Chapter 3, Page 44

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In case you don’t remember this convo, since it was like 7 months ago. Feels weird to get to this scene, I’ve had it in my head since forever.

BTW, there were 4 updates in a row over the past few days! If you didn’t see them over the weekend you can go back and read them~

News copypaste from yesterday:

Reminder to $10 Patrons to pick up the previous month’s tutorial worksheet for the comic research tutorial, since it will be removed with the new month’s uploads~

Also, like the banner that’s been there for a few weeks says, we’re closing in on the end of the Kickstarter for my first book! If you haven’t taken a look yet, why not check it out? Lots of good stuff in there, and one of the few times I’ll be offering these items :]

Thanks for reading!!


  • vin

    … thrip?

    • Adriano

      He lost all his friends…

      • Siarles

        Still has toaster-face though.

    • shingworks


      • AGV

        Oh, no
        Not Thrip QAQ

      • Spav

        Shing oh my god.

        This is worse than Phe, I swear.

        • shingworks


          • Spav

            “Lol,” says Emperor Helmer, as she pushes the tenth political dissident of the day into the Grand Prismatic. As they die, she takes pictures for her ref folder.

      • Arbatel

        I still don’t understand the whole “toaster face” thing.

      • Cthulhufish


  • Hima

    Nope I don’t think anyone minds.

  • Fen

    Oh boy. Poor Michael…

  • That last panel, if he was human, that would be pure bastard framing.

  • Oh my God, Kalla is so adorable and insecure!

    Unless she’s being sarcastic…. darn difficult to read armshark faces. ><

  • Drakeo

    I would be like “nope”

  • David

    You do so much with shades of blue- impressive. Also, I love Kalla’s eye in the last panel.

  • Anon

    God, the way you color water kills me every time, dershing. I’ve never seen anyone who can make it look as great as you do.

    • squidlifecrisis

      seconded, it makes me want to quit art forever

      • shingworks


    • shingworks

      HAHA step 1: it’s not water, but some glowy blue stuff, and therefore doesn’t have to look realistic. Step 2: just a bunch of horizontal lines or wrapping colors around the coast! that’s all~

  • This is all good. I’m sure this is all conducive to something good just over the horizon for Mike.


    • Asterai

      You kid, but the more the outside world tries to kill him, the harder he’ll fight to stay alive. He needs to be in control of his fate.

      If he stays alive long enough, he might even find a reason to stick around long-term.

  • manĂ´

    never thought an armshark could break my heart and yet here we are

    • shingworks

      Kalla is dead set on that friend zone

  • Localized

    “I saved your life so you have to be my friend now :3”

    Beautiful water as always <3

  • AGV

    “Now, if you excuse me, I’ll go rescue Thrip too”

    • ceceoh

      I hope Kallakore doesn’t just grab some random thrip and try to pull the old “goldfish switcheroo” on Mike.

      • shingworks

        Are you saying Thrip isn’t living with all the other thrips at the farm >:[

  • Arianwen

    Goddammit, Mike, I go without internet for ONE WEEK

  • Karyl

    Ok, so I am confused–did thighfriend get dissolved by swimming dart guys? He’s not in a position where I can tell. Meanwhile, count me in on all the ppl amazed at your water renders! WOWZA!~

    • shingworks

      He fell off Mike’s shoulder while madflap was doing his thing~~ poor guy. We’ll have to see if he’s in any condition to catch up.

    • shingworks

      Oh whoops, thighfriend! He’s… idk! We’ll see XD But Kalla put Mike so his legs are in the water, if you look at that second to last panel, so~

    • thighfriend is… conveniently off-panels today :D


      • shingworks

        Haha XD I prefer not to introduce too many things in one page, it creates internal confusion. Scene change, state change, reintroduced character is enough.

      • Vert

        Maybe Stabfish are male Thighfriends. Thighfriend did look pretty big and healthy, lustrous plumage and all that, perhaps they were simply confused by all the sexy pheromones and some of them tried to fertilize Mike! It could happen to anyone!

        So anyway, yeah, now Thighfriend does the sandworm thing and breaks into a billion little larvae and swims away! This is gonna be great!

  • Alan

    So, if Kalla’s been reincarnated time after time by the system, what’s to stop it from regenerating Mike now that he’s part of things down there? The system could presumably kill Kalla off at any time it wants, so she must have a purpose as it brought her back after the LEVi incident.

  • dream-piper

    Is…Is Kalakore attempting to be a sassy-fras?

  • Versi

    I simply can’t wait for this comic to be available in print form. For such a thing I will give you many earth dollars.

    • shingworks

      I’m sorry we only accept Mars dollars

      • shingworks


        • Leon


        • Lord Hideous

          Pi, Teepi and Tanpi?

  • Victor

    Mike, you have ended up trapped and isolated in a cavern with probably the only other creature in the solar system as depressive, fatalistic, and snarky as you are. Never let it be said that the universe doesn’t have a sense of humor. I wonder if Kalla is living some kind of Groundhog Day thing, where she can’t even kill herself without the system bringing her back, because it has some protocol that requires a living overseer (even if it ignores her and does what it wants anyway).

    • Alan

      Mike is arguably part of the system now, and it could presumably exercise the same power over him. Mike’s probably not going to like that… For that matter, how do we know that Mike hasn’t already been resurrected? Perhaps the initial rockfall killed him!

      • Victor

        Good point! But if his spacesuit was buried in rocks, they’d have to resurrect that, too. Kalla’s fashion choices are much more minimalist.

    • LameFox

      If it really is a bunker of some sort, maybe someone designed it to keep its occupants alive and then left it to figure out the details on its own.

  • Purplefelix

    They even have really similarly shaped snouts from these angles!

    • AGV

      Convergent evolution makes awesome things

  • Glavos

    Can I dub the swimming needles from a few pages back, “NOPE-fish”?

    • John

      I believe they were already designated ‘stabfish’

  • Smol

    (a voice, softly in the distance from behind two hands covering a red face):….. I still ship it.

  • Sheridan

    Not only did the stabfish have the stabby part, it looks like they also had a ring of teeth, like a lamprey.

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