Chapter 4, Page 8

Oh okay then

Not much news/ same old same old, Patreon sticker giveaway contest for $5+ Patrons is still going on, a bg post for this page will be going up in a sec, and we’ve made it through another day~ See you Weds.


  • Somatic : “the cells of the body in contrast to the germ line cells”

    uh… still a bit confusing.

    • shingworks

      I’m trying to make their speech like those Garfield comics where someone translated the text to Chinese and then back to English, haha.

      • Darcy

        DO NOT WANT

      • kilobyte

        Yep! That’s what it came across as, at least to my eyes/ears. It sounds like someone’s translator is a little wonky. Or something. Cant wait for next page!!

    • Our dear visitor wants some of Bekah’s internal fluids. And not in a sexy way.

      • Vert


    • Glew

      simply put: bodily fluids

  • Zenith

    TL;DR, Somatic=Cells other than those that are reproductive (eggs, sperm)

  • Mal-L

    Seems friendly enough, why is Bex so hostil-?

    *gets to last panel*


  • JuaSaysHi

    Aw, gahwaaan, spit on ’em, they’s askin’ for it.

    But wait, once they have your dna, there could be… consequences.
    On second thought, stay back, Bek, stay back!

  • panzervaughn

    “Good morning neighbor! Mind if i borrow a cup of juice?”

  • Ponyhome

    If the first attempts to sample her fluids were done less diplomatically, I can see why she is less than accommodating.

    • Mani

      I think the first five times, she wasn’t able to understand it (as maybe alluded to by Threvi in the last panel?), which is why she understandably treated it as hostile.

  • MikeLinPA

    Piss on ’em. Oh, wait…

  • Moss

    … I know what somatic means. I KNOW WHAT SOMATIC MEANS.

    Thanks to my job I got last year, THEY FORCED ME TO LEARN WHAT SOMATIC MEANS.

    Anyway, she looks ready to just rip her own hair out and call it a day.

  • ghost

    I just want to say that this comic is amazing. You’re art style is amazing, and overall its really refreshing to read something so original!! Thank you for keeping on :)

    ~sincerely, a fan of originality.

    • shingworks

      Haha, thank you so much for reading XD I get really tired of reading derivative stuff, hope this story continues to confuse/ surprise.

      • Hansontoons

        A part of my weekly regimen:

        Mare Internum update? No. Damn.
        Mare Internum update? No. Damn.
        Mare Internum update? No. Damn.
        Mare Internum update? YES!!! And… whaaa….t???

        Please with continue to confuse/suprise! :)

        • shingworks

          Yeah, Wednesday got pushed to Friday this week, curse this non-thrip body

  • Treeish

    That face in the last panel…where have I seen that before? Wait – that is the mom-face when you are just about to get it. When she gives you one minute to explain yourself first.

    Anxious for more Bex back story…I do love these complex people. Adding the lovely art has made this comic a permanent scheduled distraction in my life. Thanks :)

    • Keith

      I’m hoping we can get more of LEVi’s back story. Love that machine-bug!

  • Mike

    They’re after our precious bodily fluids!

    • cd9u1vqt

      Women sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake…but I do deny them my essence.

  • CrisprChild

    I peacefully request that you peacefully back the fuck off…

    • shingworks

      They’re just as scared of you as you are of them! But also they want your fluids.

      • Vert

        Our… precious bodily fluids?

        • MikeLinPA

          Normally we get paid for those fluids

  • Android 21 3/7

    …Sooo… sweat? Tears? Saliva? Nasal mucus? Urine? Blood? Bile? Gastrointestinal acid? Endocrinal fluid? Cerebrospinal fluid? Look, friendly Martian neighbor, you’re going to have to be a lot more specific!


    Oh, the friend Martian neighbor WAS being specific.

    • shingworks

      Throw a few needlefish at her and see what happens I guess

    • DukeBG

      I don’t get it, what is specific, what search query should I google? 6_6

      • Android 21 3/7

        The Martian neighbor was just asking to borrow a cup of brain fluid.

  • Donutarigato

    Rebekah: “I can talk to insects?? This is the BEST THING I COULD EVER ASK–”
    Worm: “peacefully request somatic fluid samples”
    Rebekah: “…this is the WORST THING I COULD EVER ASK FOR”

    • shingworks

      Mosquitoes don’t even ask tho >:[

      • kilobyte

        And THATS why I swat them

  • Shakespizza

    She looks like a female dwarf with this wide shoulders.

    • xodipox

      The suit is pretty bulky. Kinda like American football gear.

    • kilobyte

      Pressure suits are really bulky, and they weigh a lot too. Not normally a problem, because microgravity and all, but on Mars you’d feel it.

  • Gonfrask

    No, bad! You ask for those things in the second or third date, never in the first!

    • MikeLinPA

      At least offer to buy her a drink

    • JJ

      This is the sixth date, tho …

  • Rachel

    That’s a big flonking worm! I … I think you should decline, Bex. Gracefully.

  • Jirenta

    Peacefully tapping on its cage… Levi, again and as always, made my day. ^.^

    Also…a giant worm wanting somatic stuff? Suspicious…and creepy. I can´t wait for the next pages!

  • JJ

    Peacefully request daily comic updates.

  • Rose

    I’m still so angry with because of what happened to Kallakore.

  • Vert

    I imagine this new friend speaking in a big, rich, booming, hearty baritone, just for the sheer surreality of it. Something like the Ghost of Christmas Present.


    • Donutarigato

      Oh gosh imagine if all the Martian insect life had various accents, like rebekah alost stepping on a pill bug and she just hears a small voice with a Brooklyn accent out of no where yelling “HEY I’M WALKIN’ HERE!”

  • Nyark

    Guys. I’m not sure that’s *one* worm. It could be more like an *appendage*

  • Volkspanzer

    Is anyone else reading this new creature’s communications in the voice of StarCraft’s Abathur?

    • Romah

      Hah… Now you got me comparing much of it with Zerg

  • Romah

    Amazing stuff! Its a mystery that got me enthralled and checking bookmark daily! I really hope we get to see Kallakore to be alive and well.. Fell in love with that alien dragon thingy

  • Arianwen

    I laughed so much at the last panel you have no idea

  • Sheridan

    “…please pee into this cup.”

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