Chapter 4, Page 25

I admit I could have compressed this scene a lot more but… just kidding, I can’t resist stupid moments like this every once in a while

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Mostly the same as last update:

Small MI-related Thing happening soon, if you’d like to have an advance notice of what it is and when it goes live, feel free to sign up here for a head’s up and advantage~

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And last, “stranglefriends” was proposed by JJ as name for the new guys, any other thoughts on that?


  • Fridge_Logik

    Love it, no need for compression.

  • rimmeh

    So beautiful. Change nothing.

  • Younicorn

    Oh wow I just found and read this whole thing in one day, and I can’t wait to see what happens next! Also… WHERE’S FISH?!?

  • Brian

    Out-of-sync worms are the WORST!

  • Kuggur

    Stranglefriends? No way. Bondage Buddies!

    • Asterai


      • JAK


        • JJ

          I love all of these suggestions!

    • Minutiae

      now, now. bondage should be safe, sane and consensual. Rebekah is 10000% not consenting. ;)

      • Kuggur

        Well, I don,t hear the safeword…

        • evileeyore

          I think the safe word is “water”.

  • AGV

    Ok, that was both smart and heroic

    Praise Threvi and this page

  • Max

    “Stranglefriends” does have a fair bit of David Carradine vibe to it (okay maybe it’s just me, I’m known to be weird in any number of ways) but hey – it does fit in the overarching pattern and it’s hardly the zaniest thing in this comic…

    • N0083rp00F

      I was going to Cronnenberg but Carradine is way scarier and annoying.

  • Jojo

    I love Levi.

  • DukeBG

    So beautiful

    • DukeBG

      So much grace

  • “Look: now I’m a yo-yo…ouch!”

  • ObservantWolf

    Time to force an update on these worms!

    • shingworks

      Me, every time I post a new page (jk)

      • lou

        The one webcomic where even comparing your readers to googly-eyed crustaceans would be received as a compliment ;)

  • Dogma

    First you get the water, then you get the power*, the you save the woman.

    *of the third law.

    • kilobyte

      Oh god that was perfect

    • David

      What’s that from?

  • So heroic, so good :D

  • V

    “He’s beauty, he’s grace, he’ll butt-slap you in the face.”

    And this is even sillier, but every time I think of LEVi saying her name (especially like on the last page), I hear it as CatBug (

    • Stickman


    • Prismatism

      I’ve been hearing the CatBug thing too! I think especially since we found out he has the personality of a little kid

  • Eric

    Love this comic, can’t wait to see what happened to Fisher

  • Solanuma

    This will be a slo mo shot in the movie adaption. With the chariot of fire theme for extra cheese.

  • MineTruly

    Stranglefriends, yes.

  • Rev

    He is beauty, he is grace.

  • David

    There is a scene in either Hero or Crouching Tiger where they have a fight in the rain, and you can see the two combatants pushing raindrops out of the way as they charge in slo-mo. This page reminds me of that.

    I would say that injecting a humor page every once in a while is important- it makes us fall in love with the characters.

  • Teej

    Lol was he planning to bounce back due to the bungee cord or did he just…. jump…

  • Has the new proto-LEVi on the ISS ( been talked about here yet? It’s worth a look if you’re fond of floating robots.

  • Brushtail

    I keep checking back to see if there’s been an update. I am momentarily disappointed that there hasn’t been one, then I see the big gold eyes in panel 3 and am filled with hope and joy. I’d love to buy that on a mouse pad or a tote bag or something.

    • shingworks

      lol, soon, I’m finishing the page up right now XD I decided to update The Meek on Monday instead, so this week’s MI pages are on Weds/ Fri.

      AND if you like gold friends then you will like the new Thing.

  • DukeBG

    I missed the “stranglefriends” bit when reading the page the first time. I think it sounds nice~

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