Interlude 1, Page 1

Don’t do it buddy


  • Mike?

  • Jojo

    Is the previous page intended to be blackness? Thats pretty poignant, especially if it leads into a flashback like this.

    Little Mike (whom I assume he is) is adorable and yet he seems similarly disenchanted.

  • Cheri

    oh gross. a young child.

  • anvil

    Double update! :P

    • shingworks

      Haha, yes, the previous page took hours and hours

      • DukeBG

        It’s made in quite a sophisticated style, inspired by Malevich. Art gallery material.

        • shingworks

          Part of my extended series, “A Study in Bucket Tool”

          • Jojo

            Ha ha, yes.

          • Luces

            Don’t underestimate your genius. ;-) There has been a whole exhibition with purely black paintings!

          • Jtheletter

            Clearly an agonizing frame to produce, showing hints of ‘Void’ by Armani. lulz

            Enjoying the story, keep it up! :D

        • Glenn-o-matic

          Then switching styles to (almost) David Hockney!

  • Pons Asinorum

    So he was suicidal even back as a child, huh? ;)

  • I thought this couldn’t get better, but for some indescribable reason flashbacks (in general, but especially the way this one because of how it was set up) makes me super excited!! I was not prepared.

    • (get better as in it was already very good to begin with)

  • Pearle

    “Don’t even think about it. Your cousins were planning to push you in, and they were really looking forward to it. How would you like it if you were going to push someone in, and they jumped in before you got the chance?”

  • Now to get why he was forbidden from entering the pool.

  • Zorg

    But, the bathroom is so far away!
    By the way nice change from the gloomy cave to the sunny summer day. Although we still have the same gloomy character XD.

  • Glenn-o-matic

    Oh good. A flashback.
    That’s more like it! The previous page did seem a little empty, but appropriate given the circumstances. I was going to open it in photoshop to increase the brightness/contrast to see if there isn’t a secret message for my decoder ring when there’s ANOTHER page. Ha ha. Got me!

  • OE

    He’s gonna do it.

    • OE

      I love that he’s got a toe over the deep end.

      • Jojo

        I hadn’t even noticed that!

  • Lilian

    Fantastic profile in the second panel. That is just a beautiful little boy cranium you executed, there.

  • aroree

    Oh wow. This has been amazing. A trip. I just randomly checked the Meek today, just on happenstance, and found an update and a new comic to read through! Best day ever. XD This has been chilling, it was so….amazing. Just amazing. I love it.

  • Happy

    And here we see the young Fisher Nose in its natural habitat. This larvae has decades yet til it morphs into its beautiful final form.

  • fox-orian

    It’s Adult Swim only, kid.

  • I just want to do a cannonball here.

  • Christian Harrison

    Two things: 1) there appear to be some simple typos in some of the early panels — do you want us to point those out — and 2) are you on PATREON — I’d love to support your comic. :-)

    • shingworks

      Yes, please feel free! I’ve already fixed a lot of little typos here and there; always room for improvement.

      And no, not yet, but I will be sometime next month :] Just hold on until then, haha~

  • Jade

    Is it spoilery to tell us what year this flashback is happening in?

    • shingworks

      Nope! It’s July 2051.

  • Nrolad Dro

    That light reflection on the pool … SUPERB.

  • In the second panel… That fed-up looking blond woman… Is it just me, or is everyone staring at her like she just caused a scene…?

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