Chapter 5, Page 9

In the immortal words of G.O.B., I’ve made a huge mistake

I’ve decided to stick to 3x updates for now, but will be completing pages at a higher pace to build up… a buffer… argh. I hate buffers. To minimize the pain on my end a bit I’ll be posting an early page at the end of each week for Patrons. I’ll be updating again today with a thumbnail preview of the next few pages as well as a comparison to last week’s now-semi decipherable preview.

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I’ll be keeping this image up as long as this diaphanous dream drifts within me (ie until noms open/ close)


  • SquarishEmu

    Mike: Only you understand me, thigh-friend…
    Thigh-friend: *Thwap flap flap*
    Mike: You said it, buddy.

    • Spark

      Don’t you mean, “I FEEL you, buddy?”

      • SquarishEmu


    • LostYooper

      You know you are in a bad place when the only one that really understands you on an entire planet is a Martian Spirobranchus.

      • Shunka_Warakin

        So many points for know what a Spirobranchus is. :)

        I think I commented previously on how coral-reefy some of the early underground critters and pages were.

    • shingworks

      Think about all the other flapflaps out there, sessile, most of their movement comes from the movement of the tides… but no, you’ve been chosen from the multitudes to take an alien ride of a lifetime, embedded right into the strongest bone in this creature’s body, going to strange places and meeting amazing new people wherever you go… he’s just very happy to be here.

      • SquarishEmu

        When this is done, I think we need a comic version of this story told from the perspective of Thigh-friend. “Dear diary, Today I went on the most AMAZING adventure!”

        • Jojo


  • MoonSight

    Is that Kalla, please tell me that’s Kalla

    • JJ

      —Kalla, yay
      —one of the processor’s workerbots which has just killed Bex before she is reincarnated as a docile brainwashed thrip, nay
      —Bex and Goto come to kick the processor’s butt, yay

    • BigDogLittleCat

      Do I see two googly eyes just above what might be Kalla’s left shoulder, as if she has a small and googly-eyed sidekick?

    • AGV

      I have a feeling that it could be Bex crouched and running back fleeing from something

      • BigDogLittleCat

        uh-oh, you’re right. Looks more like Bex.

  • Jadeity

    It’s time for our beloved fungus hobo to rethink some things and take some action. Even if you disagree with someone on a lot of fundamental levels, you can’t leave your annoyed Mom!friend stuck in the middle of nowhere with no ride home.

    • whoopsydaizy

      I feel like calling her mom!friend is disrecptfil to Bex, since she never wanted her identity just just be a “mom.”

      • AGV

        What about “survivor friend”?

      • MikeLinPA

        Mom is part of her identity, whether she wanted it or not. Besides, even though she turned her back on it, she was quick enough to pull the MOM CARD when the processor refused her leaving.

  • Indedipal


  • Firewill

    Hey I love this comic, been reading since launch, characters have drive and flaws which keeps the plot going and interactions fun.

    Art and expressions are a treat too, some of the wider shots are beautiful, tough I do hope we get to see some other colours other than red/blue, (false sunflower notwithstanding).

    Also been reading the Meek for a long time and really enjoying that too! (Hoping we get back to Angora and Pinter soon!)

    Hope you are healthy and fulfilled!

    • shingworks

      Thank you so much for reading! The color scheme is really limited yeah, haha XD Basically only pink-red, blue and gold cuz of their thematic meanings, hasn’t really deviated from that. But I’m doing great and I hope you are as well; this time next year we’ll be back with Angora in Chapter 7, but after MI is done we’ll be checking in on Soli and Alamand in Chapter 6 :]

      • Lutece

        I’m excited to be checking back in with Soli and Alamand! They’re my favourite characters in the Meek so far :)


        Wait… MI’s ending soon?? NOOO

        • shingworks

          Yeah, by April probably! sad for you, and a mountain of stress and crying for me XD fareweell to my babies

  • Ellie

    I don’t think he’s looking at Thighfriend, I think he’s looking at those little bits of…something in the water. But isn’t the water flowing from the Processor, out towards where Bex went?

    • Yes, I think so. Although Bex was doing a pretty good job of staying out of the water, last we saw…

    • Vert

      Maybe it’s the bits of sunflower-goo being recycled?

  • whoopsydaizy

    I just hope the Processors chose of words was a misunderstanding… this is an alien, which’ll most likely have alien social structures and whatnot. Maybe he (She?) doesn’t understand or even comprehend what’s happened to Mike as a bad thing. (I’m assuming the word chose WAS on purpose, because of all that “I’ve been in your mind” stuff.)

  • arteopteryx

    Are those… b-b-b-bone bits?? Yeee…

    Kalla’s like, “My previous bodies and I have something to say to you!!!!!” *she and Threvi hurl barrage of skeletal remains at Processor*

    • arteopteryx

      Threvi: *th-r-i-p thrip!* (&-%-C-K YOU!)
      Processor, glowing angrily: WHAT did he say??
      Kalla: Uh, he said “thank you”

      This was silly. Glub glub.

      • Madeleine

        Great scene though XD

  • The Wing

    Are those pieces of junk building that suspiciously Wollaria-shaped silhouette or is it just me? I might be misreading this page.

  • DavidDahlbacka

    It looks to me like Bex just got shot with something and is starting to fall. We’ll see.

  • Mr. Casual

    Michael’s still better off than wanting to kill himself, I suppose. But he could at least help Bex get out.

  • CG

    Plot Twist: Bex already got turned into a Martian and she’s pissed off about it.

  • bonzairob

    In the bottom left panel, I like to imagine Mike doing that thing where you blow into the heels of your hands to make a fart noise. Maybe it helps him think. It’s tricky with a beard though…

  • awhorl

    Mike has some Bad Memory Shock to get over before he can help himself, Bex, or anyone. If all his premises have been undermined and he feels responsible for someone’s death-as-human, it must feel like his blood is flowing backwards, not like he made a wrong turn in light traffic and needs to find a driveway to turn around. And he was the kind of guy whose only solution to the LEVI problem was to destroy LEVI.

    That looks to me like Bex trying to shield herself in a shower of neural attack.

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