Chapter 4, Page 14

This is what happens when you don’t read the user manual

And for Patrons, a process animation showing this page from scribble to advanced color-scribble.

In non-comics land, I’ve posted a new free-to-read tutorial about building Patreon campaigns. This 2-part series contains a bunch of stuff I’ve learned over the past 2 years, both the good stuff and the mistakes (mistakes are always more important to read ofc). For Patrons, the newest tutorial about self-teaching yourself art the Shingworks way went up as well. Making tutorials has been a very worthwhile experience in that I get to share my hard-won process with people… I make so many mistakes, all of the time, trying to figure this stuff out. Some more painful than others… makes it a bit more worth it if I can prevent others from wasting their time on stuff that doesn’t necessarily work XD

Also: the good folks at Beyond Press just launched their Beyond Anthology 2: Urban Fantasy and Post Apocalypse title! An amazing collection of comic stories, definitely give it a look.

Not terribly much to report otherwise, just very busy~ Got loads of stuff happening on the side, but none of it ready to talk about yet~


  • Tad


    I love this, maybe Bex will be able to cooperate with these guys now that they’re approaching an understanding of one-another. :D

  • Fawkes Rinzler

    HAHAHA!!! “Humans can’t regenerate their limbs!!!” Well…have you tried? XD Maybe his misconception isn’t that far off!
    God, I need to re-read this story from the beginning! I love this webcomic so much! I miss our blond pout-potato, but Bex’s attempts to communicate with our misconception riddled friends is very amusing! :D

  • Wood

    Ah, they confused humans and newts. A pretty common mistake, really.

    • shingworks

      Regenerate skin, regenerate limbs, it’s such a subtle difference.

      • RedDwarfIV

        Regenerate liver…

      • J.A Kooistra

        Replace the “R” with a “D” in regenerate and suddenly you have 1-dimensional villain-speak.

        • Weirderthanweird

          Regenedate. When your date is killed and you grow them back?

          Are you tired of villains killing your date, hero? Well then try out our new product, the regenedate! Never again will you have to worry about your heroic actions interfering with your love life!

  • Name

    What is even going on in this webcomic anymore

    • DukeBG

      Humans being terrible at the First Contact thing

      • Bottas Heimfe

        yeah, first contact is something we shouldn’t be looking forward to for a few centuries at least. once we figure out our own shit, then MAYBE we should try contacting other intelligent life-forms. until we stop being the selfish and aggressive Apes that we are, we have no right to say HI to an intelligence that may or may not be smarter than us.

        • Herp McDerp

          Or nastier and more aggressive than we are. Niceness *might* lead to success in racial survival … or it might not.

  • ObservantWolf

    Hey, at least they learn and update their data! Might be too trusting of new data though, if Bex employs sarcasm we might get whole new misconceptions! XD Maybe having learnt things from logical Levi is a bit of a handicap when dealing with unpredictable humans…

  • chiz

    I love the little peek of worm guy in the very first panel, that shit cracked me up.

    • Weirderthanweird

      I completely missed that! Thanks for pointing it out!

    • Roo

      Right?! I laughed when I saw the little tip juuuust peeking in on the first panel. It made me envision the worm boi tip-toeing over to her on its odd legs all stealthy-Walking-Dead-zombie-style

  • Amelioration is such a rare word to come across! I would bet that the vocabulary is probably also contributing to the misunderstandings. I like it :]

  • Bottas Heimfe

    but i find these Biological Machines quite fascinating. the Ancient Martians must have been Masters of Genetic Engineering to manipulate biological life in such a way. i mean seriously! this is EONS ahead of us. sure we have better inorganic machinery, but this is far more complicated and potentially better than what we have. the there are 15 Petabytes of data in the typical Adult Human Brain. 15 Petabytes. that is a lot of data. an organic computer that uses replicating Neurons instead of Transistors has far more potential in raw power. one just has to figure out how to keep it running without the Hormones that cause emotions or we’d have an artificial person on our hands.

  • Then, right as Bex and the worm creature become friends, Michael shows up out of nowhere and kills it in cold blood!

    • shingworks

      “See how you like it!”

      • Joe ST

        still crying about this tbh

    • okno

      lmfao that’s terrible

    • Hima

      Made me laugh out loud!

  • charlesw81

    I’m thinking her interpretation ability was only gained by her dip in the “ocean” and that is why she got away after being dragged in and submerged… essentially it got what it wanted, or did what it wanted to do, and released her.

    Before that, I’m betting she could never understand even these guys. At least, she looked surprised when they started talking and it looked like more than just the surprise that LEVi couldn’t understand them.

  • was worm boi just going to rip her fingers off like u nasty

  • Rev

    Second panel: “This is just like in one of my Japanese animes!”

    • AGV

      Last time I checked, no weiner introduced itself, and definetly none did in such an appreciative and formal way

      Althoug I’m pretty sure that porn would be way more amusing like this

  • AGV

    “Jeez, don’t you have propper surgical equipment?”

  • David

    I am morbidly curious as to how “digit collection” would work. That wormy appendage doesn’t look like it’s capable of snipping anyone’s finger off

  • Underdawg

    “Why are you doing this?” I think if one of them shown up in my backyard, I would be quite curious as well. At least they are being polite and asking before they actually do anything.

  • SlipspaceSurvivalist

    No, not those kinds of digits, Bex. You silly human, thinking it’s talking about your body parts…

  • w00tist

    I read everything this thing says in an Abathur voice

  • foducool

    “digit collection commence?”
    “dude you’re NOT taking my fingers

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