Chapter 5, Page 54

Now you’ve done it

Patrons are three pages ahead still, on Page 57, which is also a spread~ In the meantime, Meek readers are finding out shocking secrets on page 11 and page 12… fun times!

Finally got my plotter proofs for the MI book in the mail, they are looking RAD. God I’m so excited for this book. In a few days I get the proofs for the covers with foil/ accents applied, I can’t wait. Once those are approved they will print the entire batch of books and ship them. The entire overseas printing process takes 3+ months from start to finish, involving multiple proofs and samples and of course waiting, but touching the first printing of a project you’ve been working on for years is one of the more amazing feelings.

As usual, softcover books are available for preorder at my store. I’ll probably be throwing in the bonus PDF contents for all preorder people as thanks for waiting on this very very long comic completion and book printing process. I will also have an EXTREMELY limited number of hardcover-only copies available for preorder on the day the comic concludes on November 29, cuz like, black friday or whatever. After that point, the limited remaining hardcovers will only be available as sets or to buy in person at conventions.

It’s the last few days on this project I’ve been running for the client who hired me to draw his comic~ so here is the last call post before the campaign ends on early Thursday morning!


  • Jynxi

    A lot of power in this page. The lava looks scary, and Kalla looks terrifyingly strong and agile!

  • thrip

    Omigosh. What now? Can you meaningfully jump off a falling thing? Will it push both you and the falling thing equally in opposite directions, but with a downwards modifier, because of gravity?

    In other words, not really?

    Or maybe yes, a tiny bit, if you have super strong legs, or are Kalla?

    • shingworks

      wow Thrip where did you get an internet connection???

    • drazharln

      Sure, you could in principle jump off a falling thing. Gravity isn’t modifying the push interaction.

      These kind of things are easier to understand with diagrams: draw a force disagram for someone standing on a rock and then another for someone standing on a falling rock. Both from the reference frame of a stationary ground-level observer.

    • brokenidealist

      Because force and momentum are both related to mass, you can get more acceleration & velocity if you are less massive than what you are pushing off. Momentum is conserved, that is, it will be the same for both objects, but in opposite directions. The less massive object must have greater velocity than the more massive object to conserve momentum.

      So… it’s possible jumping off of a falling object could help get you where you want to go go. You can’t change your acceleration due to gravity, because that force is dictated by the much more massive planet. You’ve got the right idea of lateral motion with a downward modifier of gravity. Get a good amount of horizontal momentum going, like Processor Kalla here, and you can still get somewhere pushing off a falling thing, especially in the instant where neither you or the thing have picked up significant downward velocity yet. Also, the lighter Martian gravity will have less downward acceleration, so rate of change of velocity here on Mars will be slower as compared to Earth.

      Although in terms of the story, it looks like P-Kalla got that final push from what is now a cliff edge and not the falling rocks. So I probably didn’t need to insert a physics lecture here, but I couldn’t resist answering the question.

      • Pylgrim

        I believe thrip meant the question regarding Michael jumping off the falling debris to avoid Pralla.

        • shingworks

          Pralla!! I love it

        • charlesw81

          I don’t think Michael’s platform is falling yet. I think its still hooked up to the roof.

          Initially I thought this was it, Michael’s little island is falling and couldn’t understand why “Pralla” had bothered jumping over to “End This” but now I figure the roof is still holding it up.

    • improbablybasil

      A bit like jumping up before a plummeting lift hits bottom.

      Not sure they’re falling tho – yet, anyway! We’ve not seen the top of it, but surely the only way such an overhanging promontory could exist is if it was held up by the solidified lava column Mike’s been standing next to, attached to the cavern ceiling. So they’re still there?, hanging?

      I’m puzzled by Mike saying “Oh n..” – was he expecting something different?, having positioned himself above a magma lake? !

      • charlesw81

        I’m puzzled by Mike saying “Oh n..” – was he expecting something different?

        He was going to say.

        “Oh Noice!”

        Then shove a canape in his mouth and start climbing to the roof while chewing it down like a boss man.

        Hell, this is the man who surfed a giant boulder down into this cavern.

  • Arianwen

    I know what is happening in Panel 3 and if I lean in close it becomes clear, but it’s 1.40 a.m. and all my blurry brain can see is Michael doing a handstand over the crevasse.

    Life is sweet.

    • shingworks

      He’s tossing in that bag of Things that Bex had been carting around, conveniently full of organic materials

      • charlesw81

        Yeah, took me a second look to spot the bag there.


        • charlesw81

          Initially I thought he had ripped off Thighfriend and thrown it in.

          Took me back to Super Mario World where you have to jump off Yoshi’s back to reach a higher place and leave Yoshi to plummet to it’s death.

  • Mr. Casual

    Very Mustafar, this situation.

    Unfortunately, Michael lost the high ground. :o

    • shingworks

      Time for Mike to accept his fate as a flaming torso

      • charlesw81

        I now have the mental image of Darth Vader standing there with the signature breathing, then you pan out and there’s Thighfriend poking out of the leg, expanding and contracting in time with the breathing XD

  • chnapy

    Well, I guess the bag wasn’t enough. Oh well, Mike just has to find to find some more organic mattet to chuck into that lava lake. Maybe the processor can point him to something suitably large and disposable!

    • shingworks

      lol, I know what you meant, but I immediately imagined the processor making and throwing a bunch of disposable Kallas in there

      • Alan Brookman

        Is the Processor akin to the machine on Altair IV?

  • Some_Douchebag

    Let us wrassle like gentlemen.

  • Indedipal

    Beep Beep. Bag of jumped-up water coming through!

  • Jamato

    Could you use a large flat entity lodged into your hip for paragliding? That would be fun.

  • brokenidealist

    “You are SUCH a dick.”

    THANK YOU, MIKE! I love it when a character states exactly what I have been thinking!

  • Blah

    You are such a dick, but like, only if you’re looking from a below angle!

    • Corneel

      I was just thinking, it’s like Mike read the comments on the last panel of page 52.

  • charlesw81

    I have to ask. Was it “Pralla” who found Michael curled up among the… spiders and spoke his full name?

    Also… Here they are, sitting on that shore again. Sitting on the edge of the the pool with Uncle Brian, Sitting on the edge of the bed with a noose around his neck, sitting on the shore of Mare Internum with Kalla, Sitting on the edge of the cave pool with Bex. End this now by the lava pool. Face the chasm and conquer it.

    …Must admit that a part of me is hoping Pralla is a processor inhabited copy and an… uninfected Kalla is around and ready to fight.

    • shingworks


      • Calavera, Mendicant Knight in training.

        Ah, the Uncompromising Smile… It has been a while.

        Shorthand for “I’m not revealing anything you psychic fuck”

        • shingworks


  • Hilen


    Sorry haha.
    But it checks out: It always ends like this, fighting yuour demons to death over a lava lake.

    • shingworks

      I know, I’ve gone through like 4 volcanoes this year alone

  • A Shattered Day

    Was the skeleton Bex found at the processor the original Kallakore?

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