Chapter 4, Page 6

Geez guys, sorry about the pause! I got sick, then went to ECCC, then came home and had to take care of a ton of biz I’d been putting off to do con prep T__T not enough hands to do everything. Anyways I don’t have anything crazy on my plate for a while so I’m just jumping back into my regular/ completely unpredictable schedule.
Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by at the convention to say hello, it was so wonderful to meet several of you in person. Thanks for your patience with me figuring out my first real con in years (and my largest one ever)! I had an incredible time and now that this major hurdle is jumped, I hope to be seeing more of you soon. My next con is local, Silicon Valley Comicon in late April, so that should be fun.

Patrons– A new tutorial about proportions in comics is up now! We are also having a Patreon sticker giveaway contest for $5+ Patrons who missed out on the ECCC Kalla sticker (shown here!) and other goodies. There will be several winners so feel free to comment to enter :]

Thanks again for putting up with me and my stupid update gaps, I know it’s frustrating, but ECCC was the thing I was most scared of doing this year (last year was the Kickstarter) so it’s a relief that it’s out of the way XD Like I told many of you, I’d like this comic finished by this time next year, so… full speed ahead!!


  • charlesw81

    Ummm…. Activate “Magical Girl” powers and fight the monster?

    I wonder if it’s some kind of proximity alarm from a device she had with her, or maybe a timer for danger she knows will show up at a particular time… Other option I guess is a sensor of some kind, picking up something in the air.

  • AGV

    Damnit, LEVi, this is no time for a comical freakout!

    • AGV

      And props for all the stuff you’re doing! That’s ALOT of work

  • Ponyhome

    “Be very quiet. Can you do that?”
    “Sure—but apparently NO!”

  • Linebyline

    So now I’m wondering if LEVi knows why he has a new body or if he’s just asking whether or not Bex is curious about it.

  • Jirenta

    Levi´s screaming on purpose, I can´t think of that otherwise. Could also be just forgot -out of panic- how to thrip. Thripping would be better, tough, because screaming is louder.

    Otherwise it could be that Levi is not trusting Bex enough not to panic – she did cage Levi and killed Kallakore. Whatever bangs on the door / wall must be really frightening.

    • Linebyline

      He is thripping. He said so a few pages back. Bex just hears it as speech (or screaming, in this case) for some yet-to-be-explained reason.

  • HyruleSymbol

    Levi, your silence lasted a good 0.5 seconds

    Good job

    • shingworks

      The boy tries so hard

      • Bradford


  • That michael, he forgot his keys.

  • Rana

    Regenerated Kallakore?

    • Fawnet

      I’m wondering that, myself…

  • DukeBG

    those bams? Oh, it’s just the tax collector

  • dream-piper


    • Keith


  • Tickledog

    I’ve been hardcore lurking for a long time around these parts, but I just feel the need to cut in with how goddamn good all of your sound effects are, Der-Shing. They almost become a part of the environment; you process them while looking at the page almost without realizing it.

  • Vcalavera




  • scarecrowd

    Hello! Not so frequent updates are okay, life happens =) Independent stories are usually rather specific and not so widely promoted, so most of them don’t feed their tellers. It means they go slowly (with few exceptions). But they’re the BEST! Can we see as much cool stuff on TV as we se over webcomics? No, we definitely cannot. But can we tell/see a cool story on the onternet whenever we want to? Yes, we can! So chin up, we readers are here on your planet *waving hand across the ocean*, and we’ll be waiting as long as it takes :)

    And if something happens again and gets you off the shedule, let it be something _totally_ positive ;D

  • Greg

    Later we find out that Levi is Michael’s long lost brother and thigh-friend is his conjoined twin. Rebekah is just the babysitter that was hired to keep Michael amused until the Kardashians get sent back to their home planet of Mars and turn back into their native plant forms that are a cross between a venus fly trap and an ant eater… then I stopped smoking and realized that we got an update! Great job as always Der-Shing!

  • Sunflower

    I can’t help but picture Threvi sounding like Jerry Lewis: “Hey, LAAAAADY!”

  • Sheridan

    Self-sealing mechanism. Interesting.

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