Chapter 5, Page 56

This is the page that took me a year of suffering to write. Maybe doesn’t work for everyone, but it worked for me.

This page is also a strange spread in the book, but all the text that’s relevant is posted here… I’ll post the second part of the spread in the next update, as well as a link to the unlocked early Patreon post with the full image~

Speaking of Patrons, they’re up to Page 16 in daily Meek updates. I decided to be smart this week and got them all done ahead of time, which frees me up for posting pages from the PDF, as well as “how to design a stupid PDF” (working title). I’ve decided that the bonus PDF is the place I’ll put all the Thrip translations from all the pages he was desperately talking without anyone to understand him XD Anyways that’s coming up this week and the next as I get that thing sorted out.

Oh yeah, and I finally got my wet proofs in with the final test of the softcover foil. The final printing and effects look incredible!

The hardcover is much different, but looks amazing as well. I’ll be including those images, and the full cover images, in the KS backer update that’ll be going up this week. Super surreal to finally see this book coming together in person. As always, you can preorder the book at the store, and preorders will include the bonus digital materials as well until… I stop offering that lol, prob when the books arrive here in Dec.

We’ll find out how gravity works next page, see you then


  • 0z79

    It’s like the ending of The Watchmen: Sure, people had epiphanies. People hugged. There was love, understanding, reconciliation.

    And then the fucking DIED. So, in the end, did any of that matter?

    • Somdudewillson

      Given that in this case one of the two is a near-singularity AI who was just puppeting a body remotely and who brings people back on a regular basis, I’d say it did matter.

    • Mellhurst

      So? Everyone dies. It’s the journey that matters, whether there’s something beyond or not that makes things last for eternity.

  • Arianwen


  • Myk Streja

    The Ultimate “Oh Shit!” Moment.

  • Ginger

    *GASP* You got an endorsement from DAVID BRIN for Mare Internum?! The Uplift Cycle is what got me into science fiction literature as a little kid! That’s incredible and so very deserved.

  • Tim F

    The eye changed

    • Charlesw81

      That was the biggest thing I noticed as well.

      Maybe good news? Not sure what can save them except maybe a nearby surveyor but alternative is Kalla/Pralla throws Mike to safety.

      • Charlesw81

        Other options is that this is a tragedy. They die. The processor doesn’t remember this and the last thing Mike rememberers is being back in the processor’s room.

      • Tim F

        It would make story sense if the eye changing indicated Mike had an impact at the end there and the processor retreated to consider it. I suppose that probably doesn’t matter, unless processor-kore has wifi.

        • BDLC

          Chapter 3, page 47!
          I’m freaking out!

    • RichWalk9891

      Kalla’s mouth is open as well, which she rarely does.

      I remember that Kalla didn’t like to open her mouth because she had thought that it would make her look foolish.

      • kallakore

        Children open their mouths all wide agape. It is childish and undignified to show your teeth and tongue.

        • Edmund

          Human smiles and laughs are very primitive things indeed, but they work!

  • CelestialOrca

    “Yikes. Very yikes.”

  • Indedipal

    Well, damn.

  • Pylgrim

    “You are a coward.”

    “Who are you to jeer at me?”

    “The biggest coward you know. Don’t you see? It’s what gives me the authority to say so.”

  • WeirderThanWeird

    Are you allowing people to preorder the hardcover version of the book or just the softcover?

    • shingworks

      Hardcover will be available online by itself only one time, when the comic ends (happened to coincide w Black Friday so I’m rolling w it). After that it’s a con-only item or only available online as a package that includes the other Kickstarter rewards, same as the Meek hardcovers.

  • Jovian

    ah…I’m gonna cry.

  • Thireven

    I remember when I first stumbled upon this comic. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following the story, especially since I can closely relate to both Bex and Mike. I understand Bex’s feelings, because I’ve had similar thoughts when considering what I want to do in the future. And I mean it when I say I truly appreciate how you’ve portrayed Mike struggling and growing. I know all too well what it’s like to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts. It consumes you. It makes even the smallest thing difficult. Often other people can’t quite tell what’s wrong. So seeing Mike’s journey is really special to me.

    In conclusion: Thank you, Shing, for such an amazing story and characters. I can’t wait to see how it ends. :)

  • Bieeanshee

    It works for me. Not in the same way that it does for you, I imagine, but it still works.

  • BDLC

    Holy cats! Chapter 3, pages 47-50!!!!!!

  • Alan

    Wiley Coyote sound effects: Wahooohooohooo *splat*

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