Chapter 3, Page 15

Don’t think about that too hard

Glad you guys enjoyed the April 1 joke page :] You can see the 2015 and 2016 April Fools comics here in case you missed them, and this years’ will be posted to the Facebook later with a bunch of other incentives from the past month.

And again, thank you so much to Patrons last month! Tonight I’m finishing up a last few straggling commissions that need to take priority (in case you got one and are still waiting on it), but will be posting a bunch of stuff (TM sketch comics and MI stuff) tomorrow. And general update post on Monday if you’d like to see a recap of all of the pages you guys have helped support!

Thanks for reading, we’ll be taking a look at the Levster pretty soon.




  • Localized

    The way you paint water is beautiful @_@

  • pretty flacko

    Well I would rather go back to civilization too if I had to stay with someone who insults your nose size.

  • Lorenzo

    Sweet watery goodness gimme more of them bubbles

  • charles81

    Maybe back to suicidal intentions?

    I’m still wondering what did happen to LEVi. Surely Kallakore must know. Hammerheads? Kallakore seems to act a lot like a robot as well, with not mentioning simple things or making obvious suggestions. I would not be surprised at all to learn that Kallakore is amphibious and can fetch the remains or is at least better able and simply failed to mention so.

    Really, Mike could use some of LEVi’s curiosity, ‘cos it could be well worth knowing more about the present situation.

  • Corbie

    This doesn’t sound very healthy. Not at all. :|

  • James Mullins

    The more I think about it the more I feel like Kallakore is an anomaly, and extremely lonely. Too be an arm shark in a subterranean network of fungal squids… must be a solemn life.

    But one doesn’t get to insult others noses and expect to keep Friends. :I

    • Ceceoh

      Maybe she’s the last of the armsharks. Either that or she’s very good at keeping secrets.

      • Vert

        Maybe she’s an outcast.

        Maybe there’s a reason.

        • shingworks


  • Adriano

    Oh, snarky sharky!

  • LameFox

    I suppose that a world of glowy blue water might not really be a comfortable place for him to live out the rest of his days, short as they might be.

    • shingworks

      Not with that attitude

      • Winslow

        …… this a Frisky Dingo reference?(?!?!)

  • Wait… Kallakore is a he or a she?
    Because I read it with a sexy female voice. But I may be wrong. Has it been mentioned?

    • Explodian

      I don’t think so. I’ve been reading its lines in Garrus Vakarian’s voice, so…here’s to ambiguity!

  • OnyxIdol

    Ohh I see it now. Mike never woke up after that fall.
    It’s all in his mind. So “mare internum” doesn’t really refer to the sea inside Mars, rather to the sea inside him.

  • Esc

    Hey did the text change or am I just crazy?

    • shingworks

      Crazy XD Sorry. Get in the lake.

      • jerkey

        Kallakore ended a sentence with a preposition.

        • shingworks

          No time for alien grammar crit. Get in the lake

  • Ceceoh

    Hope that’s fresh water, or that’s going to sting like heck.

  • weirderthanweird

    I live in Florida and there are a lot of springs here so I have to agree with Kallakore in that this is a really stupid idea. One hundred feet can very easily look like five if the water is clear enough.

    • JJ

      On the other hand, Mike knows how big Levi is. That should give him a good reference.
      Unless objects appear larger in the mirror

      • shingworks

        I just realized the joke you made DAMN U

        • Corbie

          Nose joke or car joke, or both? :)

          • JJ

            No idea what the nose joke would be :-)

          • shingworks

            haha, actually “mirror” joke, and also you guys are rude >:^(

  • ane

    I think you portrayed beautifully the moment in which Mike is almost elaborating something about not having anything important to return to and then ragequits into the water.

    I personally perceive him having this reaction to shut down the torrent of thoughts about his current nonsensical situation… While also avoiding thinking about what are his goals if he remains alive.

  • Ar

    He didn’t do his cannonball this time.

  • ShinyBlue

    Oooo. I think thighfriend might come out and help Mike breathe, while simultaneously inhibiting swimming.

    • CosmicStresshead

      One of the first things I thought about Thighfriend was that we might actually *help* with swimming? Though it probably wouldn’t be a comfortable ride. I picture Mike flailing limply along behind Thighfriend with a fed-up look on his face.

      That said: I, too, am crazy.

      *gets in the lake*

  • If that’s salt water then Mike’s gonna have a really fun time with that huge gash on his leg :D

  • Aleforeric

    Why is it when Kallakore speaks, I hear K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider? Yes I know I’m dating myself, but at this age no one else will date me! Haha!

    • CosmicStresshead

      Yes! That’s certainly how I imagine him saying ‘Michael’ at any rate! Oh no, are we old?

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