Chapter 5, Page 23

idk what u want me to say

Hope you guys had a good Easter/ Passover/ April Fools/ whatever. I celebrated none of the above by sitting in my room and working all weekend~ April is the cruellest month

The MI book Kickstarter busted through 100k, and there’s about 2 more weeks to mull over your dwindling options. And a new writeup of our next guest artist (and a neato preview) is on the way as well! Will link when that’s up

Finally managed to recover a semblance of a backlog sort of thing despite losing a fully inked page on Sunday (good timez), so next page will likely be up tonight or tomorrow morning, whichever makes more sense.


  • tatch

    me: …….. what is Levi saying ?? :eyes emoji:

    • fledgeling

      A Threvi-script (if one doesn’t already exist) would be a fun reward for backers/patrons.

  • Nate

    Poor Levi, always being put in uncomfortable positions!

  • CosmicStresshead


    • Android 21 3/7

      D: Levi, where did you pick up such repulsive vocabulary?!

  • Lucas

    “Thrip” in this case is translated as “yes”.

    • Sumgai

      I think that thrip was in response to his name, with the answer being uncharacteristic silence.

      Less room for self-deception that way.

  • Est

    Tbh I really lost count on who understands Levi and who doesn’t. Does Michael? If yes why can’t we see what Levi’s saying like we could with Bex? He’s been thripping for a long time now and I don’t know why. It confuses me tremendously @_@ Although that stop at the end is pretty self-explanatory ahah.
    I’ll have to reread this whole comic soon, there are loads of things I didn’t get/remember, the comment section was a great help! :D

    • shingworks

      Only Bex can understand the thripping, but now everyone is aware that Thrip is LEVi (up until the end of Chapter 3 it was just a random yellow thing hanging out).

  • Jadeity

    Hard to see anything with that fungus encroaching on his eye-space. Levi is getting to learn all about people and their complicated emotions. Godspeed, tiny friend.

    • onerous

      I like that Mike’s desire to be the master of his domain partially blinds him both physically and psychologically. Though the shape of the crown could be influenced by characteristics already present. It’s wonderful symbolism and storytelling.

      • David

        I’m not sure he wants to be master of anything, which makes the crown a bit ironic. I think he just wants to stay with Kalla.

  • Lilian

    You’ve been a self-isolating jerkwad from the beginning of the comic, Mike. Ever since adolescence – at least – you’ve repeatedly attacked the people that try to care for you or just treat you with warmth and respect. Then you complain that you’re lonely.

  • Android 21 3/7

    Threvi’s eye averting… So small, yet so telling. Have you been cruel, Mike? Well, you pretty much attempted to make LEVi kill themself when they evidently didn’t want to. Ordinarily, I’d say now is a good time to sit down and reflect with others about your deeds, but you gotta find Kalla first and convince Bexie-Boo to stop for a moment and actually think about both your issues first.

    • Trevor Gale

      That bit about “Am I automatically supposed to like you” reminds me of a roommate who had similar ideas about respect. I’d abandon his ass on the desolate surface of Mars too.

      Hell, given some of the experiences I had with that roommate I’m kind of surprised the rest of the colony didn’t decide to do it themselves.

  • Luces

    Sheer madness. Mike is actually worried about his socialising!

  • bloop

    Levi: well…… ya DID try to kill me! lol?

  • cami

    hello, how close of the ending are we?

    • Eversist

      Der-shing said 30ish pages were left, back on page 19. :)

      • cami

        thanks :]

  • LeDayz

    Thrip has the best side-eye at that question, on stalks nonetheless!

  • Artie O'Dactyl

    Okay, a half-baked hypothesis:

    Kallakore is the Martians’ answer to the question Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? – “Who will guard the guardians?”

    It might be that Kalla’s function, over a couple billion years of lifetimes, has been to ensure that the Processor remains sane and makes good decisions. But considering the Processor’s attempts to deal with Mike and Bex, she may have decided that the Processor’s latest decision needs to be overridden. She may have gone off to open an escape route for them … or perhaps to do something more drastic.

  • AGV

    Yeah, Mike

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