Chapter 3, Page 57


Been busy with some other Shingworks stuff… for Patrons, a new tutorial about creating your own Patreon campaign is now up! And, because my philosophy about these things is to make sure I make my stuff free online to everyone eventually, the tutorial about Coloring with Masks is up for general viewing now (and forever). I’ll be making these tutorials available (at a slightly lower resolution than the Patreon version) to everyone 6 months after their original post date.

Back to the coloring tut though, this is how I color MI, The Meek, and a lot of my other professional work… I mostly switched to this method because painting with textured brushes is a pain in the ass, and making this comic used to crash my Photoshop, haha. Anyways, it’s fun, so check it out. If you want some extra practice there is a supplement option as well~

Next page tomorrow with the list of Thrip sticker winners from October! And will be posting the Patreon winners over there in a few hours.



  • Max

    “YOU… SHALL… NOT… PASS!!!”

    …What? It’s saying something else?

    • Dar

      First Uruk-hai. Now Ents. Poor Mike doesn’t realize he’s stumbled into the Martian version of Lord of the Rings.

      • AGV

        Wait untill Gollum gets introduced

        • J.A Kooistra

          Well, there you go.

          • Chrontius

            I think Kallakore WAS Martian Gollum.

  • Corbie

    … did Bex grow Martian Cauliflower Hair?

    I hope Kalla is still alive. Or might return, once more. :o

  • Jake

    Please don’t leave us shivering with antici………… pation!
    Read from page one over the last few weeks and am loving the comic. I do wonder though if you could get a mobile site going? I’m reading on an iPhone 6+ (the big screen) and still have to zoom in because there’s a lot bordering the actual art.
    Keep the story going, we love it!

    • shingworks

      Hm, I can look into it! maybe there’s some way to adjust the parameters on my end so it’s not so annoying for you. I’ll let you know if it’s doable~

      • Jake

        Thanks again!

      • Dear god, please don’t ruin this beautiful mobile-friendly site by forcing “mobile” browsing on us.

        • shingworks

          Lol, I have zero interest in redesigning the entire site. But I don’t think or ask about optimizing for mobile, and sometimes my implementation guy knows about low-hanging-fruit type fixes in the code.

  • Quix

    If Bex killed Kalla I’m going to be SO unimpressed with her personal conduct.

    • Michele

      Yeeeeah… that was my thought too. I will be so sad if the next page shows us Bex eating Kalla.

  • Spottedspeck

    Dammit Bex

  • DukeBG

    Did Bex get herself a bush-friend? That’s a questionable addition to the list of friends we have already.

  • Ashley

    I’m gonna cry if Bex or whoever/whatever that was killed Kalla

    • AGV

      Lies ;_;

      • AGV

        Sorry, I undestood “I’m not” for some reason

  • HandwashBigpan

    Former president George W. Bush!?!?!
    What are you doing on Mars?!

  • Shakespizza

    Wild Space Yeti appears!

  • Android 21 3/7

    …New treefriend?

  • John

    Hey, leaf Kalla alone!!

    • AGV


    • Solanuma

      Kalla certainly didn’t expect to get am-bushed!

  • If those thing are depecing Kal I’m gonna get mad D:

  • ObservantWolf


  • Rachael

    I hope this is like that scene in Ferngully and Kal is carving Mike’s name into a tree…

  • AGV

    I’m so freaking out, don’t harm Kalla, please…

    And good luck with the elections, whatever’s the result

  • Fleece

    Thank you for making tutorials available for patient stingy people! :)

  • Lord Hideous

    Hang on. Considering the scenery has been rocks, rocks and more rocks for the last few pages, how did Kalla find a bush to hide in?

    • Ashley

      Are we sure its a bush? o.o

  • Fleece

    Hmm, my comment seems to have dissapeared, or I just can’t see it? Thank you very much for making the tutorials slowly available for even the non-patreon people!

    • shingworks

      Haha, sorry I manually accept new commenters to reduce spambot posts! You’re good to go (and, you’re welcome! I am also patient and stingy so I gotta look out).

  • Omer

    I-i-is Kalla being barbecued?
    Could that be Braid? Do we know anything about her absence? Maybe she has been killing and eating Kallakore all this time. .___.U

    • DukeBG

      Not from the comics, but from comments we know that Braid is on another station. Some people got confused in the chapter 1, it was LEVi who was missing and nothing happened to Braid, the project just got cancelled, she was moved elsewhere immediately and Mikey got F-ed.

      (fired, that is)

  • Warr

    I may be wrong, but…

    Is this the first time he’s ever said Kalla’s name out loud? I was under the impression he’d be the type to totally forget a name if it’s been said only once, haha.

    • shingworks

      Nah, he’s said it before

  • Jack

    Is no one gonna talk about panel 3? – Damn boi, Mike is fit af.

  • David

    I think we’ve gone from Thrip to Tok

  • SotiCoto


    Having two functioning eyes is important. -_-

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