Chapter 3, Page 32

Talking underwater is fun. So are fairy lights; very “college dorm room” aesthetic, Kallakore.

Also coloring this page almost killed me.

Some news: I’ll be on hiatus for a week? until the 9th anyway, I am going to a Thing and will not have internet connection/ not be able to upload work for the first time in over… 2 years… scary shit, man. It’s stressing me out a little bit so idk yet if my body will actually consider this a “break,” but it is a change of pace. This month has also been absolutely insane for me work-wise trying to preemptively make up for said break so thanks for understanding the schedule blips, and hope you’ve enjoyed the updates this month. Gonna see if I can squeeze in one last Meek update before I leave on the 2nd, as well as get those Patron commissions out.

Because I’m going to be away and not updating, and also because we reached 1k likes on Facebook yesterday (yay!), I’m going to have a little contest while I’m gone~ I’ll update that info before I leave on the 2nd and it’ll run until I get back home on the 9th :]

Other news: a pretty cool review by the Pretty Cool Webcomic blog

And in Patreon news, the big tutorial of the month has been joined by the big tutorial supplement, which can be previewed by $5 Patrons here. I’m shifting focus away from commissions and onto art edu so I can, like, sleep again.

Today’s bonus art: Kalla’s pensive pose, which is largely based on these and the “I’m ignoring you on purpose right now” pose the cat makes at me any time I try to attract his attention


  • Left side of his face is geting mushroomed too :|

    • [reads below the comic]

      Enjoy your week away \o/
      Not sure if enjoy is the proper term, but I wish it is ~

  • Leon

    Enjoy your break, Der. You certainly earned it. Let go, and live a little. Your comic will still be there when you return, and we readers will survive the wait. So don’t worry about that :)

    • shingworks

      I’ll try :[ I’m sure it’ll be fine but it’s miles outside my comfort zone and I like having a schedule I can control BUT too late to back out now hahaha asdfa;sdfj

      • Leon

        I can totally relate to that. Like being thrown off your little island into the deep end, and btw, you’re a cat. So, you’re flying in the air, and you watch in horror as the water is coming closer and closer. But maybe you’re a tiger, and love to swim. The only way to find out is to get in the water ;)

        • shingworks

          I’ll keep this motivational story in mind while I’m drowning

          • Leon

            Well, some things are inevitable. Once you realize there’s nothing you can do to change the situation, the terror passes, and you realize you were an octocat all along XD.

          • shingworks

            idk about that, I’m more comfortable inside my shell I think XD

          • Leon

            Shell or not, sometimes you can take advantage of the opportunities :P

          • Even octocats can take cover !

        • Aah, but there is also a variety of fisher cats.

          • shingworks


          • Leon

            Note to self: never try to feed a Fisher cat canapés. Despite its appealing looks, has a very disagreeable temperament. Will roar at you, then chase after you.

          • DukeBG

            (This image is now an social network avatar of one of the russian readers)

          • Hahaha, I love that Michael <3

  • Karyl

    Now, Mike–you will listen and listen well! YOU CAN’T FLEE!

  • JJ

    but then –
    the Fire Nation attacked?
    Der-Shing went on hiatus?

    • shingworks

      I mean, if you look at my actual update schedule I’m usually not updating the first week of the month anyway because I have so much maintenance work but this time… I’m not going to be online… this may be the end of me

      • JJ

        I have no issue with your update schedule, in case this came across wrong :-)

        And I’ve had a day of impending doom today, and may have another one tomorrow, so yeah, you too have a nice Thing :v

  • skellagirl

    First Contact is going splendidly!

  • Do Armsharks have some other way of communicating besides facial expressions? It doesn’t seem like Kallakore can really move her face.

    • shingworks

      Mostly body language, crest position, quill position, hands. They have a fairly large gape but it’s considered impolite to walk around with your mouth hanging open.

  • Spav

    That alien needs a hug.

    Both aliens?

  • Varflock

    I wonder… is having some weird shroomlike things growing out of Mike’s face physically painful for him? They must be attached somehow and having roots under skin doesn’t sound very appealing.

    • shingworks

      I imagine they are very annoying! But probably don’t *hurt* hurt, or else he’d be bitching about it. I imagine it feels a bit like having a keloid, or egg whites dried to your skin, in that the area is inflexible and tight and uncomfortable but not actually painful.

      • Sara

        People usually don’t feel leeches or tics until they try to remove them.

      • Ailill mac Máta

        “Like egg whites dried to your skin” is an incredibly… descriptive phrase. Graphic, even. I can practically feel those things all over my face now.

  • kincajou

    Have you ever read Solaris by stanislaw lem? It’s a book that hinges on the idea that if ever humanity does meet an alien species we might have such different frames of reference that we wouldn’t even be able to communicate in a directly meaningful way (if we even acknowledge each other as sentient)

    It’s one of my favourite books and for some reason i find myself thinking about it again in these last pages where communication is so important and yet so hard for your characters!

    Have a great holiday, you really deserve some time off. Before starting my PhD i used to take one week away from the network as a whole (even mobiles) by going hiking in the mountains, it was one of the best things i’ve chosen to do and i can’t wait to get back to it :)

    • shingworks

      Yeah, I loved that book! Great imagery of the “planet” that I still think about till today. A little pulpy, but Crichton’s Sphere also had some interesting thoughts on how an alien species might (or might not) be able to communicate with humans. Then again we can barely communicate with the intelligent species that live on our planet… maybe figure out how to have a conversation with a sparrow first and then move on to bigger things :]

      And thanks, haha, it’s not quite a holiday, but I am looking forward to the novelty of unplugging. Thankfully I will still be able to work even if I can’t post it XD I get really antsy when I can’t at least stay productive.

  • David

    … did the chamber suddenly fill with water, or did Mike follow Kallakore into a new chamber with a low ceiling?

    • shingworks

      New chamber~ the Kallakore Korner

      • DS

        Tantrum Hole?

        • shingworks

          Grumpy Grotto

          • Spongegirl Circleskirt

            The Kranky Kave

          • DukeBG

            Disgruntled Den

  • Ceceoh

    Have a great week off, but if you can’t find any greatness in it, remember that this, too, shall end.

    • shingworks

      Thanks! I can guarantee you by the time I get back I won’t be able to shut up about how great it was and will have a bunch of photos and sketches to show off :p

  • Teej

    Sulky catshark is best/worst catshark

  • Vert

    Congrats, Mike, you are now between Kallakore and the exit. Better not piss her off again.

    Also, Der-Shing, you succeeded perfectly, the first thought I had when I saw Kallakore in panel 2 was that she looked like my cat having a sulk.

  • Treeish

    I’m sure the change will be good – I do this as well when I am forced to bust out of my hamster wheel for a few days. Scary at first, but it’s actually therapeutic. Love the comic, we will be waiting *ever* so patiently…

  • Luces

    My mother keeps no WiFi. So when I visit her, it’s like a timetravel to BeforeThe Net, no fast looking into some pages, no updates, just the small and slow connections over the mobile. It’s kind of scary.
    Still, people lived that way for thousands of years…
    Have a good time still!

  • AGV

    “Kalla, by ‘finish our conversation’ I meant explaining the story of your planet, not the story your life”
    Geez, the last panel cracked me XD

  • DukeBG

    Have a good and refreshing offline week!

    Can’t wait to know what’s the little contest about

  • Karyl

    Don’t know why but somehow I flashed on all the infomercials that go “but wait, there’s more!” about Kallakore in the last panel:)
    I agree to wait happily for a recharged you and whatever sketches posts you might generate–be well and have a great time!

  • MikeLinPA

    It occurs to me than Mike’s anger is a great short term treatment for his depression.

    • jimpost

      More likely a symptom of the depression than self-treatment. Aggression and angry outbursts are one of the ways depression can manifest itself.

      Not very fun, I gotta say. I’ll stick with my meds, thank you very much.

    • Sheridan

      I find that anger is depression but with enthusiasm. Or the other way around.

  • fox-orian

    I like to think Kallakore was talking the whole time, Mike just couldn’t hear until he submerged his head lol.

    • shingworks

      omg XD

    • pastry

      that’s hilarious omg hahahahaha

  • jimpost

    So are you going to a thing like a dreaded family reunion or a Thing thing? And if you are going to a Thing thing, what is being discussed/voted on?

    • shingworks

      I’m going to an artist thing (in another state even X[___]) with household-name artists who are so far above my caliber that it’s literally not even funny. HAHA and now back to pointedly not thinking about it until the last possible minute.

      • Corbie

        I hope it’ll be awesome and you’ll make some great contacts. Most household-name artists are cool people to meet. :)

        … I wonder if this chamber is Kalla’s version of cool-down-pink. :)

  • I’m going on vacation in a few days and while excited, I get you! I like consistency. I like schedule. *hisses at daylight*

    • The Ssssun it buuuurns !

    • Sheridan

      I too recoil at that flaming ball of gas in the sky. Especially since right now it seems to be located approximately 3/4 of a mile from me.

  • DatComment

    A hotdog pose?

  • anvill

    For an Earthling, Mike sure is mercurial.

    • David

      You’re so punny

    • shingworks

      badum tish

  • shittygomu

    Mike’s “What” and expression in the last panel made me giggle

  • Jac

    Mike is the best, grumpiest alien

  • SotiCoto

    Armshark Kallawhatever really is an exposition beast…

  • Sheridan

    Definately getting a ‘womb’ vibe from this cave.

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