Interlude 2, Page 1


  • I love the musical note shape on the ding <3

    • AlpineBob

      And the dong!

  • Jojo

    More flash backs perhaps?

  • Lilian

    That looks a bit like a medicine cup.

  • brumagem

    Things we learn here:
    Mike (assuming this is him) was a teenager at some point.
    Mike was a Stylin’ Teen, with a friend named Toby.
    Mike has moved recently.
    Mike was diagnosed and medicated for … something, as a teen.

  • Is the previous page supposed to be blank? I think it might be broken.

    • shingworks

      Yup~ Same with the end of Ch1

  • fox-orian

    Darn I was really hoping you had uploaded this on a Tuesday. lol

    • shingworks

      Taco night will not be bound by alliteration!!

  • LunarNight

    Was the mention of tacos and then bell on purpose? like taco bell? :P

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