Chapter 5, Page 48

oh no Mike is having ideas again

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Reminder that sketch pages from the new Meek chapter will start posting there later today (Monday) for $5 folks, will be exciting to figure out how to scan pages given I no longer own a scanner, haha~ I distinctly remember thinking, right before we moved, “I’ll never need to scan drawings again”… FOOL. Oh well. That’s a problem for 15 hours from now Der-shing.

Anyway thanks for reading, let’s have another 3x update week shall we? :]

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  • BDLC

    Um, does Michael seem a little too aware of what is going on? As in, if he’s this tied into the system, *can* he leave?

    I hope Kalla is at most stunned or startled, and that a flinging is what she needed to get her head on straight re Becka. I’m still not convinced that’s entirely her, and not suffering interference from the Processor. Which is not to say she doesn’t have cause to to dislike this woman who (1) cut off her head and (2) is taking away both her friends. I suspect the latter is the more grievous crime.

    • shingworks

      Yeah… not terribly kind of Kalla, but from her perspective Bex is actively trying to take away the one thing that has broken the pain and monotony of the last [terribly long time period]. And as we know, the Processor isn’t actually solving problems as much as putting a veneer on them to make the problems semi-bearable.

    • Charlesw81

      I’m pretty sure Mike had some serious knowledge in geology since that was his primary task here on Mars.

      I figure either the processor is allowing the Lava to build up in order to stop Bex or something was put out of balance when all those heavy rocks fell with them from the ceiling and the processor can’t rebalance it.

  • Mr. Casual

    It still makes me wonder that Michael’s body has changed so much, and we still don’t really know why.

    Maybe creating clones isn’t the only thing the Processor can do. Maybe Michael actually died in that first fall into the water, and we’ve been following his reanimated body this whole time as the Processor slowly upgrades it.

    I dunno, I’m just spitballing here. But it does sometimes feel like Michael’s only been doing this to help Bex get out, like he knows he can’t leave.

  • Shunka Warakin

    Mike: “Better head for the exit, I’m going to take out the load-bearing boss for this level.”

  • vin

    oh no

    • Lilian

      oh no

      • Santa

        oh no

      • JJ

        oh no

  • Santa

    I don’t know why “marsquake” made me chuckle; it’s certainly correct, I just wonder when and where Bex had the thought to make the distinction, because I know I’d certainly say earthquake from habit, heheh

    • shingworks

      I might have made her say it to preemptively avoid comments here that it’s technically a Marsquake XD

      • neptune432

        You clearly have the insight of an experienced author.

      • HKMaly

        Might be more text, but I think the best way would be for her to say “Is it an earthquake? I mean Marsquake?” as if expecting Michael to nitpick about it.

        • shingworks

          Yeah, as you can see from the panel, it’s a balancing act between panel art and text. I considered something similar initially but the correction doesn’t add much to the conversation except to make her sound overly pedantic, and anyways there’s a bit of interpersonal sniping in the next panel and page. It’s a confusing sequence so I tried not to crowd more than necessary, though there is still a bit of crowding. Just part of the game~

          • Edmund

            I just assumed this was for writing sanity, and chalked it up to someone having already nitpicked about marsquakes back topside before the missions got this crazy. Pff.

      • charlesw81

        Meh, maybe put it in the glossary

  • Helena Che

    There’s apps for your phone that can “scan” documents and be emailed to yourself! o: I use CamScanner

    • shingworks

      Thanks! Yeah the dropbox app does something similar I think, or just using the plain ol camera… probably my only recourse at the moment XD

  • Charlesw81

    So what’s the expectation of Kalla’s situation? Dead, dying or broken spine?

    Hopefully the processor’s influence is gone but unless the place is about to be completely destroyed the processor should be able to build another Kalla… I wonder if we’ll see that process…

    • shingworks

      Takin’ a nap

    • Anvill

      On the bright side, maybe Kalla gets her own thighfriend now and stops being lonely forever?

  • MarsIan (that's an i, I'm not a-lion)

    Oh dear, Kalla hasn’t gotten up yet, that could cause Mike to falter if she’s dead/immobilized. Probably would give him pause even if that wasn’t the ‘real’ Kalla but a now-melting processor quick-clone! Hmm, is Threvi trying to get Bex’s attention in the fourth panel? Hard to do through a suit.
    Time to eagerly await the next page!
    It’s a funny feeling, on the one hand I’m sad to see MI ending, but on the other I am so happy you put in the work to give it that and not allow it stop before that!
    Well worth the wait. Satisfying. Thank you!

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