Chapter 5, Page 15

Not important.

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  • Glavos

    Poor Mike.

  • BigDogLittleCat

    Oh, then she doesn’t remember their talk on the beach.

    Is it my imagination or is Kalla smaller than she used to be?

    • shingworks

      Yeah, I think she’s a bit too small here, the newest edit to add to my growing editing spreadsheet X[ Thanks for noticing that!

      • androshalforc

        I agree, i’m not sure but I don’t think we’ve seen Kalla and Michael entirely in the same scene before. Ive always had the impression that Kalla was significantly larger ~ 3-5 meters in height

        • shingworks

          Yeah, fully extended she’s pretty tall, crouched into a ball she can pull her arms in, but she should be about a foot wider at least at the shoulder

  • PJF

    Is it just me or is new Kalla much smaller than old Kalla?

  • Michael Pilnick

    anyone link that conversation? so long ago real time :/

    • MoonSight

      It’s page 44 of Chapter 3

    • Here you go — the convo gets serious from page 46 (“I’m sorry. For being a coward.”).

      I’m a little bit blown away by how much depth this new page adds to that old conversation.

      Time to “relearn this basic shit over and over again”.

      • Michael Pilnick

        thank you!

  • The Wing

    I knew this would happen so I’m not surprised, but damn. This is not the best thing to happen to a suicidal man.

  • MoonSight

    Darn it i closest thing i experienced to this was in -Nier:Automata- and i didn’t like it feel terrible because they’re there and they are very much the person you know, but they aren’t THE person you know, the person that was there at that moment is gone, and you’re left with an image of them

    • awhorl

      Just file it under dementia in people you love, and remember where you put it. For later. Urksobsigh.

  • Solanuma

    We all knew it but it still hurts :(

  • Solanuma

    Let me translate Threvi: “Lug!”

  • DukeBG


  • Indedipal

    “Lug”? Does Mike not know Kallacore’s a girl, or is he just using the term in a way I’m not familiar with?

    • Lug’s gender-neutral. “Big lug” is an affectionate remark on size, not gender. You would lug a heavy or bulky object.

      • Also, used for “ear” in northern parts of the U.K.(M.C. Beaton, James Herriot). FWIW

    • shingworks

      My unimportant editors note is that Mike probably knows by now that Kalla is female, but keeps misgendering her because he’s the kind of person who would do that. I’ve written some masculine pronouns for her into the script just cuz I think he’s absentminded about that sort of thing, so if you see it come up again it’s not a mistake XD Thankfully Kalla isn’t bothered.

  • Kat Serapha

    Damn, I was worried this whole time that she’d forget the conversation they had. It was really cute. This is cute too, though.

    Also Kalla is still my top bae.

  • Margaret Hogg

    Noooo, my heaaaarttttt. ;_;

  • Fawnet

    I am terribly happy and sad at the same time. Amazing comic.

  • arteopteryx

    Only the most important scene in the whole comic! *insert clip of Tidus and Yuna laughing*

  • Paula

    Aw, a smile. :)

  • Happy

    Hi I know that this is just a matter of “kalla literally died” + “extremely rigorous rules that govern revival + memory” but I REALLY like it as a parallel to trauma, disassociation etc. Dying over & over again. You already know u are a stellar writer but I am just gonna keep saying it. Brill work :)

    other things I like: alien body language that is parallel to shy birb

  • “Please forgive my dramatics” that sounds a lot like something I would say. Kalla, you are a big lug and we love you. I’m happy she’s back. ; v ;

  • foducool

    of course, makes sense Kalla’s last memory was when she touched the neural sea

  • Sheridan

    I was talking to my gf the other day about this comic, about how on the surface it’s a great sci-fi story but that it’s also got complex underlying themes such as loneliness, self-identity, and mental health, but that also how enjoyable it was watching the readers take part ownership in the story and the creator taking their opinions on-board, such as when people started nicknaming and anthropomorphising the various characters like Armshark, Thighfriend, LEVi/Thrip/Threvi, Stabfish etc and they became canon.
    I sent her the page where we first see Thighfriend, and her response, while grinning at me, was “you read some weird shit”. :)

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