Chapter 3, Page 17


This took even longer to color than the last one, haha. I like it though, so worth it~

In case you’re not super aware of what is happening here… if you lift up an object underwater, it tends to “pull” the stuff underneath it up, depending on how fast you pull it. My source is my obsession interest in flipping rocks and logs underwater looking for newts or what have you… sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a salamander larva, and but more often you’ll get unlucky and suck up a toebiter larva or some other creepy thing, ughhghg. Looks like Mike got a little unlucky too.

Today’s bonus art: my lineart, which was 7 separate layers this go-around.

In Patreon news, last week I posted Part 3 of the MI Development series, which features some unlikely art for Kallakore. Very difficult character to pin down. Part 1 and Part 2 are available at those links as well… we’ll also have a new wallpaper up soon, so some good stuff going on there this month. And of course, a very hearty thank you to everyone who reads and financially supports the creation of this comic, I couldn’t do it without you guys.



  • One of the aliens’ friends died under LEVi when it fell, uh. :|

    I’m still not sure how Michael think he’s gonna make whatever he find down there workable, again, tho. He threw away his wearable computer earlier.

    • Inwoods

      More like Murder. Mermaid Murder.

      • Carolyn

        There are no fingerprints
        Deep under water
        Nothing to tie one to a crime

        • ProphetZarquon

          I tamper with the evidence at the murder site of Odin.

  • Localized

    Armshark corpse?

    • StClair

      That’s my take on it, yes.

    • tehbeefer

      looks like it

  • Brian

    I am ashamed that I thought ShoulderCrab was abandoning the good ship Mike there in panel two… as one clearly sees in the final panel, no such thing has occurred, it was just some quick-thinking relatives getting well clear of the mess being stirred up at the bottom of the lake.

    • shingworks

      >:[_________] Ye of little faith!

    • Jędrzej

      ShoulderCrab, ArmShark, LegParasite… Why did I not made Pun of it? I mean like those aliens are … Limbastic!

      • Dreampiper

        I believe the proper scientific name for leg parasite is Thighfriend.

        • shingworks


        • Ceceoh

          Actually it would be Femoris amicus vulgaris. (I just threw in that last adjective for funsies. There is nothing common about Thighfriend.)

  • Like a super fun jack-in-the-box :D

  • Spav

    scuttle scuttle

  • Android 21 3/7

    Quick, Mike! Bury it back down! Then come back, in like a million years and you’ll have a totally awesome fossil to dig up and show off in a museum!

  • The teeth on that lower jaw though…

  • Leon

    OMG, soylent blue is armsharks !!!

  • Corbie

    Somehow I get the impression that “dwelling” in armshark culture means “the place where one stays”, and that it means the same like “grave”.
    Or this is just an armshark who tried to recover LEVi.

  • anvill

    Very interesting. Perhaps the armsharks are protective of the knowledge of their ecosystem being spread beyond its borders. I wonder if Levi was attacked after asserting its desire to help Mike return home. That would not bode well for Mike…

  • JJ

    yes I think Mike should go back to asking questions

  • Asterfield

    I don’t think that’s an armshark. Looks like it has frills and the body is slimmer. My bet is that eel thing someone mentioned on a previous page. But good thing you can’t smell that under water haha.

    • Corbie

      Ugh yeah, that would be awful Close your mouth, Mike! :D

      (Check Panel 2 and 3, there’s an Armshark foot visible.)

  • Ceceoh

    Mike: WTF!?

    Thrip: Lunch!

  • Paula

    Maybe kallakore (not sure about spelling) used Levi to smash and murder another armshark. After all, in the previous page Mike kind of fell into the water instead of sinking down, so dropping Levi on an armshark even while underwater should do some damage.

    • if there were two armsharks on mars and one of them killed the other with a levi would that be fucked up or what?

  • Ash

    There was intense music playing in the living room, muted a bit by the walls of my room, and it gave this scene so much INTENSITY AND IT GAVE ME CHILLS.

  • caracan

    My guess is that LEVI shattered Kalakore. And it’s ghost/projection somehow absorbed a mental contact to the machine. Hence the communication and learning of English

  • Mal-L

    … Well waiting for the next comic is going to be painful…

  • syrup

    Being that Kallakore was concerned about the depth the “remains” were at on page 14, my guess is the corpse is another armshark that also tried to retrieve LEVi. Perhaps they can’t swim.

  • jimpost

    No wonder Kallakore knows so much about Michael and LEVi and such. Kallakore IS LEVi

  • Spongegirl Circleskirt

    Mike, meet Eelshark, Eelshark meet Mike.

  • imcitcat

    oh goodness.. I wonder what the history is with this o.o

  • Firelancer

    I’m personally curious as to the explanation. I wonder if the “mirror” is used as a grave for creatures like Kallakore? What if she “buried” LEVi there because it had “died”?

  • arbitimus

    Now we know Armshark is endoskeletal. So at least he and Mike have that in common.

    Also, look at those foramen. So beautiful (they look like it, anyways). Not to mention that lovely incisive bone.

  • joe

    Who here came back from the most recent update to see if there actually was the alien corpse in the water?

    • Chrontius

      I sure did.

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