Chapter 3, Page 27

Taking the whole concept of “breaking bread” to a new extreme

There’s been some interesting news about Mars oceans and lakes in the past few days, in case you’re like Mike and have no interest in alien snacks

The Rise and Fall of Martian Lakes

Evidence of Martian Megatsunamis

And btw, Mars is at opposition this weekend, meaning you can see it with your naked eye on Sat and Sunday nights. Definitely take a peek; it’s fun to look at Mars without a telescope!

And, thanks to Patrons, we’re going to be having daily updates here for the next week or so. The funded tutorial is also going up soon since I’ve been working on that in between everything else for the past week or so, and we’re nearing the end of the month. Thanks again for your support, you are what’s keeping this comic up and running.

Today’s bonus art: editor’s note




  • dream-piper

    Awww come on, Mike!
    You’re an organic cyborg!
    I would start looking at this glass half full!
    You’re like, halfway through the science fiction hero spectrum!

    • DoomBlahSong

      Could you explain the science fiction hero spectrum?

      • Amadán Dubh

        Well, the second half is having sex an alien princess and killing a guy in a cape.

  • LostYooper

    At first glance I thought Mike had crushed Thrip friend because he was thriping in his ear or something, upon further inspection I see that he crushed whatever “food” Armshark offered him, Thrip friend gets to live another day!

    • CosmicStresshead

      Me too! I laughed *way* too hard.

  • Localized

    That expression in panel 2 is so sassy. I love it.

  • Uggala

    Come on Mike, Kallakore turning it’s head backwards isn’t that disgusting – And you’re supposed to mash your nutrients with your teeth, not your fingers!

    • ProphetZarquon

      I feel like the backward head is like a gesture of amusement…

  • John

    I’m wondering how long Armshark’s patience is going to last. Such impudence Mike!

  • corvideye

    I’m a substrate, you’re a substrate… wouldn’t you like to be a substrate, too!

  • Dudikoff

    >Editor’s note

  • Dudikoff

    In any case, that’s a perfectly natural response to learning that you’ve become a victim of Martian body horror.

  • Adriano

    Mike, you’re eating it wrong

  • AGV

    “Mike, I am no psychologist, but I would dare to say that that was rude.”

    And I just noticed the army of thrips surrounding the gang

    PS: Today in bonus art: Martian Dating sim! Enjoy an out-of-this-world experience!

    • StClair

      I agree, that was definitely rude.

  • CosmicStresshead


  • Charlesw81

    Are those a heap of Thrips around Mike’s bed-rock possibly cleaning up his earlier chunder?

    You know… As much as we can feel sorry for Mike because of his past ordeals and personal troubles… There is a limit… Goto certainly doesn’t seem to have exaggerated. I mean… Let’s say his uncle had a similar past and ordeals. They might explain his transgressions… But not necessarily excuse them.

    • shingworks

      People can be assholes for a wide variety of reasons~ Sometimes a rose is just a rose, and sometimes you just found out you can breathe underwater because you have an external gill cemented to your femur.

      • charles81

        and toast bread with your head

  • So much Mars news this month *_*

  • shittygomu

    For some reason I just lost it at the “Er-“

  • Treeish

    Etiquette has never been Mike’s strong suit, it seems. Whatever that may be on Mars. Er-

    It has been a great week to sit outside and enjoy our red neighbor, even with the bright moon :)

    I just love KK’s body language! The upside down head is both cat and birdlike…

  • HandwashBigpan

    “Humans… we like violence!” ™

  • RichWalk9891

    Looks like Mike reached the end of his patience with everything that’s been happening to him.

    Wonder when Kallakore will reach the end of its patience with Mike after this?

  • Solalah

    Imagine Mike didn’t break his leg thigh friend settled down in his lungs instead… I think I’m gonna puke, too.

  • Karyl

    I dare say Kallakore didn’t imagine THIS kind of response–how alien must Mike seem to her?Him? I forget–side effect of such an effective alien character!

    • JJ

      why not “them” ;-)

  • Corgis!

    “No silly, that is not how you eat food. Here on Mars you have to eat food with your face, not your hand.”

    • AGV

      Geez, teaching to undeveloped alien species can be exhausting

  • Ewan

    I’ve been reading a while and am now enjoying the strip alot, waiting for each update.

  • Spencer

    Mike! Rude!

  • Tom

    Maybe mike doesn’t know his own martian-enhanced strength?

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