Chapter 4, Page 21

Now we know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall

What’s up? Thanks for joining the Patreon stream on Thurs, all 6 of you (lol), I actually found that I inked faster with a stream so I think I’ll be doing one tomorrow as well for page 22. You can see the incomprehensible sketch for this page at that link though, and I’ll be streaming at the same place (non-Patrons can also technically watch these, but you’ll have to Google sleuth for the address to appeal to my vague sense of internet fairness).

Patrons also got a networking tutorial and big ol’ supplement worksheet, with everything I know about networking in ways that don’t make me want to scream. If you’re a regular commenter, you are already networking with me, because I love you guys~

What else… nothing off the top of my head I guess. How are you all doing?


  • “He can do a lot of pull-ups ? WELL HE SURE PULLED ME DOWN THERE WITH HIM”

  • ObservantWolf

    AI-pathing has been an issue in many games, I’ve had allies walk off ledges to their death repeatedly… XD

    • Uggala

      That could be the reason Levi was designed as a flying robot. Pathfinding for fyling objects is easy. It’s probably easier researching and developing a portable anti-grav unit than to program a proper pathfinding algorithm for a walking unit :D

      • ObservantWolf

        Huh, good point! Can still fall down deep dark holes if his flight depends on a certain nearness of floor though.

  • Zach

    She’ll have to drop the suit. Yay!

  • David

    She’s climbing Freddie Krueger’s face ^.^

    Also- how come she can breathe the air without coughing? Mike required a thighfriend.

    And welcome back, Der-shing :-)

    • shingworks

      The air is not great, but is breathable. Mike sustained a bit more damage than she did on the way down/ was initially in a smaller danker chamber, plus she’s been wearing a helmet/ mask as much as possible.

      • David

        Btw, who is your model for Dr. Fisher? Michael Phelps? He’s built like a god.

        • shingworks

          Fit people, BWF folks, since BWF exercises are easy to do at work or smaller spaces. He was also on steroids for a while so he used to be a bit bigger.

          • David


          • David

            Armshark = Mike on steroids

          • weirderthanweird

            I looked up BWF because I didn’t know what the acronym stood for and Badminton is what came up. Is that… is that correct? o.O

          • shingworks

            Oh sorry XD It’s maybe only an acronym on the subreddit I go to… it’s body weight fitness (using your own BW as resistance like push-ups and pull-ups).

  • arteopteryx

    Simplified LEVi-at-a-distance is soo cuutee! Of course, he’s further simplified since I’m reading from my phone atm. Cute little golden oval with eye-stalks and a tail-line!

    Btw, should LEVi’s leash be visible wrapped around Bex’s glove in the first panel?

    • shingworks

      Oh shoot, good catch!! I can’t believe I didn’t notice that, haha

  • Quix

    Fish this, and Fish that.

  • scrubjay

    this page is so gorgeous

  • BigDogLittleCat

    Levi is so cute and adorable, and I’m so glad he’s in this comic, because in real life he’d drive you crazy. As he appears to be doing to Bex.

    The leash makes me laugh. As if he wouldn’t follow her even if she didn’t want him to.

  • Ben

    I do like the art in this strip, very spectacular.

    • shingworks



      • Android 21 3/7


  • I love that Levi calls Kalla Fish.

    At least, I’m pretty sure it’s Ms. Kalla he’s referring to.

    • Edmund

      It’s Mike Fisher, but the meaning doesn’t change much at all for the error.

      • Ah, right. I should have known that. The whole alien shark-lady has got me getting my fishes confused.

        • David

          Yeah, Levi calls him Fish earlier on. I just re-read this comic, and there’s a lot of stuff I missed.

          Der-shing is definitely one for showing you stuff, rather than *telling* you. There’s a lot of subtlety.

        • David

          I’m assuming that a big part of Mike’s character is this Dr. Braid, who has only been mentioned twice, and perhaps shown to us once. I don’t know what happened to her, but maybe it’s what pushed Mike over the edge.

  • hkmaly

    So long since the comics appeared and STILL noone who would say it’s totally climbable? I guess it’s really hard, then :-)

    • David

      It looks doable- plenty of handholds. I wouldn’t want to try it in a spacesuit though.

  • “Now we know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall”
    Because they had to count them all, right?
    Just another Day in the Life inside Mars!

  • Sheridan

    Panel three, so pretty!
    But where are they. Bex can’t have climbed up from there to her hideout, so that must be somewhere nearby. So the processor is down lower. But that doesn’t answer why LEVi’s chassis and KallaKore’s previous body was found in the mirror ‘upstairs’.
    So many questions.

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