Chapter 4, Page 35


Hey, thanks to everyone who came out to Boise Library Comic Con! Was very interesting traveling to a new place and getting to share my comics with nice people in 100 degree weather, haha. My last con of the year is the weekend of the 8th in Portland at Rose City Comic Con… I’ll be a guest there and tabling at D-01, should be neat :]

I am still nominated for an Ignatz, would still love your vote at SPX if you’re going, and will be posting a new Meek page later in the week (and every week leading up to SPX). Will probably be streaming some work tomorrow for Patrons if you’re around~

I can tell I’m being thrown off my game a bit by cons and the nom and such, but am continuing to work as hard as I can… I’ll be really excited after RCCC is done cuz the plan is still finishing up this comic by the start of 2018 so??? hopefully. Was talking a bit to some new friends at the con about the fear of finishing a big project, still kinda thinking about that, haha XD Will be weird to have a complete project… sorry I’m rambling, lots of work to go before I get to that point I suppose. Thank you for reading~


  • PositronicGirl

    Levi custody battle dun dun DUN

    • Stickman


    • Shihchuan

      SO ending of 2nd season of Grey’s Anatomy.

  • JT


  • ObservantWolf

    Quite a dilemma, go with the lady that can understand you but may be more concerned with escape than safety, or stay with the friend you were just re-united with but who cannot understand you…

  • CharlesW81

    Yeah… about that Bex… LEVi doesn’t really know you that well but he’s great mates with Kalla and Mike… Further, your own interactions with him haven’t exactly been in the vein of friendship what with the capture, imprisonment, interrogation and leash.

  • Solanuma

    Hey Bex, listening to the martians was a great idea so far…why don’t you keep at it when they say that place you want to go to is dangerous?

  • DukeBG

    LEVi: You’re not my real mom, Bex!!!

  • DukeBG

    By the way, I have some thoughts on that finishing big projects that you worked hard on, for long, putting a lot of yourself into it…
    Obviously, my experience is nothing like this kind of a webcomic project, but still. It can actually hit you pretty hard. Like, into depression. It sounds a bit counter intuitive and not easy to talk about, but I’ve seen some artists talk about it too (cannot remember the name… somebody did a good comic about it… i’ll try to find it later).
    However, one of the main reasons behind that process for me (and maybe others) was that so much work, thought and everything you do was focused on a single thing. And that thing was over. So you feel you’re left with nothing (yes, even though the thing is still existing and it’s done rather than being gone or anything). I think, having The Meek (and other projects) would help you, though. So, maybe, you wouldn’t even experience much of what I’m trying to describe at all.

    • shingworks

      Yeah, I tend to get depressed at the end of big projects in general, but my biggest so far have been non-personal works, and MI is probably the most personal comic I’ve done so far… I’m hoping that doing a Kickstarter for the book right after (well, during) the ending will distract me for a few more months~

  • skellagirl

    YOU’RE GONNA BE AT ROSE CITY??? AHHH! One of the biggest reasons I was sad I missed eccc earlier this year was that I missed a chance to meet you!!!!

    Gonna have to scrape up some money so I can throw it in your general direction QoQ

    • shingworks

      Haha XD Even if you just come by to say hello I will be very glad to meet a reader. It’s my first time at this show so I’m excited!

  • “and I’m kind in this whole mess thanks to him, too”

  • Bradford

    Did you ever draw/design Wollarian skeletons or musculature?

    • shingworks

      Just the upper arm bone, lol. JK I think I had a rough design of the skeleton at some point, in order to do this page, but I could try and dig it up

  • workaway

    Threvi wants to find his very best friend in the known universe Michael!!

  • SomeUnregPunk

    man… she is going to die and get reborn isn’t she?

  • Ellie

    The tally of people who have called Rebecca selfish now includes her husband, Michael (indirectly), and a Martian. I wonder how much she deserves that?

  • prismatism

    I know Levi is probably supposed to be pronounced “leh-vee” to sound like the beginning of levitate, but my brain keeps bouncing between that and “lee-vie” for some reason

  • nayr

    I’m so glad to be caught up with this comic again. And there have been some fascinating developments! and some horrifying developments. But mostly fascinating!

  • Becky

    hey what happened to the bumpy bag Bex was holding? it’s gone in the last panel where she is holding a regular sack but in the panels before that she has that bumpy thing in her hand.
    What is that big bumpy things she is always holding or wearing anyways? I always wondered that. For a few minutes I when I first saw it I had thought it was something growing on her like with Michael lol then realized she was using it as a bag or something.

  • Becky

    oh wait she wasn’t holding the bumpy thing she is wearing it but it’s gone in that last panel…?

    • shingworks

      Yeah, so if you go back and look there’s two things: one is a bag with stuff in it, and the other is a shawl made of moss or something that was also in the cave. When we’ve seen her walking recently, there’s a sort of hump on her back caused by the bag under her shawl. Then in the last few pages Kalla took the bag off, leaving the shawl, then emptied her bag to look at the contents. In this page Bex puts the contents back in the bag (panel 2), puts the bag under her armpit and unties the shawl (panel 3), then reslings the bag over her shoulder (panel 4). After I saw the final page I didn’t like the progression of action so I might do some edits, but on paper it makes sense XD

      • Indedipal

        It makes sense to me… When I noticed the shawl was gone I had to backtrack, but you can see she’s taking it off in the previous panel. Continuity win.

  • Alan

    Kalla previously told Mike that she didn’t know where the processor was, in chapter 3, page 37. Now she seems to have some idea of where.

  • JJ

    When Bex is talking to Levi, does it sound to Kalla like she’s rubbing her posterior acoustic plates?

    • shingworks

      lol, I don’t want to even imagine

  • Alan

    “Levi, Let’s go.”
    “Um… You’re kinda mean lady. I’ll stay here with my friend.”

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