Chapter 4, Page 43

Kalla will you please stop leaving your skeletons all over the place

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  • DukeBG

    This will sound memeish, but I do see a silhouette of a crustacean on the last panel.

    • Scaramouche! Scaramouche! Do I hear a mad Martian?

      • DukeBG

        Thunderbolt and skeletons, very, very fright’ning me

    • AGV

      *ghostly reflection of LEVi appears on the water*
      “Remember who you are, Rebecka”

      Either that or she starts hearing someone singing something about being shiny

      • shingworks


        • AGV

          “It’s the Mare Internuuuuum
          And there’s no scape from heeeeeere…”

      • MikeLinPA

        as long as she doesn’t hear banjo music…

        • JAK

          >insert obligatory comment about static gene-pools<

    • MikeLinPA

      I wonder if that is going to be the original LEVi, still floating, still fine, and Thrip is a mind clone.

  • Not ominous in the slightest. Nope. Very cozy. She should build a summer home out of Kalla’s bones on the shoreline.

  • Luces

    Treading on skeletons is certainly not what she was trained for!

  • Becky

    is that a shadow of someone behind her in the mist on the 3rd panel? ooh is it Michael?

    • Bradford

      Just a new version of Bex, ready to replace her.

  • Esc

    Welp enjoy your new crab body Bex.

    Bones littering the floor is a pretty big warning sign you are in a Dangerous Place.

    Also the obvious “artificial” channels and pool would freak me the hell out.

    • AGV

      Not the Processor witnesses spider worms?

  • MinJaBen

    In a video game, this is where you’d see the loot pile with all the extra health. His save now Bex!

  • Drewbie

    One thing I’ve been wondering: how does the processor prevent the natural erosion of those nice, sexy stone channels over thousands of years by the constantly flowing water? Are there organic 3D printers that can print stone or some stone-like mineral deposits?

    • shingworks

      Sort of, but a bit slower, there are masonry-oriented organic machines that will shore up weaker areas (think aesthetically inclined termites)

  • Outside

    One by one, the characters are killed off and brought back as crabs. She got hit by the waterfall, so she is in the system now after all.

    Looking forward to crab Bex.

    • Alan

      All this time, Kalla has been eating her former Wollarians.

      • AGV

        That’s pretty brutal

        • Alan

          No escape today, tomorrow, or any day, Canapé!

      • Shweta

        … Now I’m wondering why kalla gets that non-crab body every time

        Which might need to eat more than the other parts of the system too?

        • Kish

          Levi only regenerated as a crab thing because he’s inorganic. The processor should be able to regenerate Kalla as Wollarian no problem. Probably even humans too if life on Earth really did evolve from Martian life, as Kalla implied

  • Alan

    I see that Bex’s toaster is growing.

  • BrainP

    Has anyone asked how much time has passed so far in this story? Michael’s beard got noticeably longer, as has Bex’ hair. With those as the only clues, I’m guessing something in the two weeks to a month range. Is this line of questioning relevant and worth discussing?

    • Asterai

      Oh, we’ve asked.

  • msouth

    Time for a conversation with the MCP.

    • Sheridan

      I guess the pipe-aliens that were trying to acquire data from BEX would be the Recognizers.

  • ‘Kalla will you please stop leaving your skeletons all over the place’

    ….I just laughed WAY harder at that than I should have. XD

  • God is dead ?

  • Quadricat

    The shape in the water of the last panel looks like the crazy thing from ch2 on page 16. I have no idea if its intentional or not but its concerning.

    • Ayoheyo

      The Shape of Water (2017) starring Kalla

  • awhorl

    If termite thingies can shore up walls, certainly there is an organism that can uh sweep the floor and dispose of the remains. In a closed system, all material could be useful. Why do they remain?

    • shingworks

      There’s a reason, but it’s pathetic

      • Linebyline

        So a perfect fit for Kalla’s situation.

      • awhorl

        More pathos . . .

  • Ben

    I love the parallels between this scene and the scene at the end of Chapter 2. The lighting, the ominous shadowy figure in the background, both characters seeking reflection but unable to find one…

  • beangoose

    hewwo? ( ´・ω・`)

  • Random

    Really enjoying the comic so far. For whatever reason, Bex stepping on the bones helped me pin down a nagging (but good!) feeling of familiarity I’ve had since I started reading Mare.

    Have you ever played The Dig? Now that I’m thinking about the two, it shares many similarities – astronauts scientists placed in a dangerous situation by a unexpected accident; brooding, vast alien architecture on a water-rich planet; themes around life, death, loss and resurrection; self-sustaining knowledge systems; mental health.

    Anyway. Looking forward to the conclusion!

    • shingworks

      No, never played! It’s been mentioned a few times but my principles for the project dictate that I stay away from any adjacently related media… maybe after I’m done I’ll get a chance to check it out XD

      Thanks for reading!

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