Chapter 2, Page 6

Happy Saturday! Bonus update time. A few astute readers already picked up on his leg looking a bit funky. It is indeed funkier than he was hoping for probably.

Also, there was a cool AMA about spacesuits the other day, I bet you guys would enjoy that.

AND, continued thanks to the $10+ Patrons! I didn’t get this list up on time for the last update so they are formally listed here again :3

Oh yeah, and today’s bonus art: all of the underdrawing for the last panel, most of which gets cut off anyway


  • Jojo

    Poor Mike. I like getting a better view of the cave. Good angle work.

  • Draug

    Oh shit that leg makes me cringe…! Once that shock wears off he’ll be hurtin’ if he isn’t already.

  • Vert

    ooo, that doesn’t look good, that doesn’t look good at all.

  • Aaah fvck that is gonna hurt.

  • Darkond

    You all noticed his fracture first, but my eyes went straight to his crotch bulge before wondering what everyone else was talking about.

    • shingworks

      Lol… rude~ And remember he’s packing a… [technical term for “dick pocket”] and bladder in there too. Or as I like to call it, reverse Camelbak.

    • Monica

      Yeah I saw the bulge first too. I’m sure that person commenting about the view was referring to it as well. :P

  • Emblin

    Right legs are supposed to have 3 joints, right? RIGHT?!

    • shingworks

      Kinda like in The Hobbit (“what about Second Knee?”)

  • If you were to check the status of his suit, perror would print “Why aren’t you dead?”.

  • Gean

    Sorry, I can’t make it out what was his… saying on the last panel ^^”
    I see two letters “П” and a number “9”, but this doesn’t make any sense to me ^^””
    Could anyone explain that? :)

    • shingworks

      Oh, sorry if it was hard to read! Just says “nng,” was trying to avoid a literal written “groan” sfx

      • Gean

        Aah, thanks a lot :))
        I think it interfered with my mother tongue and I couldn’t see “n” in a more familiar to me letter “п” ^^”
        I saw it like “П п 9” x)

  • Kitty

    That is the greatest “wheeze” sfx I have ever seen. You genius, you.

  • Lilian

    Hm. Dislocated femur? Compound fracture? Closed fracture?

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