Chapter 3, Page 34

Star Dunes B] My favorite. And yes, there is wind down there to sculpt them.

This month should be fun, I’ve set a goal of 21 Shingworks comics updates to make up for last months’ impaction (you can read about it in the previous post). We’ll see how that goes! If you are a Patron of any level, you already have access to the sketch versions of the next 4 updates, but after that we’ll be back into shiny new territory. This chapter is finishing in the 40’s pagewise so we’re getting close.

On the off chance that you missed it, a giant tutorial also recently went up on Patreon. This month’s topic was about writing for webcomics. Had a lot to say on that particular subject, haha… next month’s topic is ready for public voting now at the same link. More bonus content will be up soon.

Another one of the many things I was working hard on last month was my story for the Elements Anthology, which has finally launched. I’ll be plugging this for the remainder of the month… the editors on this project, the theme, the creators involved and the production values are all beyond reproach, definitely check out the campaign when you get a chance. My story in there is sci-fi, but this time about Jupiter and not Mars… had to switch it up a bit XD

The other thing I’m working on is a Kickstarter for my other comic, The Meek. That will be launching in August for the first ever printing of the first three chapters in book form. Things are starting to get serious with that project. As a matter of fact, I’m working with several members of the Beyond team running the above KS (many of who work professionally in comic book production) to ensure that the quality of this book is top of the line… If you’re not reading it already now is as good a time as any to start XD.

Anyway I’ll shut up now, more content soon


  • spottedspeck

    Aaaaw, Levi is just too cute…… too bad he’s dead(?)

  • This is me when it comes to geology.

    (ok, maybe not that bad)

  • stilltyrex

    kalakore:”Levi, its all rocks”
    Levi:”how dare you call them just rocks. Look at that one, it’s a boulder.”

    • shingworks
      • Adriano

        Omg what a quote xD I’m dead xDD

      • Max

        Regarding minerals – we had to make a modest collection of “n” of them at some point in school as an assignment. After salt crystal, marble chip and the like I ran out of ideas at exactly “n-1”. So I took one of the plastic bags holding the samples, sealed it with some air inside, and slapped a label under it: “METHANE”. Because yup, underground hydrocarbons are minerals too, and are you seriously gonna test that sample…? Anyhoo – the teacher was amused, I passed.

      • Spongegirl Circleskirt

        Let’s cook, Shingy…

      • Casey

        Oh my god, that was perfect. I just started Breaking Bad last weekend and I watched that episode yesterday! A much-appreciated reference.

  • Luces

    At the Lake Victoria in East Africa there are (or were) more kinds of cichlids than everywhere else, hundreds, if I remember correctly. To the natives, they were all “fish”.
    To be surrounded by something doesn’t mean you know much about it!

  • The answer is Rock. Thanks, I’ll try it on math exam.

  • Leon

    Levi: “What about this sand?”
    Kala: “Tiny rocks…”

  • AGV


    Also, Mare Internum must be HUGE

  • Ceceoh

    Things Kallakore is not: geological engineer.

  • Spencer

    Ignorant, innocent Kallakore is so cute. Like a baby.

    • shingworks

      lol, so harsh. I doubt the average Earthling would be able to reciprocate with the proper translation.

      • David

        A botryoid is a rock that has contracted botulism.

        Incidentally, I plan to name my first child Botulus.

  • TorgueRND

    As a geologist, I too have been distracted by esoterica throughout this comic’s run. Furthermore, I can assure all present that Kallakore’s classification is 100% scientifically valid and correct.

  • Spongegirl Circleskirt

    “The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!”

  • Look up the conlang called Toki Pona, it’s structured the same way and is a lot of fun to learn!

  • Lilian

    Both LEVi and Kallakore are correct in their classifications. It’s all about intent and perspective.

  • David


  • AlpineBob

    I’m assuming Levi learned and is speaking “martian” inside the ‘s?
    If so, he already knows the martian word for botryoid and komatiite, since he spoke them. ;)
    (Amusingly, comment-spellchecker doesn’t recognize either rock. Neither do I, for that matter…It’s all rocks to me too, Kal.)

    Maybe they should be outside the brackets?
    Probably, but since everybody understands what is going on anyway, it would be kinda pointless to bother with it, I guess.

    • shingworks

      lol, now that you mention it, it’s bugging me too. Logic!! I’ll move the brackets in a bit XD

      • Leon

        It’s a small detail, I think most people will naturally assume these words were non-martian. If you want to emphasize that, a simple fix could be to add double quotes, like you already did with “rock”.

  • Lar

    “LEVi, it’s all rocks.” Why is that SO cute.

    • David

      it’s turtles all the way down

  • Aristatide

    ….I hate to say it, but my first thought on that last panel genuinely was, “That looks like something from Bad Dragon.”

  • Arianwen

    Martians have 300 words for rocks. They’re all pronounced “rock”.

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