Intro, Page 2

Come on man, you gonna do this or not??

See you Thurs with another page~


  • gotlandskorv

    Poor guy…
    Also I continue being amazed by the lighting and colors.

  • You don’t really want to do it, pal. I can see it in your eyes.

    Also, the lighting is great. ^_^

  • Ziggy


  • Ziggy


  • This is so good looking!

  • River

    But wait! He forgot to comb his hair!

    • shingworks

      That hair might be the greatest lost cause of all…

  • A.L.

    Well this got drastic pretty quickly.

  • Oh dang I didn’t even notice the rope in the first page woah

  • BrainBlow

    Glad to have you back!

  • Chibitwins

    So excited to see new stuff from you! Also noticed The Meek banner- can it really be returning??

    • shingworks

      Yep :) you can click on the banner to read more details about the upcoming comic schedule.

  • AGillyo

    Wow, I can’t even say how thrilled I am to see new work from you! I am truly excited to see where this goes. In other news, this guy looks like he’s got some issues.

  • Whoa I was a few days late D: But wow what an opening to your story! O_O Really makes an impact.
    Love the blue lighting and shadows.

  • Danielle

    HOT DIGGETY DANG I am so excited about this comic.

  • Alisa

    yay !я могу читать это на русском и английском!!

    • shingworks

      You’re twice as lucky XD

  • asdf

    AAAAA I just realised he left a suicide note on his pillow when he went off and fell into the Mare. That’s… Christ, that’s sad. It should be clear from his conversation with Goto that he hadn’t originally planned to go that day, and from the belt on the bunk that it related to another method of suicide. I guess it will just give them another insight into his mental state?

    Unless… they decide there was time for him to have written it between him refusing Goto, and him going back and asking her to go after all? All they would have to go on would be her impressions (that he seemed better, more himself).

    If they do think it was deliberate, he could end up going down for Bex’s murder.

  • Katie E

    Going back to do a re-read. Just noticed even the carpet in this scene kind of has that watery kind of thing to it.

  • ✩ Helen ☽

    Don’t do it!!

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