explain why the glowing is still there after thighfriend goes back into its thighhome.

  • Luces

    There has been a leg. Now there is a voice with no hint of being male, female or other status. Nor is there a guarantee that we will get to know more in the next panels. (The story could switch to the surface, now. Or back to history, who knows.) Such suspence should be forbidden!!! ;-)

  • Lorenzo


    • shingworks

      Damn, Lorenzo!

      • izzy

        Can’t tell if he just had a very good guess or if he’s a Patreon backer who got a sneaky hint or something.

        Orrrr, you could just be reverse-psyching us so that we get something totally unexpected…

        Either way, I can barely type, I’m totally shaking in anticipation!

        • shingworks

          lol no, I don’t do spoilers, even for Patrons XD You can’t put a price on anticipation.

  • Hethaa

    aaaaargh the crawlies D: What is going on!?

  • Rhapsha

    See, I wouldn’t have thought I was hallucinating previously. Now, if I heard someone say my full name while I was where Mike was….well I’d certainly feel like I was hallucinating then.

  • Jay

    It’s Levi! Together again at last.

  • Tindi

    I love how Thighfriend is doing its equivalent of “There, there” in the first couple of panels. “It’s okay human host. I’m not a hallucination, I promise.”

  • Ceceoh

    I can’t decide if Flappy or the Shadow scared off the lint spiders, but I’m so glad their giving Mike his space.

    • JJ

      Encroaching Lintspiders?

    • fox-orian

      They just don’t want to get flapped to death. WOULD YOU???

    • tiny potato

      I don’t think it was thighfriend, since the lint spiders (is that what the cool kids are calling them?) are not initially deterred by its emergence, and even thighfriend retreats from Mysterious Shadow Figure.

  • brumagem

    See, I’d be inclined to believe this is a hallucination, if it only weren’t for the way Thighfriend and Tinyfriends are acting.

  • Rev

    Aw. It’s like the little bugs are coming over to give him hugs. :’)

  • Dreampiper

    Did Bex transform into the Mother of all Thighfriends?

  • Aidan903

    Where did Thighfungus go in the last panel?

    • shingworks

      He’s hiding! Poorly! You can kinda see a flap thing sticking out

  • V2

    Hey shingworks, I don’t know how often you check your email, but I just sent a big one relating to this page.
    First and probably last comment so, just wanted to say, love the comic, love the page!

  • 7thSatellite

    Well, I can say for sure that the speech bubbles for the other LEVi were different, but he does say that one is “first gen,” implying that the one he lost was more advanced and may have had a better synthesised voice.

    I wonder if the glowing is some sort of organism (bacteria, lichen, moss) reacting to the CO2 in Mike’s breath? It was suggested that this was from thighfriend spores, but the light seems to be centered around his head rather than his leg.

    • StClair

      I suspect it may be reacting to his body heat.

  • Dreadogastus

    Fascinating speculation and questions, comrades. My question is; why did Shadow Person walk up, say his name, then disappear. If Shadow seeped into Mike’s body it will be getting crowded in there.

  • Blayzeing

    Begining to wonder if the whole thing’s a hallucination, at least from the fall forwards.

    • Anvill

      Or from the third page of the intro forwards! Although Bex as a character seems much too complex for Mike to both fabricate and not be able to comprehend at the same time.

      • Blayzeing

        Yeah. As I was thinking. It’s safer to assume the former of the two XD

  • Tindi

    Man, I keep coming back to this page and wanting to give Mike a big ol’ hug. Poor guy.

    • Blayzeing

      Wait! It’s you! You are the shadow!

  • ;_;

    I’m wondering if those little things enveloping Michael represent how his dark thoughts envelope his own mind. That was until maybe LEVI came around.
    I mean who else is down there.

  • zathura

    Someone’s a master of the cliffhanger

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